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This article is about the player's bond with a Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom. For real-life friendships in the same game, see friend.

Friendship is a game mechanic in Pikmin Bloom, where every Pikmin has its own friendship level. Friendship is shown in the form of hearts. The lowest possible friendship is 0 filled hearts, and the maximum is 4 filled hearts. Getting a Pikmin to maximum friendship is a way to get Decor Pikmin.

Raising friendship[edit]

A Pikmin's friendship level can be increased by doing various things with that Pikmin, including:

Effects of friendship[edit]

When a Pikmin that didn't come out from a huge seedling reaches the maximum friendship level of 4 hearts, a new expedition for a gift box will appear. The Pikmin that reached 4 hearts can be sent on this expedition, and upon getting back to the player, will turn into a Decor Pikmin.

Pikmin with a higher friendship level do better in challenges.

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