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Viewing a Mockiwi in the enemy log.

The following article or section is in need of assistance from someone who plays Hey! Pikmin.
Particularly: Document what needs to be done to open each creature's entry. Some need to be defeated, and others need to be touched, but there may be more complex mechanics. Also, document every creature's animation when viewing, specifically when you tap on them.

Hey! Pikmin has a log feature in which Captain Olimar writes a log about the creatures and treasures he encounters in his journey throughout the game. This feature has no name, being referred to only as "Logs" in the likes of the area selection menu, and is similar to the Piklopedia and Treasure Hoard in Pikmin 2. It also allows the player to view 3D models of each entry, but unlike Pikmin 2, the models appear in a void, and cannot be interacted with other than rotating the camera and triggering a couple of random animations by tapping on them. While viewing an entry, the top screen shows Olimar's log on the subject, while the bottom screen shows the 3D model and buttons to navigate the menu for the logs.

There are four categories in the logs menu: "Pikmin Log", "Creature Log", "Treasure Log", and "amiibo Log". Although entries are not specifically numbered, each one in a category has its own reserved spot in the list, and if the player has not yet encountered the subject, then a question mark will appear in place of its icon.

This feature becomes available after completing the tutorial level, although the creature and amiibo categories are initially locked, as explained in their own sections in this article.

Pikmin Log[edit]

Viewing a Red Pikmin in the Pikmin Log.

The Pikmin Log contains entry about the different Pikmin types in the game, as well as the Onion and the types of pellet that can be obtained from Secret Spots. This category is represented with the Red Pikmin's icon.

# Icon Name
1 Red Pikmin HP icon.png Red Pikmin
2 Yellow Pikmin HP icon.png Yellow Pikmin
3 Blue Pikmin HP icon.png Blue Pikmin
4 Rock Pikmin HP icon.png Rock Pikmin
5 Winged Pikmin HP icon.png Winged Pikmin
6 Onion HP icon.png Onion
7 Red pellet HP icon.png Red pellet
8 Yellow pellet HP icon.png Yellow pellet
9 Blue pellet HP icon.png Blue pellet
10 Rock pellet HP icon.png Rock pellet
11 Winged pellet HP icon.png Winged pellet

Creature Log[edit]

The Creature Log documents the enemies found in the journey. This category is initially unavailable, and only becomes available once the player reaches 10,000 Sparklium. The list is roughly sorted by the order in which the enemies are first introduced, and all bosses appear at the end. This category is represented with the Mockiwi's icon. The European name will be provided below the US name with an EU marker if different from the US name.

# Icon Name
1 Crumbug icon.png Crumbug
2 Coppeller icon.png Coppeller
3 Mockiwi icon.png Mockiwi
4 Spornet icon.png Spornet
5 Crested Mockiwi icon.png Crested Mockiwi
6 Sparrowhead icon.png Sparrowhead
7 Male Sheargrub HP icon.png Male Sheargrub
8 Puffstalk icon.png Puffstalk
9 Shooting Spiner (Female) icon.png Shooting Spiner (Female)
10 Puckering Blinnow HP icon.png Puckering Blinnow
11 Eye-Stalker Bulbeel icon.png Eye-Stalker Bulbeel
12 Large Splurchin icon.png Large Splurchin
13 Shearblug icon.png Shearblug
14 Widemouthed Anode Beetle icon.png Widemouthed Anode Beetle
15 Young Yellow Wollywog icon.png Young Yellow Wollywog US version
Young Yellow Wollyhop European version
16 Crystalline Crushblat icon.png Crystalline Crushblat
17 Speargrub icon.png Speargrub
18 Crammed Wraith icon.png Crammed Wraith
19 Seedbagger icon.png Seedbagger
20 Skutterchuck HP icon.png Skutterchuck
21 Grabbit icon.png Grabbit
22 Fireflinger Groink icon.png Fireflinger Groink
23 Flatterchuck icon.png Flatterchuck
24 Shooting Spiner (Male) icon.png Shooting Spiner (Male)
25 Sporegrub icon.png Sporegrub
26 Red Bubblimp icon.png Red Bubblimp
27 Starnacle icon.png Starnacle
28 Elongated Crushblat icon.png Elongated Crushblat
29 Electric Spectralid icon.png Electric Spectralid
30 Spiny Coppeller icon.png Spiny Coppeller
31 Flying Spotted Jellyfloat icon.png Flying Spotted Jellyfloat
32 Yellow Wollywog HP icon.png Yellow Wollywog US version
Yellow Wollyhop European version
33 Fireflap Bulborb icon.png Fireflap Bulborb
34 Fiery Blowlet icon.png Fiery Blowlet
35 Fiery Dwarf Bulblax icon.png Fiery Dwarf Bulblax
36 Electripede icon.png Electripede
37 Firesnout Beetle icon.png Firesnout Beetle
38 Fiery Young Yellow Wollywog icon.png Fiery Young Yellow Wollywog US version
Fiery Young Yellow Wollyhop European version
39 Clicking Slurker icon.png Clicking Slurker
40 Stuffed Bellbloom icon.png Stuffed Bellbloom
41 Puffy Blubbug icon.png Puffy Blubbug
42 Blubbug icon.png Blubbug
43 Centipare icon.png Centipare
44 Stony Flint Beetle icon.png Stony Flint Beetle
45 Adult Centipare icon.png Adult Centipare
46 Muggonfly icon.png Muggonfly
47 Swooping Snitchbug HP icon.png Swooping Snitchbug
48 Bulborb HP icon.png Bulborb
49 Long Water Dumple icon.png Long Water Dumple
50 Armurk icon.png Armurk
51 Electric Cottonade icon.png Electric Cottonade
52 Queen Shearwig icon.png Queen Shearwig
53 Fiery Blowhog HP icon.png Fiery Blowhog
54 Luring Slurker icon.png Luring Slurker
55 Emperor Bulblax HP icon.png Emperor Bulblax
56 Leech Hydroe icon.png Leech Hydroe
57 Berserk Leech Hydroe icon.png Berserk Leech Hydroe

