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Staff members are users that work just like any regular editor, but are trusted by the community to keep the wiki in tip-top shape. For this purpose, they have access to special tools and powers. The following policies pertain to how the wiki's staff team works.

List of staff

Staff member Staff level
Espyo (talk, contribs) Bureaucrat
Soprano (talk, contribs) Administrator
Midnight blue (talk, contribs) Patroller
Bossclips (talk, contribs) Patroller
Gulliblepikmin (talk, contribs) Patroller
SupremeKirb (talk, contribs) Patroller
PopitTart (talk, contribs) Patroller
Porplemontage (talk, contribs) Developer

See Help:Group rights for a description of each staff level.

Staff mindset


Pikipedia documents a lot of things about the Pikmin franchise, and usually goes fairly in-depth. Above all, even when Pikipedia is lacking in quantity, it's practically always precise. This is something readers have come to appreciate and expect from the wiki, and is easily one of Pikipedia's most amazing strengths. Staff members have the duty to maintain the wiki such that this continues to be true. For that, it's important to keep misinformation at bay using the tools at our disposal.

This page aims to guide staff members so that we can all maximize the wiki's quality.


Any good staff member should familiarize themselves with the wiki's policies and guidelines. This doesn't mean you must commit them to memory entirely! But it is important to know which ones exist, and the way they work, to have a better picture of what things Pikipedia should and shouldn't have. For the details, you can just go and re-read the policies and guidelines pages whenever necessary anyway.


Act with passion

As a staff member, you represent the wiki, and it is your duty to uphold the wiki's reputation and quality. So above all else, you should always try to not make mistakes. But of course mistakes still can happen. Staff are only human, and if you're treating Pikipedia like a job, that'll just cause unnecessary stress. You should relax, enjoy editing as you always have, and not take the task too seriously. Just remember that you should try to have a passion for making sure the wiki is free from problems, that's all.

Act kindly

When dealing with users, be sure to be kind, assume good faith, and be clear and objective. Don't let your emotions get in the way of doing the right thing, especially when faced with hostility.

Act for the wiki, not for yourself

Being a staff member does not mean you are more valuable than other humans. During disputes, you will have your opinion just the same way other users will have theirs. You are not allowed to use your status as a staff member to unfairly leverage your opinion. When other users are discussing their ideas, be respectful and mindful of their points of view.

That said, staff members are trusted to make the best decisions for the wiki's future. If there is somebody that has to make the final call for a decision, it's a staff member.

Staff guidebook

See: Help:Staff guidebook

Adding and promoting staff members

Users who wish to become staff members can go to Pikipedia:Proposals. The requirements are listed below.

Once that happens, wiki editors can discuss and vote on the request. It is not enough to state the vote; some reasoning has to be added too. Only staff member votes will count, since staff members have unique insight on what makes for good staff material, but standard users can and should share their thoughts too, which every staff member should heavily take into account for their decision. If enough support is achieved, the user gets added as a Pikipedia staff member. If there are any objections or concerns, they can be talked about. If the objections still persist, the request is denied, and can be re-attempted after one month has passed.

The same policy applies to promoting staff members to higher positions.

Users can also propose a staff promotion on behalf of a different user, but the motion will only go through if the person in question expresses that they accept.


In order to become a staff member, a user needs to fulfill the following requirements:

  • They must have been editing the wiki for 2 months.
  • They must have at least 200 edits.
  • They must describe why the wiki would want them to be staff (and not why they would like to be staff).
  • They must be on board with the policies and guidelines, and the mentality that a staff member should have.

Not everyone is cut out to be a staff member on a wiki. Somebody who is popular in the fanbase could be well-liked for reasons that have nothing to do with the skillset required for being a staff member. When proposing to join the team, any and all users are considered on equal footing, regardless of popularity.

Demoting staff members

Any staff member can choose to step down at any moment. The effects are to take place as soon as a higher staff member is able to make the necessary changes.

A demotion of a specific staff member can be proposed by another user in Pikipedia:Proposals. The consensus process is the same as for a promotion.

Steps afterwards

After adding, promoting, or demoting a staff member, the following steps should be taken: