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Articles about a type of Pikmin should obey the following guidelines.

Opening paragraphs[edit]

The opening paragraphs should contain a brief description of the Pikmin type. They should also contain the following information:

  • A link to Pikmin family for the first time the word "Pikmin" is used.
  • A simple list of games they appear on.
  • What game they were introduced in.
  • Their unique abilities.
  • Short info about how they appear in each game's game mode.
  • How they are produced.
  • Their physical appearance (color, defining physical features, flower type, etc.).

Traits and abilities[edit]

This section should detail the traits (physical appearance and otherwise), the abilities of the Pikmin type that make it special in comparison to other types, and a quick explanation of why they're special (i.e. a quick explanation of what happens to other Pikmin that try the same thing). Secondary abilities (like Blue Pikmin being able to save drowning Pikmin) should also be explained. If Bulbmin are also immune to something that this Pikmin type is immune to, don't forget to mention them, but don't refer to them again unless needed.

In each game[edit]

There should be a section for the type's appearance in each game, with the following subsections:


This section should explain where and how the Pikmin type is discovered. It should include whether the first contact is through wild Pikmin, or a seed. It should also give a brief overview about what happens shortly after that is still relevant to the new type, before the gameplay continues like normal. e.g. the player quickly learns one of the Pikmin's abilities by having to use them on a nearby puzzle. If this Pikmin has more than one "first encounter", like the Yellow Pikmin in Pikmin 3 (Charlie's prologue and later Brittany), all of these encounters should be mentioned.

Required uses[edit]

This section has a list of all ship parts, treasures, or fruits in which the player must use this type of Pikmin to obtain (in Story Mode), all enemies that need this Pikmin to defeat it, all caves whose entrances require these Pikmin to be entered, and all major events that need this type of Pikmin, like discovering a new Onion. This list should only contain problems that cannot be overcome with any other Pikmin type whatsoever, not even with exploits. For every item, explain why the Pikmin are needed. The objects on this list should follow a style and general theme similar to the object list guidelines. Only list items that make sense; for instance, it makes no sense to say Red Pikmin are needed for everything in the game because without them, the story wouldn't start, the second area wouldn't be unlocked, etc.

Recommended uses[edit]

Same as the previous section, except this contains the list of all uses that are not mandatory, but are still highly recommended or intended (to be done without exploits). For instance, if the path to a treasure is filled with obstacles of a certain hazard, the relevant Pikmin type is clearly recommended, but if with luck and/or skill, it is possible to get the job done with another type of Pikmin, then add this point to the list. The line between "almost mandatory" and "preferred" is a bit blurry, but ideally, this list is meant to help players prepare and divide their Pikmin army for the tasks ahead. In some cases, it may be preferable to separate this further into uses that are nearly required and uses that are just recommendations, or to combine it with the required uses section.

In the Super Smash Bros. series[edit]

This section should briefly detail how the Pikmin type works as part of Olimar's moveset in the Super Smash Bros. series. Any trophies should also be expanded on here.