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Artwork of the bomb rock.

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Cold air forms in some particularly icy caves in Pikmin 4. While it is present, the borders of the camera will be partially frozen, and all non-Ice Pikmin that are not on Oatchi's back or near a source of fire will occasionally drop what they are doing and shiver, putting them at risk of attracting enemy attention, becoming separated from the leader, and interrupting treasure while it is being carried. Hydro jelly and bodies of water will always be frozen in cold rooms.

In many caves, the source of the low ambient temperature are blocks of dry ice'. These are small obstacles spread across the cave floor, and all blocks must be destroyed in order to remove the cold air from the room. Blocks of dry ice can be destroyed by being attacked by Ice Pikmin, blown up by a bomb rock, coming into contact with a fire starter, or being Rushed by Oatchi only if he has the Thermal Defence equipped. Some caves, however, are cold without the presence of dry ice, and these caves may never be permanently warmed. However, non-Ice Pikmin may work unhindered by the cold if they are in rooms containing lit bonfire altars.



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