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Family articles should have the following sections (bar the "General" one), and in the order listed.


Family pages should start with the {{game icons}} template. As per the general content guidelines, family names should be in lowercase.

The opening to the article does not have a section, and explains what the family generally consists of. It should first have a paragraph or two describing similar characteristics of every or nearly every member (e.g. all amphitubers are frog/tadpole like), appearance and behavior-wise.

Afterwards, there should be a paragraph describing the genuses in this family, saying which enemies or types of enemies belong to each genus, or if they belong to an unknown one (e.g. all true Bulborbs and Bulblaxes are in the Oculus genus). If a creature(s) has a subspecies, then its genus and normal species name should be mentioned.

The article should also end with a call to the {{families}} template.


This is where the list of the actual members goes. It should be sorted alphabetically, and each one enemy should have its own sub-section with a header. Inside this sub-section, there should be no links to the enemy's page (since the {{main}} template, described below, will take care of that). The sub-section should first start with an image of the creature, with the following characteristics:

  • Left-aligned.
  • 150px wide.
  • Without a frame.
  • Without a caption.

It should then use the {{main}} template to link to the creature's main article. After an indent, "official family unknown" should be written in italics if the enemy is only assumed to be in the family.

A paragraph should then be written briefly describing the enemy. Be sure to not make it too long; that's what the enemy's own article is for. Each entry should end with {{clear}}.

In Pikmin Adventure

Enemies that are exclusive to Pikmin Adventure should be listed here, separate from the rest, as they are known as not canon. It should have the same format as the "members" section.

Other members

In the rare case that there are one or more enemies that are supposedly in the family, but are not encountered by the player in-game, they should be listed here (e.g. the Burrowing Snarrow is an enemy mentioned by Olimar, but is never actually seen and doesn't even have a Piklopedia entry). If there is an article on them, then their paragraph should be brief, but if not, this is the subject's home, so all known information about it should be documented in detail here, as if it were a normal article. An image is not required. These members are often assumed to be in the family due to a lack of information on them.


An explanation of the family's name(s), when available. If applicable, it should also include naming information that is common to more than one member of the family. This way, the wiki does not need to write the same explanation over several different articles. In general, this section should follow the naming section guidelines.