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Hocotate Freight

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The logo for Hocotate Freight in the Pikmin 2 Opening Cinema.
Hocotate Freight's logo in all non-Japanese versions.

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Hocotate Freight (ホコタテ運送?) is a "long-haul, deep-space shipping company" that Captain Olimar works for, based on the planet Hocotate. It's located in a remote countryside somewhere in the southern hemisphere of Hocotate. The President and his wife lead the company, and its only known employees are Olimar and Louie. The company also owns two ships, the S.S. Dolphin and the Hocotate ship.

In some pieces of mail, the President's wife claims that she is the real boss of the company and that she does all the hard work.[1][2]


Hocotate Freight had no known financial difficulties until Louie lost his cargo of golden Pikpik carrots, reportedly to a space bunny, while Olimar was stranded on PNF-404 trying to rebuild his spaceship, forcing Hocotate Freight to sell most of its possessions and take out a huge loan. Hocotate Freight sells Olimar's S.S. Dolphin to pay for the debt while he is away, but this still leaves them with a debt of 10,100 Pokos to repay.

As soon as Olimar returns from the planet of the Pikmin, he is informed of the situation by the President of Hocotate Freight, and of his ship, the S.S. Dolphin, being sold; it is confiscated as he arrives. In shock, Olimar drops the bottle cap he has been holding, which was meant as a souvenir for his son. It rolls to the ground, causing the sensors of an old ship behind the President to go wild. The Hocotate ship proceeds to announce that the bottle cap is worth 100 Pokos, after which the President orders Olimar to go back to the Pikmin planet with Louie to find enough treasure to cover the now 10,000-Poko debt.

With the debt repaid, the Hocotate ship is painted in a gold-colored material, and the President replaces Louie on the adventure to find the remaining treasures. Over time, the company starts turning around thanks to the President's wife,[3] until it eventually opens for business once more when all treasures are collected.[4]

After Pikmin 2, Hocotate Freight goes into debt once more following a failed business venture by the President,[5][6] forcing Olimar and Louie to return to PNF-404 and gather even more treasure during Pikmin 3. The duo goes missing, and Alph, Britanny and Captain Charlie on an unrelated mission later find the Hocotate ship wrecked and lacking its gold paint near the Quaggled Mireclops' arena.

The Koppaite trio succeeds in rescuing Olimar and Louie, but upon their return to Hocotate, the President chastises his employees for leaving the company's ship behind. This leads to Olimar's Comeback, in which the duo goes on a fourth trip to the planet to repair the Hocotate ship.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese ホコタテ運送?
Hokotate unsou
Hocotate Shipping
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
荷克塔特運輸 Hocotate Transport
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Hocotate Transport Hocotate Transport
Flag of France French (NoE) Hocatate Fret Hocotate Freight
Flag of Germany German Hocotate Freight Hocotate Freight
Flag of Italy Italian Hocotate Transporti Hocotate Transports
Flag of South Korea Korean 호코타테 운송
hokotate unsong
Hocotate Transportation
Flag of Spain Spanish Hocotate, S. L. Hocotate, Limited Society (Sociedad Limitada)

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