The Hollow Sky

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The Hollow Sky
Sector 3 – Area X
The Hollow Sky 2.jpg
Treasures 2 (list)
Pikmin available Yellow Pikmin, Rock Pikmin
Requirements Complete Crystal Tunnels via secret exit
Next area Springpetal Cave

The Hollow Sky (みあげる おおあな?) is the secret area in the Sparkling Labyrinth. In this cave, there are two tall shafts that can be climbed up standing on top of a container that's being slowly pushed up by a geyser of water. Throughout the climb, there are dirt blocks, crystals, and other obstacles and enemies in the way. The player must clear the path away and be careful not to get crushed between the container and the obstacles.

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The area mainly consist of a big ascent from the bottom to the top of the cavern. Right at the beginning, the player can call some Yellow Pikmin. Olimar will have to use them in order to bury a wooden stake. After that, the player will begin the ascent. The protagonist just has to be careful with the many crystals, Crumbugs, dirt and cobblestone blocks on the way. At the end of it, the player can enter a small hole to the left, thanks to the jetpack. At the end of the small path, a doorway can be found, leading to the Well-Loved Gauge. To retrieve it, the player has to avoid a lot of Crumbugs. After this, the player can begin a new ascent, harder than the first one. At the end of it, the player can go to the left. If Olimar has at least 16 Pikmin, he can bury the huge wood stake and get access to the second treasure, the One-Way Time Machine. Right after this, the exit waits for him.


Cutscene Screenshot Trigger Description
Hiding Rock Pikmin The Hollow Sky hiding cutscene.jpg After the first shaft, the player enters the doorway to the right and advances a bit forward. There is a small can of fish turned upside down. The can is rattling, and three Rock Pikmin show up to investigate. They decide to lift the can up together, and when they manage to finally toss it away, it's revealed that there was a crouching Rock Pikmin under it, shaking in fear. This Pikmin eventually looks around, and when it notices it's no longer hiding, and that there are other Rock Pikmin around, it gets up, and those Rock Pikmin start cheering. The scared Rock Pikmin eventually joins in on the celebration.

Pikmin locations[edit]

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Spot Location Pikmin Requirements Notes







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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese みあげる おおあな?
Miageru o o ana
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Dutch Een stijgende lijn An ascending line
Flag of France.svg French Ascension rocailleuse Rocky ascent
Flag of Germany.svg German Der tiefe Schacht The deep Shaft
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Fossa rocciosa Rocky pit
Flag of Mexico.svg Spanish (NoA) Ascenso rocoso Rocky ascent
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish (NoE) Ascenso Rocoso Rocky Ascent