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A conversation between the Koppaites.

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Check in (Talk in the European version of Pikmin 3, and all versions of Pikmin 3 Deluxe) is the name given to a feature in Pikmin 3 where the leaders currently on the ship will discuss recent events or just have miscellaneous conversations. This takes place before the start of each day, while still inside the S.S. Drake, and is triggered by the player by pressing WiiU Y.png / Wiimote Minus.png / WiiU Y.png while on the area selection menu.

It is possible to talk more than once in the same morning, and a different conversation might take place. Recent plot events have higher priority as conversation topics, then gameplay events, and finally idle chatter.


The following is a transcript of all conversations, as taken from the game's files. Because of this, the requirements for getting them to show up in the pool of conversation topics are not entirely known, and are speculated based on the conversation itself. For convenience, the full list is split into pages:

  • Plot: Game plot-related conversation topics.
  • Gameplay: Gameplay-related conversation topics.
  • Small talk: Small talk conversation topics.

Script mistakes[edit]

There are a couple of mistakes in some of the US version's conversations. In the script for the conversations, there is code to switch a character's icon, but some conversations exist where the icon's code is incorrect. In these cases, the game keeps the same character as before, but uses that character's icon for the specified ID.

  • If the player uses the check in functionality on the day they unlock the Distant Tundra, Alph and Brittany will discuss the data file they got, and Brittany will say If you think it means that they don't eat meat, then...yes., but Alph's icon will be displayed instead. The code was meant to switch to Brittany's icon ID 00, which does not exist. For Alph, icon 00 is his neutral expression. This was fixed in Pikmin 3 Deluxe, and is also not a problem in the European version, which uses the US version's text.
  • For the check in conversation where the crew asks themselves why the Pikmin don't eat the fruit they carry, Alph says But it's all so tasty... Maybe the Pikmin don't have a sense of taste., but with Brittany's sad icon. The code was for Alph's 10 expression, and since it doesn't exist, Brittany's 10 expression is used instead (her sad face). This was not fixed in Pikmin 3 Deluxe, and also happens in the European version, which uses the same text as the US version.

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