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For the hearts in Pikmin Bloom, see Friendship.

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Hearts[1] are items in Hey! Pikmin. When Captain Olimar or one of the Pikmin idling in his group touch a heart, the captain receives some health, and the heart disappears. The heart will still disappear if he has full health. There are two types of hearts: small hearts that will only heal one bar, and big hearts that will heal all bars. They are usually in mid-air, and can commonly be found before or after hard segments of an area. At least one heart can be found in every area in Hey! Pikmin, except for boss areas.

Visually, they look like standard cartoon hearts, but have some leafs protruding from the top, making them look a bit like radishes.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Small heart

Language Name Meaning
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Hartje / klein hart Small heart
Flag of France French Petit cœur Small heart
Flag of Germany German Kleines Herz Small heart
Flag of Italy Italian Cuoricino Small heart
Flag of Spain Spanish Corazón pequeño Small heart

Big heart

Language Name Meaning
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Groot hart Big heart
Flag of France French Gros cœur Big heart
Flag of Germany German Großes Herz Big heart
Flag of Italy Italian Cuore grande Big heart
Flag of Spain Spanish Corazón grande Big heart

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  1. ^ If you pick up a heart, it will refill the Energy Gauge. A small heart will fill one segment of the gauge, and a large one will refill the whole gauge. – the game's electronic manual in the "Refilling the Energy Gauge" section