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Quaggled Mireclops

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Quaggled Mireclops Icon used to represent the enemy on the wiki.
Quaggled mireclops.png
Appears in Pikmin 3
Scientific name Unknown
Family Unknown
Areas Garden of Hope
Collect treasure! levels None
Battle enemies! levels None
Bingo Battle levels None
Attacks Drown, eat and crush Pikmin

The Quaggled Mireclops (ヌマアラシ?, lit.: "Swamp Storm") is a boss in Pikmin 3, and is the fifth major boss encountered in story mode. It is first seen by Louie, who tries to escape the Koppaites after they capture him. He is then swallowed by the creature along with a Wayward Moon he found, and both get spit out when the explorers defeat it.

The enemy resembles a massive chunk of land (complete with plant life growing on it) that is supported by three enormous hooved legs, making it a tripedal creature. It walks around much like creatures from the arachnorb family. When first found, the boss' only vulnerable part – its plant-like bulb near its teapot-like mouth – is encased in a crystal (called a "Mireclops crystal"), which must be broken by Rock Pikmin. When the boss stomps on the muddy terrain that makes up its entire arena, it leaves a depression that is filled with water, presenting the threat of drowning to any non-Blue Pikmin.

This is the first ever Pikmin enemy whose remains become a permanent part of the environment after death. If the player returns to its arena the following day after the creature has been killed, a garden of assorted Pellet Posies will be found growing on its body. This will also become the only area in story mode where the player can encounter Red Spectralids. Some of the pellets may appear in abnormal colors.


Weight Max.
Seeds Value Health
20 40 (normally) 50 N/A 8000


Pikmin 3 Prima Guide[edit]

The Quaggled Mireclops is located in the Garden of Hope. When you encounter this creature, throw Rock Pikmin at it Mireclops Crystal until the creature wakes up.

Once active, the Quaggled Mireclops creature stomps around its enclosure, creating pools of water in the soft mud. Use your Blue Pikmin to attack one of the creature's feet until the Quaggled Mireclops collapses. When it does, use your Rock Pikmin to destroy the Mireclops Crystal and expose the enemy's spike-covered bulb. Although the Mireclops is vulnerable from this position, it's not helpless. When the creature sweeps its giant tongue around the area, make sure all of your Pikmin are safely out of its path.

When the Quaggled Mireclops recovers, use your Blue Pikmin to attack one of its feet. Once the creature collapses, use your Blue Pikmin (and/or Winged Pikmin) to attack the Quaggled Mireclops' spiked bulb. Repeat the process until you defeat the creature.

The Quaggled Mireclops grows more aggressive as the battle progresses take care to keep your Pikmin safe as the creature charges around the enclosure.

Defeat Bosses![edit]

The Quaggled Mireclops can be refought in Defeat Bosses!, where the player is given 15 minutes to defeat it. The arena's only exit is blocked by a "keep out" sign. The player starts off with 30 Blue Pikmin and 20 Rock Pikmin, and can find additional Pikmin buried around the Quaggled Mireclops: 10 Red Pikmin, 20 Blue Pikmin and 10 Rock Pikmin.

The following table lists what medal the player gets according to the time they take:[1]

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
10:00 - 8:01 8:00 - 6:01 6:00 - 4:01 4:00 - 0:00

These are the world records for the challenge, as obtained from the in-game global rankings feature. The following scores were retrieved on December 9th, 2015.

  • Solo: 0:41
  • Co-op: 0:46


The central bulb, made vulnerable after destroying the crystal.

The following article or section contains guides.
The strategies presented may not be the only ones or the best ones.


The Quaggled Mireclops has very few attacks, but has many different ways of executing them:

  • As stated above, it will stomp around the arena, leaving holes in the ground filled with water. This poses a threat to non-Blue Pikmin, on top of being able to crush Pikmin.
  • After being attacked, it will lash out its bizarre tongue, with which it can eat many Pikmin at a time. Be sure to avoid it. Leaders can also be swallowed, but the Mireclops will quickly spit them out.
  • If any leaders or Pikmin are on the Mireclops as it stands up, the Mireclops will tilt over, knocking all of them off.

After destroying the Mireclops crystal, it will have a few new, more devastating attacks:

  • The Mireclops may quickly run across the arena, leaving many pools in the ground, as well as quickly crushing any Pikmin.
  • The Mireclops may suddenly fall to the ground, crushing anything underneath its body. It is the only attack that is known to easily kill a full squad in one execution, leaders included.
  • The Mireclops may drop to the ground and move forwards, flopping on the ground as it advances. This attack can be devastating should the squad be too close to the boss when it performs this attack.

Regular strategy[edit]

At first, this creature will be submerged underground with only the top of its body exposed, encased in crystal. It will not move until the crystal is damaged enough to release one of its eyes; at that point, it will rise out of the ground and begin stomping around. At this point, its large, fleshy "hooves" are its main weak point. Throw Pikmin at the hooves and they will attack them, causing them to turn red. When one becomes bright red, the colossal creature will collapse onto the ground and become stunned. During this time, the top of the creature will be accessible, so use your Rock Pikmin to finish breaking the crystal on top. It is recommended to swarm it with as many Rock Pikmin as possible before it has a chance to extend its tongue.

After it breaks, the beast's vulnerable bulb will be exposed. Continue the process of attacking the creature's hooves and then its bulb to defeat it. Note that standing on top of the creature will cause it to retaliate by spinning its massive tongue in a circle to eat many Pikmin at once. It is recommended to use most of your Blue Pikmin combined with the ultra-spicy spray at this stage in the battle, since they cannot be drowned in the water, or Winged Pikmin to attack the bulb when it rises up off the muddy terrain it is fought in. As it loses health, it will begin to charge faster and more aggressively and will also slam its body into the ground, crushing and/or drowning any Pikmin underneath it. In addition, it will perform its tongue spin twice in a row, with the second spin rotating at a higher speed.

