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Ionium Jet

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Ionium Jet
(Pikmin 4)
Icon used to represent the ship part on the wiki.
Weight 10
Max. carriers 20 Pikmin
Location Sun-Speckled Terrace, Blossoming Arcadia

The Ionium Jet is a ship part that appears twice in Olimar's Shipwreck Tale, a game mode in Pikmin 4. The two parts parallel the #1 and #2 Ionium Jets from Pikmin, having the same appearance and serving the same functions on the S.S. Dolphin.

Although the two Ionium Jets share their name in Olimar's Shipwreck Tale, they are still differentiated by the S.S. Dolphin's change in appearance after one is collected. The Ionium Jet in the Sun-Speckled Terrace is always placed on the starboard side of the Dolphin's hull upon retrieval, while the one in the Blossoming Arcadia is always placed on the Dolphin's port side. If compared to the ship parts in Pikmin, the one from the Sun-Speckled Terrace would therefore be the #1 Ionium Jet while the one from the Blossoming Arcadia would be the #2 Ionium Jet.

Collecting the part[edit]

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Sun-Speckled Terrace[edit]

The #1 Ionium Jet is inside a Puffy Blowhog in the area's northwestern corner. The Puffy Blowhog floats above a peninsula whose only land connection is unreachable in this mode, so you must first build a clay bridge there. Once the bridge is finished, cross it and kill the Blowhog to retrieve the Jet.

Blossoming Arcadia[edit]

The #2 Ionium Jet is on a hill in the northeast of the area, near a Baldy Long Legs' territory. Assemble at least 10 Yellow Pikmin, climb the hill using Moss' jump (with or without Olimar) and go past the Baldy Long Legs arena. You will find a high platform with the Ionium Jet on top. The Jet is impossible to knock down with a rush, so 10 Yellow Pikmin must be thrown up to carry it.

Pikmin that are carrying this part will narrowly avoid the Baldy Long Legs arena, so the boss does not need to be defeated to ensure the Pikmin's safety as they carry the Ionium Jet. The Baldy Long Legs holds the Radiation Canopy however, so it is still preferable to kill it and collect the Ionium Jet on the same trip to the hill.

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