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The following guidelines apply to ship part, treasure, and fruit articles.

Opening paragraph

The opening paragraph should have the following information:

  • What the object is in the real world, if applicable.
  • How many times it's found in Story Mode and alternative game modes. Each ship part in Pikmin only appears once, so this information is pointless if the article is for one.
  • Which bosses need to be defeated in order to obtain it, for every instance of the object in Story Mode.
  • Other general information about the collectible.


This section should explain how to obtain the object. It must:

  • Be called "Collecting the <type>".
  • Start with {{guide}}.
  • Have a map to the left that shows its location. This does not apply to treasures inside Pikmin 2 caves.

On this section, there should be an explanation on:

  • How to find the object.
  • How to open the path to get it.
  • How to recover it.

If there is any boss battle involved, use {{see also}} to link to the relevant enemy article's strategy section.

Objects with multiple instances in Story Mode

If this object only appears once in Story Mode, then this info is all placed in the "Collecting the <type>" section. Otherwise, there should be one sub-section for each instance of the object. The {{guide}} template should only appear at the start of the major section, though. If an object appears multiple times in the same area, disambiguate each instance's section with some identification in parenthesis (e.g.: "Twilight River (north)"/"Twilight River (south)", "Distant Tundra (cave)"/"Distant Tundra (outdoors)", etc.).


The notes section should include {{notes}} and list all relevant notes. Read the template's documentation for more info.


The gallery must contain images of the object in its starting place in all areas it appears in, then some other miscellaneous images, and finally, an image of the same object in the real world. For treasures in caves, a screenshot of any potential spawn point will do.

Navigation boxes

At the end of the article, include the navbox for the object's areas, followed by the type's navbox: {{ship parts}}, {{treasures}}, or {{fruits}}. For treasures in caves, there are no area-related navboxes to place.