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To list a page for deletion, add the code

{{delete|your reason goes here}}

to the page. To see the list of pages currently up for deletion see Category:To be deleted. If there are any disputes, please discuss them on the talk page here.

Reasons for deletion[edit]

A page may need to be deleted for any one of the following reasons. User pages are generally exempt from these standards.

  • It is a duplicate of another page due to no to slight variation in the title. In this case, the content of the two should be merged and one deleted.
  • The article is not about Pikmin or Pikipedia.
  • The article is no longer needed (applies particularly to depreciated templates and categories).
  • It is too in-depth, so much so that it can only contain a short paragraph about the topic.
  • All information is represented on other pages. There are certain exceptions where repetition of content may be useful, such as Easter eggs.

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