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An example of the counter glitch, one of the most well-known glitches in Pikmin.
"Bug" redirects here. For creatures in the series, see enemy.

Glitches (or bugs) are oversights in the making of a game that are caused by unexpected actions the developers didn't think of and lead to unexpected results. Glitches are exclusively a flaw of the game's software. These can be triggered by the player accidentally or on purpose, and can be beneficial, harmful or harmless. Some glitches are abused in order to successfully complete otherwise impossible challenge runs.

There are six articles on this wiki that list glitches in Pikmin games, organized by game:

In addition, there are other pages that go into more detail on certain kinds of glitches:

  • Path oversights details glitches involving the paths Pikmin and leaders take when carrying and following the Go Here! command.
  • Out of bounds details glitches that allow players to access sections of areas not intended to be accessed.
  • Sequence break details glitches that allow tasks to be done out of order or parts of the game to be skipped.
  • Crash details glitches that can cause the game to crash.

It is recommended that you read the glitch notes before attempting any of these glitches, or before adding your own.

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