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To list a page for deletion, add the code

{{delete|your reason goes here}}

to the page. To see the list of pages currently up for deletion see Category:To be deleted. If there are any disputes, please discuss them on the talk page here.

Reasons for deletion[edit]

A page may need to be deleted for any one of the following reasons. User pages are generally exempt from these standards.

  • It is a duplicate of another page due to no or slight variation in the title. In this case, the content of the two should be merged and one deleted.
  • The article is not about Pikmin or Pikipedia.
  • The article is no longer needed (applies particularly to depreciated templates and categories).
  • It is too in-depth, so much so that it can only contain a short paragraph about the topic.
  • All information is represented on other pages. There are certain exceptions where repetition of content may be useful, such as Easter eggs.

Deletion process[edit]

Pages should only be deleted once there is consensus to do so. Administrators and bureaucrats have the ability to delete most pages, while patrollers can only delete some pages. Once a page is deleted, it and the edits to it will no longer be visible to anyone except administrators and bureaucrats. In rare cases, pages can be undeleted, but deleted files cannot be recovered.

In some cases, it may be preferable to turn a page into a redirect instead of deleting it. If it is decided to merge a page's content into another page, the now-unnecessary page can be made to redirect to the other page, such that links and searches for the page direct readers to the new page. Any user can turn an article into a redirect, though this should only be done once there is consensus to do so.

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