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Drone Supplies

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Drone Supplies Treasure Hoard icon.
Artwork of the Drone Supplies.
Number 161 (US)
Series Massive Receptacle Series
Value Poko icon.png × 130
Weight 15
Maximum carriers 25 Pikmin
Location Submerged Castle
Challenge Mode levels None
Drone Supplies Treasure Hoard icon.
Drone Supplies EU.png
Number 172 (Europe)
Series Massive Receptacle Series
Value Poko icon.png × 100
Weight 15
Maximum carriers 25 Pikmin
Location Glutton's Kitchen
Challenge Mode levels None

The Drone Supplies (つまみぐいパック?, lit.: "Snatched Food Pack") are two different treasures (depending on the game version) found in Pikmin 2.

In the US version, it is found in the fourth level of the Submerged Castle. It is near a black wall, which requires Pikmin to tear it down. The Drone Supplies is actually a container of Underwood deviled ham spread.

On the front it reads:

Premium Quality




NT WT. 4.25 OZ (120g)

In the European version, the treasure is a packet of french Haribo sweets found inside the Spotty Bulbear on sublevel 4 of Glutton's Kitchen. There is some French text that reads:

Haribo, c'est beau la vie
Pour les grands et les petits!

The text translates to:

Haribo, life's beautiful
For young and old alike!

In the Switch port, the treasure is an unbranded container of tuna salad spread.


Olimar's journal

US version icon.png US version
Yesterday, the ship accused me of sampling all of the food we've been collecting! That ship has a lot of nerve...
European version icon.png European version
Even for a veteran of exploration like me, there is one thing that's always difficult to take. A boring menu of hocotate[sic] noodles day after day... what kind of diet is that? Now I have a fantastic idea! How about trying some of this delicious-looking food? That should perk the mood up a bit. It's not that I have to eat it of course, it's just for the sake of the company you know!

Sales pitch

This food pack makes you want to throw all dietary restrictions out the window and take a bite.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning Notes
Flag of Japan Japanese つまみぐいパック?
Tsumamigui Pakku
Snatched Food Pack
Flag of France French Irrésistible Tentation Compelling Temptation
Flag of Québec French (NoA) Irrésistible tentation Compelling temptation
Flag of Germany German Drohnenfutter Drone Fodder Written "Drohnen-futter" in-game.
Flag of Italy Italian Bontà bonbon Candy Goodness Bonbon is french for candy
Flag of Spain Spanish Energía del zángano Slacker's energy