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Cave articles should follow the following format.

Opening paragraphs

The opening paragraphs should briefly explain what kind of cave this is, including, but not limited to:

  • The most common theme.
  • The types of dangers that can be encountered.
  • Its overall difficulty.
  • The final boss.

Because these articles contain guides on how to pass through each sublevel, the article should start with the {{guide}} template.

How to reach section

There should be a section explaining how to get to the cave, including what kind of obstacles need to be cleared and such. This is a guide, so it should follow the guide policy. There should also be a map that shows where the cave is located at on the area, using {{location map}}. Finally, there should be a quick list of the recommended numbers of each Pikmin type to bring inside.

Sublevel sections

These should be titled "Sublevel <number>", with "<number>" being replaced by the sublevel number. The final sublevel mustn't have any extra subtitle, such as "Sublevel 15 (final floor)".

A sublevel section should start with a list of information, following these guidelines.

After that comes a brief guide on how to effectively complete the sublevel. If one or more major enemies are found in this sublevel, the {{see also}} template should be placed before the guide, and should link to the respective enemy page's strategy section. The cave sublevel guide shouldn't contain a guide on how to defeat the creature as a result; the exception is if there are some special tricks that can be used on this sublevel. If there are, it may be preferable to have that information on the enemy's strategy section, so discuss on the talk page whether those tips should be on the cave article or on the enemy article.

Finally, the {{sublevel technical}} template should be placed as well as a detailed list of objects spawned.

These sections may start with an image, on the right side, but only when they make sense – most of the sublevels in the game change quite drastically every time, so having a screenshot of them might be a bit pointless.

Bottom of the article

There should be a Names in other languages section at the bottom, whenever possible. In addition, an area navbox should also exist with the area the cave belongs on. After that, place the {{P2 caves}} template.