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Voting is now closed. Volatile Dweevil is our new admin, with 6 votes.

(Yay, copy/paste from last time...)

Simply add a bullet point with your sig to the section for whoever your vote goes to. Read what they have to say, take a look at their contributions, and then decide who you think would make a good admin.

Those running for admin may vote, but obviously not for themselves.


Don't edit this section: it's to help people make a decision. The second set of links in each case is for the old wiki: not all contributions were preserved. Alphabetically...

Name Links Statement
Gamefreak75 U|T|C|E U|T|C|E I am very familiar with the tools, being an administrator and bureaucrat over at the Kirby Wikia and an administrator at the Pikmin Fanon Wiki. I also am a patroller over at Mario Wiki. I have been here for over a year, and even though I may have been a bit rash at times, I believe I will make a good admin.
IAMAHIPO_ocolor U|T|C|E U|T|C|E I have been with this wiki for a long time, am relatively mature and calm, and have a fair knowledge of mediawiki. I think I am very articulate and cordial.
Miles U|T|C|E U|T|C|E I nominate myself. Because I can. Yeah...
Ridly U|T|C|E U|T|C|E My political platform consists of five main points:

1) Firstly, to improve this wiki in the same fasion as Admins like Green and Snakeboss have. 2) I would like to make sure that all Users are satisfied with the way pages are. I promise to be open-minded and as free as possible of bias. 3) To help spearhead the control of the inevitable chaos that will follow the release of Pikmin 3. Many, many, new articles will be created and new Users will join our ranks. 4) To protect this wiki from vandals. With the release of Pikmin 3 will also come vandals. People who think it is funny to mess up the things we have all worked hard on. It irks me. 5) To be a dedicated Admin that will work alongside Users to improve pages. You will not be my slaves. Thank you for your time, and please vote wisely.

I have been here since March 19 2009.
Sir Pikmin U|T|C|E U|T|C|E I check the recent changes list for both Pikipedia and Pikcanon-NOT very frequently, I'm almost always on it. While on it I check every edit made since I've last seen the list, excluding trusted editors like Green, Vol, etc. I'm also the head admin on Pikcanon-NOT, and in addition I run our inter-wiki forums. I've been a member on Pikipedia for a year now, and admittedly haven't done a whole lot. However I've taken the time to learn Mediawiki code, proper admin etiquette, and many other things from Green and Prez. And if it helps any I'm the student-body vice-president at my school, so I'm good with problem solving and leadership skills.
Volatile Dweevil U|T|C|E U|T|C|E I check the recent changes most every day and monitor current discussions,as well as check out suspicious IP edits. I can help with articles in the To be deleted category and can be trusted with the additional powers of an admin. I am familiar with mediawiki editing as well as html and image editing. I try to see both sides in discussions and arguments, and I have recently become an admin on Pikcanon-NOT. Vote for me

Candidates: if I missed something you want to put in your statement, just add it yourself.





  • 14:46, 15 October 2010 (EDT) (IAMAHIPO_ocolor)


Sir Pikmin

Volatile Dweevil