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Treasure Catalog

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The Treasure Catalog (オタカラ図鑑?, lit.: "Treasure Encyclopedia") in Pikmin 4 is a field guide that lists all the treasures the player has collected in the game (outside of Dandori Challenges and Dandori Battles). It can be accessed by talking to Schnauz in the Rescue Command Post once he has been rescued.

List of treasures[edit]

See: List of Pikmin 4 treasures


Every treasure has accompanying notes written by various characters. These can be read by pressing Icon for the ZR Button on the Nintendo Switch. Edited version of the icon by ARMS Institute user PleasePleasePepper, released under CC-BY-SA 4.0. while the treasure is selected.


Schnauz, the castaway used to unlock and access the Treasure Catalog itself, has his notes unlocked by default. His resemble the Sales Pitches from the Treasure Hoard, attempting to describe each treasure's purpose in the planet's former society or their future purpose in their own society. In the Japanese version, many of his notes are copied from the Sales Pitches with only minor changes.


After rescuing Olimar, his notes become available. When possible, they are copied from the Treasure Hoard or the Treasure Log with only minor changes, with full rewrites only being done if the dialog would reference something that would only happen during the events of Pikmin 2, such as the log for the Citrus Lump. Many of his logs recount his own life experiences, from his time growing up, to his relationship with his wife, to raising his kids and pursuing his career.


After rescuing Louie, his notes become available. Much like his quiet outward personality, his notes are short and mostly pointless, many of them being only a sentence or two, with him only giving more detailed and vivid descriptions when it comes to food. He usually discusses his love of food or his Nana.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese オタカラ図鑑?
o-Takara Zukan
Treasure Picture Book
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
Bǎowù Tújiàn
Treasure Picture Book
Flag of China Chinese
Bǎowù Tújiàn
Treasure Picture Book
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Schatcatalogus Treasure catalog
Flag of France French Catalogue des trésors Treasure catalog
Flag of Germany German Schatzkatalog Treasure catalog
Flag of Italy Italian Catalogo dei tesori Treasure catalog
Flag of South Korea Korean 보물 도감
Bomul Dogam
Treasure Picture Book
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Tesouropédia Treasurepedia
Flag of Spain Spanish Tesoropedia Treasurepedia

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