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Good Old Memories

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Good Old Memories Treasure Hoard icon.
Number 171 (Japan only)
Series Mystery Disc Series
Value Poko icon.png × 30
Weight 4
Maximum carriers 8 Pikmin
Location Glutton's Kitchen
Challenge Mode levels None

The Good Old Memories (あの日々の思い出?) is a treasure exclusive to the Japanese version of Pikmin 2. It is a Rakuren-brand milk cover, found in Glutton's Kitchen on sublevel 4, inside a Spotty Bulbear. In the US version, the Happiness Emblem (GameCube) or Massive Lid (Wii) can be found here, and in the European version, the Drone Supplies.

Collecting the treasure[edit]

See: Happiness Emblem#Collecting the treasure


Olimar's journal[edit]

  • Text: なんだか妙になつかしい香りがした。まだ自分が母に抱かれていた時。無条件に甘えることのゆるされた時間。あの幸せな時間があればこそ、こうして今ここにいるのだ。そういえば最近、帰ってないな。
  • Translation: The scent reminds me of something strangely nostalgic, like my memories of when I was still embraced by my mother, or the time when I was unreasonably spoiled. Those happy memories are the the reason why I am here now. Speaking of which, I haven't returned home recently.

Sales pitch[edit]

  • Text: ミルキーな香りが思い起こさせる、あのなつかしい日々よ。無条件に甘えることがゆるされた限られた時間。あの幸せな時間があったからこそ、こうして今ここにいるのです。
  • Translation: The milky scent is reminiscent of nostalgic days. The times when being spoiled for no reason was allowed. Those happy memories are the very things that forms your current self.


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