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Hello, Gulliblepikmin, and welcome to Pikipedia! If you need ideas on how to help, please see the helping out page. For a beginner's guide on how to edit pages, check out the quick start guide. Finally, if you need to talk to one of us, there's our Discord server. Thanks for joining, and we hope you enjoy your stay! — Soprano(talk) 21:11, July 3, 2022 (EDT)

Bulbear eye color[edit]

Heya. In this edit, what artwork are you referring to? — {EspyoT} 10:22, September 18, 2022 (EDT)

File:Spotty Bulbear P1 art.png. It is odd considering that artwork is usually shared between the first and second games unless there are distinct in-game visual differences between them; despite that, the Spotty Bulbear doesn't have artwork of its Pikmin appearance. ~ Contributions Cheepy (talk) 
Ah yes. Hm, but now I wonder if that isn't actually the Pikmin 2 artwork, that simply got miscategorized... — {EspyoT} 11:13, September 18, 2022 (EDT)

It's used in the E-card artwork so it's probably from Pikmin 2, but where was this higher quality version of it used? I'm stabbing in the dark here but I'd guess it was used to promote New Play Control! Pikmin based on the fact that we also have similar high quality art for other enemies in the first Pikmin. -Gulliblepikmin

President image sources[edit]

You recently uploaded some high-quality official art of the President, which is great, but where did you get the images from? They're not on the websites which some of those pages currently link to as a source for the image, so you should update the image descriptions to link to the new source. — Soprano(talk) 19:27, December 9, 2022 (EST)

This Twitter account. I don't know where they got those images from, so I can't really include a source. -Gulliblepikmin 21:26, December 9, 2022 (EST)

Enemy artwork[edit]

If you're getting frustrated adding enemy artwork to articles, why do you continue doing it? It's totally fine to leave it and come back to it later. On Pikipedia, it's common for in-progress projects to wait for several days (or even longer) before being finished. — Soprano(talk) 23:35, April 23, 2023 (EDT)

Simply because I hoped someone else would do it in the few days I waited. The reason I'm doing it all right now is because if I stop, I probably wont pick it back up.
Also, I'm not frustrated, it's just more a feeling of just doing a menial task for ages.
So in short, I'm just getting it all out of the way right now so I wont have to deal with it later.-Gulliblepikmin 23:38, April 23, 2023 (EDT)
Also it's 4 in the morning right now and I have noting better to do, so I decided just to get it out of the way now. -Gulliblepikmin 23:43, April 23, 2023 (EDT)
I think you're being a bit too hasty to implement these new art images across the wiki, as there still hasn't been a discussion on them. Because while they are generally better, some have other rectangles at the edges because of how the art was close to a box in the guide. I believe these rectangles make the images far worse than the low-resolution images they're replacing, and that only the art without rectangles should be implemented on the wiki. But that's just my opinion, and this is why this whole topic needs more discussion before we can be sure about what to do. — Soprano(talk) 17:16, April 27, 2023 (EDT)
Fair, that's the reason the ones that had issues with being cropped out by screenshots also had their lower quality counterparts kept in the gallery. -Gulliblepikmin 18:27, April 27, 2023 (EDT)

Alright, now it's time to have a discussion about whether the new Pikmin 2 artwork images are actually necessary. They may be much higher-resolution than the old images on the wiki, but are they higher-quality? I'd argue no. The large size exposes many weird artifacts that make large blocks of color and gradients look strange. The low-resolution images are smooth in comparison. The artifacts are probably a consequence of the printing and scanning process, and are visible on the scan of the guide you got the images from. The file format is also not ideal, as the scanned pages have lossy image compression, so the main benefit of PNG is undermined. And then there's the fact that many of these images have blocks of color near the edge because they overlap with screenshot boxes in the guide. This alone makes these images much worse for demonstrating the enemy's appearance, since people will notice the box. I appreciate the work you did to get and upload these images, but it's hard to say whether we actually need them. — Soprano(talk) 22:59, June 5, 2023 (EDT)

I'd say they're worth keeping due to how the lower resolution images have terrible contrast issues and a weird green tint, but yeah, your points are valid. What's really needed is a full rescan of all of the treasure and enemy artwork, like what happened with the Ken Sugimori Pokemon artwork of all the Pokemon from gen 1 and 2. Also, the reason why I saved all the artwork as .pngs in the first place is so that if and/or when higher quality versions of all the pieces of artwork are found, all that'll need to be done is pressing the "Upload a new version of this file" button a bunch of times. -Gulliblepikmin 08:14, June 6, 2023 (EDT)
The color balance is a good point and something I didn't consider. Still, I think we should definitely delete all the images where boxes are in the frame, and for the other new images, treat the old ones as the primary artwork images and the new ones as a variant. — Soprano(talk) 17:33, June 6, 2023 (EDT)
Fine by me. I still have all the artwork saved to my computer in case they're needed again.