An effective strategy is to, after waking up the Mireclops, head near the entrance of the arena and split up the leaders. Have one hold 10 Rock Pikmin and a large number of Red Pikmin, and give another a large number of Blue Pikmin. Have the leader with the Blue Pikmin work on stunning the creature, and once it's stunned, send in the leader with the Rock and Red Pikmin. Break the crystal with the Rock Pikmin and when it's stunned for the rest of the battle, use Red Pikmin on the bulb. When you see the base of the Mireclops start to rotate, throw a few extra Pikmin on the bulb and retreat, as they will get in extra damage while it attempts to lick up your Pikmin. Once it gets back up, have the Red and Rock Pikmin leader retreat, and repeat until it dies.

Expert strategy[edit]

Winged Pikmin are especially useful for this boss. It is advised to bring in 50 Winged Pikmin and 30 Rock Pikmin. Once it has been awakened, use an ultra-spicy spray (if you only have one, you're better off saving it for later) and order the Pikmin to attack a foot as soon as it touches down. Proceed to the crystal and quickly mob it with Rock Pikmin. It should break, and then the next phase of the fight will begin.

Now have one leader go outside of the arena with the Rock Pikmin, as they are no longer needed for the fight. Again, use an ultra-spicy spray and attack a foot as soon as it touches down. Beware of the Mireclops's new attack, where it rapidly moves across the arena. Once it calms down, throw a few Winged Pikmin onto the bulb. This will cause the boss to shake them off and trigger its tongue attack. During this time, run around the boss' body, throwing a few more Winged Pikmin onto it. After the tongue has made it about half way around its body, swarm all of your spiced-up Winged Pikmin at the bulb. Since the tongue will be preparing to go into its "retraction" animation, the boss will be unable to shake off Pikmin. If done right, the boss' health will immediately drain completely and it will be dead in a single attack. This tactic can be used to defeat the boss in under one minute. An easier way that is just as fast is to charge when its tongue is 50% through, call back when at half health, then charge again when it hiccups. This is possible with all types except Rock Pikmin, but Winged Pikmin make this way easier.

Technical information[edit]


Pikmin 3 technical information (?)
Internal name shima
HP 8000
Rock Pikmin throw hits to kill 400
White Pikmin ingestions to kill 0
Bomb rock explosions to kill 0
Bomb rock ingestions to kill 0
Number of direct hits on top to kill 0
Damage to leaders 10
Territory radius 0
Mission Mode value 0


Pikmin 3 technical information (?)
Internal name shimafruit
HP 1
Rock Pikmin throw hits to kill 0
White Pikmin ingestions to kill 0
Bomb rock explosions to kill 0
Bomb rock ingestions to kill 0
Number of direct hits on top to kill 0
Damage to leaders 10
Territory radius 0
Mission Mode value 0

Other information[edit]

In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit]

The Quaggled Mireclops makes an appearance in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U as a trophy.

QuaggledMireclopsTrophySSBU.png US version US description:
A gigantic creature that appears in Pikmin 3. It's so large that it has often been mistaken for a forest. It's pretty docile until its crystal head is attacked, at which point it goes on a rampage! It'll lose its balance if the hooves are attacked. Be careful though—it likes to slurp up Pikmin with its tongue.
Appears in:
Wii U icon.png Pikmin 3 (08/2013)
European version EU description:
Making its debut in Pikmin 3, this creature is so large that it's almost like a walking forest. It's pretty docile until its crystal head is attacked, at which point it goes on a rampage! Damaging its hooves can throw it off-balance, leaving it open to attack. Just remember to stay well away from its Pikmin-slurping tongue!
Related Games
Wii U icon.png Pikmin 3 (07/2013)
How to obtain: Random appearance. Type: Series Related Trophy Box: 61. Distant Planet & Indigenous Creatures


The Quaggled Mireclops name is a play on "quagmire", a type of swamp marked by soft ground that yields when stepped on (such as the Mireclops's arena). The second word is also a play on cyclops, referring to its lone, huge eye. Its Japanese name is ヌマアラシ?, which translates to "Swamp Storm". Internally, the creature is called shima, or しま? (lit.: "island"). The internal name for the eye bulb is shimafruit.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese ヌマアラシ?
Numa Arashi
Swamp Storm
Flag of France.svg French Paludambule Paludambulist
Flag of Germany.svg German Schlammstampfer Mud Stomper
Flag of Mexico.svg Spanish (NoA) Islote zancudo Leggy islet
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish (NoE) Islote zancudo Leggy islet



  • The Quaggled Mireclops is the largest known creature in the Pikmin series, also making it the largest boss, in striking contrast to the previous boss, the Scornet Maestro, which is the smallest boss.
  • The Quaggled Mireclops is one of three bosses which require a certain type of Pikmin to defeat. The others are the Goolix and the Waterwraith.
  • The Quaggled Mireclops is one of the only three creatures in the "Pikmin" series that have plants growing on their bodies, the others being the Emperor Bulblax and the Flatterchuck.
  • The Quaggled Mireclops is the second tripedal creature in the Pikmin series, the first being the Skeeterskate.
  • The Quaggled Mireclops is the only known creature in the "Pikmin" series that has three eyes.

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  1. ^ The values in the Prima Guide are incorrect. These are the values used in the game's files, as per content/CMCmn/system/mission_set/miset_misBoss5.szs/misBoss5.txt:
    # RuleData
    	# BeatBossMission version
    	# CID
    	# GradeTime
    	4 1 # プラチナ
    	6 1 # 金
    	8 1 # 銀
    	10 1 # 銅

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