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Pikipedia is...

A professional encyclopedia about Pikmin

One of Pikipedia's greatest strengths is how factual and organized it is in documenting the Pikmin series. Carelessness and disorganization are not welcome here.

With proper structuring, reading and editing become nice, predictable experiences. The design is made such that readers and editors can find what they want easily. Information is organized such that mistakes are minimized, and performance is optimized.

For the community

Despite its outward rigid approach to professionalism, Pikipedia is still a community made by Pikmin fans, and made for Pikmin fans. One of Pikipedia's goals is to serve the community, and this is achieved by:

  • Helping newcomers to the series with guides.
  • Giving chatterboxes a place to talk in the forums and Discord server.
  • Providing everyone with a comfortable, drama-free reading experience by focusing strongly on being organized and factual.
  • Offering casual info like fun facts and news.
  • Engaging in social media.
  • Being stylized with cozy Pikmin vibes, without sacrificing professionalism.
  • Absolute buffoonery for the likes of April Fool's Day.


Being a byproduct of humans, Pikipedia is doomed to always be imperfect, like anything else. There is no trying to hide it, and readers and editors should always employ judgement when using the wiki. This also means you should not take the wiki as some unapproachable, unfailing, godly monolith.

Pikipedia is not...

A social network

While users can create elaborate profiles on their user pages, this doesn't mean they should use the wiki as an advertisement platform, or as their own personal webpage. Pikipedia is also not a place for casual conversations. Try the Discord server instead.

An asset repository

Pikipedia has a number of textures and screenshots from the games, but they are only here under the premise of fair use: they serve educational or archival purposes. One should not upload files just because they can, as it could lead to serious copyright problems.

For fan ideas

While very basic speculation, that is heavily founded in facts, can be included in the wiki in places where it is relevant (so long as it's agreed upon by the majority of the fanbase), fan ideas and creations should not go here.

Instead, check out Pikmin Fanon.

For technical depth

Pikipedia contains some technical data about some subjects, in the hopes that knowing those data will help readers and players get a better sense of specific aspects of that subject. But Pikipedia should not be used for deep technical information.

Instead, check out the Pikmin Technical Knowledge Base.


Despite sharing 88% of the name, Pikipedia is not Wikipedia. Other than the obvious fact that the former focuses on the Pikmin series, and the latter on all broad real-world subjects, it is also worth noting that policies, guidelines, and approaches that are used on Wikipedia don't necessarily work for Pikipedia. You should familiarize yourself with Pikipedia's own policies and guidelines.

For piracy and adjacent topics

Discussing piracy is completely forbidden on Pikipedia. The use of emulators is allowed, and sometimes encouraged in order to get unique insight on some subjects, but anything pertaining to obtaining the games in ways that are not legal is not allowed.

Similarly, game mods, while not necessarily illegal, are not allowed on Pikipedia. The same also applies to leaks of official information or content that is meant to be revealed at a later date.


Pikipedia is not an official wiki. Nintendo and the Pikmin development teams and shareholders are not affiliated with Pikipedia. As such, keep in mind that Pikipedia's goals will be more inclined to serve the community than the franchise proper. In addition, judgement should be taken when browsing the wiki, since all of the information therein is taken from observing and playing the games, not from an official source.

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