Treasure Log[edit]

The Treasure Log contains entry about all of the non-amiibo treasures collected. A treasure is only logged after it is recovered and the player reaches the goal in the area it is in. These treasures are sorted by the order in which they appear, following this priority: Sector > Area > HUD icon, and the areas are sorted in the order: A > B > C > D > E > X. The final treasures in this category are the ones that appear on the Pikmin Park. This category is represented with the Loop of Beginnings's icon. The European name will be provided below the US name with an EU marker if different from the US name.

# Icon Name
1 Loop of Beginnings icon.png Loop of Beginnings
2 Hypno Pendulum icon.png Hypno Pendulum
3 Song Sewer icon.png Song Sewer
4 Consolation Prize icon.png Consolation Prize US version
Blues Eradicator European version
5 Ultra-Sealed Aquarium icon.png Ultra-Sealed Aquarium
6 Peace Missile icon.png Peace Missile
7 Unassuming Lighthouse icon.png Unassuming Lighthouse
8 Quantum Traveler icon.png Quantum Traveler US version
Quantum Traveller European version
9 Constitution Gate icon.png Constitution Gate US version
Attractive Gate European version
10 Stopped Doomsday Clock icon.png Stopped Doomsday Clock
11 Smile Detector icon.png Smile Detector
12 Independence Monument icon.png Independence Monument
13 Flashy Monument icon.png Flashy Monument
14 Preservation Door icon.png Preservation Door
15 Despair-o-Sphere icon.png Despair-o-Sphere
16 Revenge Fantasy icon.png Revenge Fantasy
17 Giga Whistle icon.png Giga Whistle
18 Rocket Polish icon.png Rocket Polish
19 Berserker Brush icon.png Berserker Brush
20 Attitude Adjuster icon.png Attitude Adjuster US version
Rift Ripper European version
21 Unstrung Racket icon.png Unstrung Racket
22 Work-Life Imbalancer icon.png Work-Life Imbalancer
23 Evidence Pulverizer icon.png Evidence Pulverizer US version
Evidence Pulveriser European version
24 Handy Hand icon.png Handy Hand
25 Hairy Serpent Fossil icon.png Hairy Serpent Fossil
26 Greed-o-Sphere icon.png Greed-o-Sphere
27 Twisty Pick icon.png Twisty Pick
28 Conformity Enhancers icon.png Conformity Enhancers
29 Unexamined Nest icon.png Unexamined Nest
30 Everyday Cell icon.png Everyday Cell
31 Giant Rodent Skull icon.png Giant Rodent Skull
32 Grown-Up Dynamo icon.png Grown-Up Dynamo US version
Grown-Up Cell European version
33 Attention-Getting Logo icon.png Attention-Getting Logo
34 Snack Vault icon.png Snack Vault
35 Cheer-o-Sphere icon.png Cheer-o-Sphere
36 Numerical Monument icon.png Numerical Monument
37 Gigaton Bag icon.png Gigaton Bag
38 Manifested Time Container icon.png Manifested Time Container
39 Dutiful Watchdog icon.png Dutiful Watchdog
40 Inevitable Tragedy icon.png Inevitable Tragedy
41 Value Band icon.png Value Band
42 Royal Suite icon.png Royal Suite
43 Well-Loved Gauge icon.png Well-Loved Gauge
44 One-Way Time Machine icon.png One-Way Time Machine
45 Metal Bagel icon.png Metal Bagel
46 Private Castle icon.png Private Castle
47 Un-Damaging Javelin icon.png Un-Damaging Javelin US version
Lefty-Loosey Lance European version
48 Lopsided Barbell icon.png Lopsided Barbell
49 Whisper Broadcaster icon.png Whisper Broadcaster
50 Metamorphocistern icon.png Metamorphocistern US version
Metamorphosis Tank European version
51 Life-Form Prototype icon.png Life-Form Prototype US version
Life Form Prototype European version
52 Almighty Ruiner icon.png Almighty Ruiner
53 Bond Impressor icon.png Bond Impressor
54 Champion Belt icon.png Champion Belt
55 Silence Breaker icon.png Silence Breaker
56 Sonic Relaxant icon.png Sonic Relaxant
57 Distinguished Speaker icon.png Distinguished Speaker
58 Inspiration Signal icon.png Inspiration Signal
59 Quid Pro Quo-Yo icon.png Quid Pro Quo-Yo
60 Missed Connection icon.png Missed Connection
61 Zappy Safe icon.png Zappy Safe
62 Sloshy Nostalgia icon.png Sloshy Nostalgia US version
Concentrated Nostalgia European version
63 Ominous Vault icon.png Ominous Vault
64 Slimmerized Cell icon.png Slimmerized Cell US version
Slimmerised Cell European version
65 Probable Teapot icon.png Probable Teapot
66 King's Sanctum icon.png King's Sanctum
67 Personal Odor Shield icon.png Personal Odor Shield US version
Personal Odour Shield European version
68 Nostalgic Buckler icon.png Nostalgic Buckler
69 Menacing Crusher icon.png Menacing Crusher
70 Altitudinal Unlimiter icon.png Altitudinal Unlimiter
71 Alien Ceremony icon.png Alien Ceremony
72 Abandoned Husk icon.png Abandoned Husk
73 Primitive Saw icon.png Primitive Saw
74 Museum-Quality Egg icon.png Museum-Quality Egg
75 Mood Slicer icon.png Mood Slicer
76 Vacated Baby Buggy icon.png Vacated Baby Buggy
77 Tiny Jumbo Jet icon.png Tiny Jumbo Jet
78 Deluxe Something-or-Other icon.png Deluxe Something-or-Other
79 Withdrawn Arm of Loneliness icon.png Withdrawn Arm of Loneliness
80 Instant Planetarium icon.png Instant Planetarium
81 Unbelievable Spinner icon.png Unbelievable Spinner
82 Sorcerer's Wand icon.png Sorcerer's Wand
83 Self-Reflection Engine icon.png Self-Reflection Engine
84 Extended Hand of Friendship icon.png Extended Hand of Friendship
85 Flysmacker icon.png Flysmacker
86 Enduring Partnership icon.png Enduring Partnership
87 Creativity Stimulator icon.png Creativity Stimulator
88 Shimmering Skull icon.png Shimmering Skull
89 Scoreless Dartboard icon.png Scoreless Dartboard
90 Scallop Spring icon.png Scallop Spring
91 Stoic Head icon.png Stoic Head
92 Sunset Projector icon.png Sunset Projector
93 Frozen Stranger icon.png Frozen Stranger
94 Scoot-Over Bench icon.png Scoot-Over Bench
95 Fond-o-Sphere icon.png Fond-o-Sphere
96 Humor Implant icon.png Humor Implant US version
Humour Implant European version
97 Herbivore Molars icon.png Herbivore Molars
98 The Real Magic icon.png The Real Magic
99 Rarely Seen Cell icon.png Rarely Seen Cell
100 Getaway Vehicle icon.png Getaway Vehicle
101 Zoo of the Future icon.png Zoo of the Future
102 Unremarkable Spinner icon.png Unremarkable Spinner
103 Beneficial Intelligence icon.png Beneficial Intelligence
104 Anti-Routine Screen icon.png Anti-Routine Screen
105 Automatic Fortune-Teller icon.png Automatic Fortune-Teller
106 Dual Wheeler icon.png Dual Wheeler
107 Flauntulent Bauble icon.png Flauntulent Bauble
108 Star-Beaten Jewel icon.png Star-Beaten Jewel
109 Parting Tape icon.png Parting Tape
110 Classical Sculpture icon.png Classical Sculpture
111 Thoroughbred Statue icon.png Thoroughbred Statue
112 Tandem Sword icon.png Tandem Sword
113 Stuck Compass icon.png Stuck Compass
114 Authoritative Obelisk icon.png Authoritative Obelisk
115 Tempting Vision icon.png Tempting Vision
116 Teeny Power Plant icon.png Teeny Power Plant
117 Tangerine Paste icon.png Tangerine Paste
118 Ever-Night Windows icon.png Ever-Night Windows
119 Training Rocket icon.png Training Rocket
120 Distortion Chamber icon.png Distortion Chamber
121 Single's Seesaw icon.png Single's Seesaw US version
Single's See-Saw European version
122 Starship Bones icon.png Starship Bones
123 Sunset Engine icon.png Sunset Engine
124 Apotheosis of Balance icon.png Apotheosis of Balance
125 Ornamental Cycle icon.png Ornamental Cycle

amiibo Log[edit]

The amiibo Log is the same as the Treasure Log, but only contains amiibo statue treasures. Until the player obtains their first amiibo, this category is closed off, and its button shows a question mark instead. This category is represented with the Colossus in Suspenders's icon. The European name will be provided below the US name with an EU marker if different from the US name.

# Icon Name
1 Spellbound Friends icon.png Spellbound Friends
2 Oversized Replica icon.png Oversized Replica
3 Colossus in Suspenders icon.png Colossus in Suspenders US version
Dungareed Colossus European version
4 Priceless Artifact icon.png Priceless Artifact US version
Priceless Artefact European version
5 Great Man icon.png Great Man
6 Unsung Hero icon.png Unsung Hero
7 Memento of Love icon.png Memento of Love
8 Incomprehensible Life-Form icon.png Incomprehensible Life-Form US version
Incomprehensible Life Form European version
9 Fashion Mystery icon.png Fashion Mystery
10 Fearsome Boss icon.png Fearsome Boss
11 Gaudy Goon icon.png Gaudy Goon
12 Powerful Pencil-Pusher icon.png Powerful Pencil-Pusher
13 Barrel of Laughs icon.png Barrel of Laughs
14 Anatomical Enigma icon.png Anatomical Enigma
15 My Princess icon.png My Princess
16 Insensitive Lout icon.png Insensitive Lout
17 Fanged Marshmallow icon.png Fanged Marshmallow
18 Business Pet icon.png Business Pet
19 Imaginary Friend icon.png Imaginary Friend
20 Seated Strummer icon.png Seated Strummer
21 Uncomfortable Swaddler icon.png Uncomfortable Swaddler
22 Uniformed Crew icon.png Uniformed Crew
23 Apron Model icon.png Apron Model
24 Rosy-Outlooked Trotter icon.png Rosy-Outlooked Trotter
25 Hair-Trigger Furball icon.png Hair-Trigger Furball
26 Solemnity Party Chairman icon.png Solemnity Party Chairman
27 Unblinking Guilt Reflector icon.png Unblinking Guilt Reflector
28 Subterranean Menace icon.png Subterranean Menace
29 Argyle Collector icon.png Argyle Collector
30 Midnight Dreamer icon.png Midnight Dreamer
31 Inadequacy Wellspring icon.png Inadequacy Wellspring
32 Embarrassment Target icon.png Embarrassment Target
33 Painted Alien icon.png Painted Alien
34 Exhausted Soldier icon.png Exhausted Soldier
35 Electric-Lime Hairdo icon.png Electric-Lime Hairdo US version
Electric Lime Hairdo European version
36 Squirting Squirt icon.png Squirting Squirt
37 Devious Drencher icon.png Devious Drencher
38 Chartreuse Arrow icon.png Chartreuse Arrow
39 Uplifting Arrow icon.png Uplifting Arrow
40 Sparkling Ingenue icon.png Sparkling Ingenue
41 Chilled-Out Cucumbress icon.png Chilled-Out Cucumbress



  • The Smile Detector features 3 Red Pikmin taking a picture, something that can only be seen by rotating the treasure in the logs.

Names in other languages[edit]

Flag of Japan.svg Japanese English Flag of the Netherlands.svg Dutch Flag of France.svg French Flag of Germany.svg German Flag of Italy.svg Italian Flag of South Korea.svg Korean Flag of Spain.svg Spanish
ずかん? Logs Album Journal Album Diario 도감 Diario
ピクミン ずかん? Pikmin Log Pikmin Pikmin Pikmin-Album Pikmin Pikmin
げんせいせいぶつ ずかん? Creature Log Inheemse wezens Créatures Kreaturen-Album Creature Criaturas nativas Latin America
Criaturas autóctonas Spain
おたから ずかん? Treasure Log Schatten Trésores Schatz-Album Tesori Tesoros
amiibo ずかん? amiibo amiibo amiibo amiibo-Album amiibo amiibo

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