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Enemy articles should have at least the following sections, and in the order listed.

Opening paragraphs

The opening to the article does not have a section, and explains what the enemy is in general. An infobox must also be present to the right; the "attacks" section should refer to the enemy in the second person (i.e. "Eat Pikmin" instead "Eats Pikmin"). This section should also contain a brief explanation of the creature's appearance, with one of the most important aspects to point out being its size in comparison to leaders and Pikmin. If it makes sense, its relation to other members of its family should be mentioned (like how the Burrowing Snagret is more common than the Pileated Snagret). In this paragraph, avoid describing the enemy by comparing it to a different one (e.g. explaining the Orange Bulborb by only listing the differences with the Red Bulborb). If the enemy drops something important upon its defeat in story mode, then it should be mentioned.


Simply a section with this name, and an inclusion of {{enemy stats}}.


This section details how the creature behaves. This also includes attacks and attack-like movements, but they are explained in an objective manner. Walkthroughs on how to combat the enemy are present in the Strategy section, not here. When applicable, at least the following points should be explained, even if only in a single sentence:

  • Behavior while idling.
  • Behavior when prey draws near and goes away.
  • What it does when it wanders too far away from its "home".
  • Attacks – what makes it do an attack, how the attack is, etc.
    • Include "shake Pikmin off" attacks.
    • Mention the maximum number of Pikmin that can fall victim to said attack at any one time. At the moment, this page will be helpful.
  • Its reaction – or lack thereof – to bomb-rocks: if it notices them, if it can eat them, and if it can even get hurt by their explosion.
  • Its behavior when dying, including whether it releases living Pikmin in its grasp or not.
  • Its behavior when it touches water, if any.


A list of locations the creature can be found in, separated by game, and further separated by area/cave. A paragraph should exist detailing the kind of terrain and ambiance the enemy can be found in, as well as how rare it is. Whenever possible, their exact locations should be detailed enough so that players can find them without wandering around too much, but not so detailed that they're bloated and useless. For cave occurrences, a bullet list simply pointing out the caves and sublevels is enough. For highly common enemies, a subpage of the enemy's article, with the name "Locations" should exist. In the case of bosses or other unique enemies that require some special way to reach, this section must explain how the player can go about reaching them, in an objective manner (and referring to the player as "the player").

Defeat Bosses!

For Pikmin 3 bosses, this section should exist, and should explain how the Defeat Bosses! mission works. What are the requirements to get whatever rankings, what differences there are between the normal game and the mission, what the world records are (use {{world records}}), and any other noteworthy things.


This section should start with the guide warning template. This section is strictly a guide, and as such, should always refer to the player as "you", for the sake of consistency. Because some enemies cannot cause a battle or even be defeated (e.g. Iridescent Flint Beetle), this section's name should always be "Strategy" as opposed to "Battle strategy".

After that, the section should start by explaining what the most general attack strategy is, in a non-guide form. This means explaining objectively things like the weak points, strengths and weaknesses of the enemy.

Besides the regular combat strategies, the following strategies should also exist, when applicable:

  • For enemies that can be defeated without leader intervention (like Fiery Blowhogs with Red Pikmin), that fact should be explained on this section, along with any possible drawbacks.
  • There should be a paragraph or two explaining how leaders can defeat enemies alone, and if it's worth it for them to do so. If they can't, it should be mentioned, as well as why.
  • The best known strategy to defeat the enemy as fast as possible.
  • The best known strategy to defeat the enemy with no deaths.


Simply a section with this name and the inclusion of {{notes}}.

Technical information

Simply a section with this name and the inclusion of {{p1 enemy technical}}, {{p2 enemy technical}}, {{p3 enemy technical}}, and/or {{hp enemy technical}}. There shouldn't be a sub-section for each game, but there should be a sub-section for each object that also counts as an enemy (e.g. the Hermit Crawmad's nest in Pikmin 2).

Other information

Simply a section with this name and the inclusion of {{enemy other info}}.


A gallery with images of the enemy, preferably including concept art and one or two "extra" images, such as prototype screenshots. There should be enough images to show the creature in all interesting angles; i.e. if there are only screenshots of the creature facing sideways, it is not enough. If possible, there should be one very high quality image, with the creature up close, so that details can be seen better – emulators like Dolphin can be tweaked to maximize the output image's quality. Images that should exist include:

  • The enemy attacking; one picture per attack, preferably.
  • The shaking animation (if any).
  • The creature's corpse.
  • The creature while petrified by ultra-bitter spray (Pikmin 2 only).
  • The creature's backside or underside, if it is not commonly seen.