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Future Plans for Pikmin 4

After The Ship's final landing, The President can't make deliveries until he will either buy back the S.S. Dolphin or restore The Ship but he doesn't have enough money to do those things. He sends Captain Olimar, Olimar's son and Louie to search PNF-404 for treasure.

New Characters

  • Olimar's son-He wants to go with his father this time. His father allows him.
  • Boris-New employee of Hocotate Freight, he is a little shy and clumsy because he is new. he brings his trusty ship the S.S. Springy. Why it is called Springy? Because the body looks like a spring and moves likes a spring.

New Pikmin

  • Green Pikmin- These pikmin have double damage due to their tails. Be careful these pikmin aren't immune to anything.
  • Orange Pikmin- These pikmin have shells on their back making them immune to explosions but makes them slower too.
  • (Purple and White Pikmin update-They have their own Onions)

New Abilities

  • The Captains can now help carry back some corpses or treasures/fruit with the Pikmin.


Collect treasures to reach up to 20,000 Pokos at the end you can select either restore The Ship or buy back the S.S. Dolphin.

Later Missions

Koppaians return to search for more fruit, this time they are teaming up with Captain Olimar but he has a problem, his son is lost so they work together to search for fruit and Olimar's son.

Enemies returning from past games

Final Boss

The final boss of this game is a human from a tribe who craves for Pikmin, Hocotatians and Koppaians.


1.Run as fast as possible as he have very slow eyes all you gonna do is rage him out. 2.Second part of the battle is to tickle the human in sensitive parts like the side of the stomach. Yellow Pikmin are recommended for this. 3.Now go as far as possible and then the human will try to find you, then he gets lost and cries, go sneak up on it and have Olimar's son safe. Then go as far as possible until you exit the circle.

Little Knowing

  • I think that the Whiptounge Bulborb's scientific name is Oculus kageyammi vermilingua.