Pikmin 3 Deluxe White Pikmin[edit]

After speaking with Espyo about the White Pikmin, we came to the conclusion that line should be removed due to it not being proven, as of now, for all enemies. He said "ONE enemy taking fewer White Pikmin doesn't mean all of them, until proven". If there is proof that the amount of White Pikmin it takes to kill each enemies is less or equal for all enemies compared to Pikmin 2, then I understand. If one enemy takes more White Pikmin to kill it than Pikmin 2 there hasn't been a buff to the poison power, there has been a restructure of the White Pikmin poison. {Kiwii(talk)} 21:43, April 29, 2023 (EDT)

Fair reasoning. -Gulliblepikmin 22:09, April 29, 2023 (EDT)

Emperor Bulblax eyelids[edit]

About that edit, how can the player see through the inside of the eyelids if the eyeballs are in the way? — {EspyoT} 10:44, May 7, 2023 (EDT)

Simple, the eyelids aren't connected to the eyeballs. What I'm talking about both here and in my edit can be just barely seen for Pikmin 1's Emperor in the image "Reel8 Emperor Bulblax.png" and quite easily seen for Pikmin 2's Emperor in the image "Pikmin 2 Emperor Bulblax.png". If you still aren't convinced, here's a link to a reply that I made to a tweet when first discovering this: [1] It contains an image that I made showing my discovery. -Gulliblepikmin 11:47, May 7, 2023 (EDT)

Armored Cannon Beetle debate[edit]

Thank you for the edits you made on Armored Cannon Beetle and Horned Cannon Beetle, I agree they should be treated as separate creatures for now. --Kirby Bulborb (talk) 06:01, July 28, 2023 (EDT)

Bulborb Vietnam[edit]

The only reason I added that image to the Bolbert article was because the user who uploaded it asked me to add it back, saying "You removed Bulborb_vietnam.jpg from the article about Bolbert. How could you!!". I wanted to avoid an argument so I added it back. This is quite the predicament.

That being said, I can understand why you think it is unnecessary. This is a wiki about Pikmin, not Forrest Gump. Vietnam has no relevance to the Pikmin series, hence why I uploaded the same image with the title "Bulborb Hiding". Are meme titles even acceptable here? --Kirby Bulborb (talk) 08:48, September 6, 2023 (EDT)

I'd personally say that meme titles should probably only be reserved for April Fools images. -Gulliblepikmin 18:49, September 6, 2023 (EDT)


Sorry, I thought that they sing the Giant Breadbug Theme (P.S. I got it from AntDude) Tanooki Dg (talk) 19:02, September 8, 2023 (EDT)

Not really sure why you're saying sorry, but okay. -Gulliblepikmin 21:18, September 8, 2023 (EDT)

Eh, it’s what I do. 🔥Tanooki Dg🔥 (talk) 14:18, September 9, 2023 (EDT)

bowsprit location[edit]

the Perplexing Pool is the same location as the Distant Spring just like how Forest of Hope is Awakening Wood, same area just different name. and similar notes are already on several pages already. sure it's not the exact location the bowsprit is but it's technically the same spot as said spot is where the tree the yellow pikmin are hanging out on. so either leave the page with the info or have to change several treasure/cave pages.Pikmin Theories (talk) 01:20, October 14, 2023 (EDT)

Though looking back on it a similar thing is the sunseed berry and the Geiger counter so maybe not, never mind. though on the other hand pikmin being discovered there is more important/relevant. I'm willing to accept the L on this one.Pikmin Theories (talk) 01:28, October 14, 2023 (EDT)

in regards to the Spotty Bulbear trivia removal[edit]

Please take a look at the recent additions to this page: