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Out of bounds

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In the Pikmin games, it is possible to use exploits or glitches to go out of bounds. Having a leader or Pikmin outside of the normal area boundaries allows players to take shortcuts, reaching certain points before they're intended to, or to go to places they're never intended to reach.

Below is a list of places where it is possible to go out of bounds.


On the ramp in The Distant Spring near the UV Lamp, it is possible for Olimar to go out of bounds by getting pushed by a Spotty Bulbear. The player must awaken the Bulbear, go about halfway up the ramp, while the Bulbear goes to the side of it. The Bulbear will try to bite Olimar, and assuming that Olimar and the Bulbear are facing the same direction, Olimar should be pushed out of bounds. This glitch is usually used in speedruns, as a faster way to collect the Chronos Reactor.

One can do a similar feat in The Forest of Hope in Challenge Mode, by going to where the Shock Absorber is in story mode. There, the player can wake up the Bulbear, and have it shove Olimar down below the stage, where he will respawn out of bounds. This is done by going to the wall, lying down and having the Bulbear lunge. Sometimes, the Bulbear will push Olimar underground, to where he will respawn on a normally inaccessible ledge. From there, the player can walk all the way around the area, while removing Olimar’s collision detectors on some objects. Using this, one can also enter areas where they normally can't, until a gate has been destroyed. However, with no Pikmin in Olimar's party, he can become trapped behind these walls.

In The Distant Spring, in Challenge Mode, go to where the Chronos Reactor is in Story Mode. There will be a Yellow Wollywog next to the Pearly Clamclamp. Lure the Wollywog over to the hole in the east wall, where a second one can be found close by. If positioned correctly, both Wollywogs will try to jump on you. Lie down next to the wall, and if done correctly, Olimar will clip on top of the wall. Staying on the wall, have one Wollywog follow you over to the place where the Chronos Reactor is in Story Mode. Being careful not to fall off the wall, you can lure the Wollywog up on top of the wall with you. Lure it to the invisible wall where the Reactor lies. Lie down and have the Wollywog jump on you, and if done correctly, Olimar will be pushed past the wall, with no way to get back in bounds. He will start walking automatically into the abyss, with no way to change his direction. The Distant Spring will fade into the background as Olimar soon passes the skybox and is surrounded in nothingness.

Olimar can also be pushed by Bulbears through the tree stumps in The Distant Spring.[1]

In The Final Trial, one can get a Pikmin to drop a bomb rock near the water at the easternmost wall, and then lie down next to it to go up the wall, skipping the bridges entirely.[2]

Pikmin 2[edit]

In Pikmin 2, there are several ways for one to go out of bounds. The effect of these exploits varies by location.

One method of getting out of bounds uses the boulder jump glitch. When a leader lies down, they make a small bounce. If they collide with an Armored Cannon Larva or Decorated Cannon Beetle rock, or a falling boulder, then they will bounce high in the air, and potentially land out of bounds.

Another method involves going near a sloped wall that one wants to go out of bounds on, and making the leader lie down. A Pikmin will automatically pick the leader up, and with some walls, and some Pikmin types, the Pikmin will carry him up the wall.

A leader can also clip into the ground using the seesaw glitch, and end up appearing out of bounds.

In garden-type sublevels of caves, a glitch can be used to get over the boundary wall.

Pikmin 3[edit]

In Pikmin 3, going out of bounds is often done by throwing a leader in a certain location, such as on top of a dirt mound, or by wedging on the side of certain edges, as in the Yellow Onion cave in Distant Tundra. Another way is to use a technique that makes use of wedging into a corner, getting a leader into the scenery, and whistling and dismissing. The final way is by the dodging, by using it to get from an elevated place to out of bounds. An example of this would be on the ice slide in Distant Tundra.

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Story mode[edit]

Tropical Wilds
  • Sandbelching Meerslug arena: It is possible to get out of bounds in the Sandbelching Meerslug arena. First, wait for the boss to surface, but make sure it does so near the edge of the arena. Then, climb onto the mound it makes and throw a leader to the sand outside of the arena.
Garden of Hope
  • Pathway to Brittany: On the pathway to the Rock Onion Brittany must go up the slope with the Sunseed Berry next to it and face the location of the Red Bulborb. The player should see a rock, and then throw a leader on top of it. This will allow the player to get out of bounds.
  • Brittany’s crash site: Go to the bucket where Brittany is found and simply throw a leader towards the landing site.
  • Bug-Eyed Crawmad cave entrance: In the northern corridor to the cave with elevator platforms and a Bug-Eyed Crawmad, there is a way to get to the high grounds. To do this, you need to bring at least two leaders to the top of the slope leading to the entrance. You can then throw a leader on top of the southern wall of the path. You can breifly roam around here, but there is a wooden fence blocking you. If you get two leaders up there, you can throw one on top of the electric gate, and then walk around the fence and proceed forward, up to the tall flower pot with the 5 Pellet Posy.
  • Bug-Eyed Crawmad cave: In the area mentioned before with a Bug-Eyed Crawmad, there are some ways to get to the higher stone surrounding it. One way is by bringing at least two leaders close to the northern cave entrance, before the ramp starts. From here you can throw a leader to the southern wall. Another way you can go out of bounds is by standing at the corner of the gap with the northern elevator platform. If you throw a leader at the wall from this point, they can land on top of the wall. This allows you to move freely across the borders of the cave. If you throw two leaders up there, you can even end up on the cinder-block separating the platforms, by throwing a leader there.
  • Near the Lesser Mock Bottom: In the small area where a Lesser Mock Bottom can be found attached to a Flukeweed. Normally, only one leader can be there at a time, as two are needed to go on the China pot, and another to actually get there. However, if a leader continously walks towards a wedge in the wall, they will eventually move up the slope and arrive there. This can allow up to three leaders to be in the section at once. If another leader is thrown, they can end up into higher ground that is normally inaccessible. The player can then roam around the rim of much of the southern half of the area. After moving around a fence near the entrance to the Quaggled Mireclops arena, an invisible wall will block any leaders from venturing forward. By walking into it, they can eventually clip through a nearby cinderblock. The player can then fall onto the entrance to the arena, but strangely another invisible wall will block the players path.[3]
  • Quaggled Mireclops arena entrance: By preforming the out of bounds glitch near the Lesser Mock Bottom stated before, the player can take advantage of the invisible wall and end up to the high ground surrounding the path. The player must continuously wege themself where the invisible wall touches the side of the path. They will slowly move upward, and then can end up out of bounds. The player can barely moved anywhere from here though, because they are blocked by more invisible walls.[3]
  • Quaggled Mireclops arena: There is a way that the player can go out of bounds in the arena where the Quaggled Mireclops fight takes place. The player must be in the part of the arena farthest away from the entrance, and near the damaged hocotate ship. There is a slight divot in the wall, just low enough so a leader can be thrown on it, allowing them to explore the outer rim of the arena. They can venture even higher by throwing up another leader.[3]
Distant Tundra
  • Yellow Pikmin cave: In the cave where you discover the Yellow Onion in Distant Tundra, there are multiple ways you can glitch on top of the walls of the cave. The first way you can do this by making a leader hold a Pikmin or other leader as if they are about to throw it. You then have to force them into the wedge next to the iron ball. If done properly, the leader will be able to walk around the slide, and onto the sides of the cave. This allows access to the Shaggy Long Legs arena, which you normally can't get to without 3 leaders. The second way you can do this, is by throwing another leader onto the edge of the slide. If done with great precision they will not slip down the slide, and can walk out of bounds. The third way you can do this is by throwing a leader onto the can where you find a yellow 5 pellet. You have to stand on the slope leading to the Onion, and throw a leader onto the can. Warning: If the player fights the Shaggy Long Legs and has less than 20 Pikmin afterwards, the iron ball cannot be pushed, causing the player to not be able to progress in further in the game.
  • Next to bamboo gate: In the Distant Tundra, next to the bamboo gate blocking the path to the Shaggy Long Legs arena, you can go out of bounds. To do this, reach the protruding area next to the gate where you find a Face Wrinkler. From here, throw a leader to the high area right next to the gate. The leader can end up there, and now can traverse out of bounds.
Twilight River
  • Above the branch at the end of the river: At the dead end branch at the end of the river carrying lily pads, there is a way to go out of bounds. To do this you need three leaders. First you have to throw a leader on top of the bricks, and walk to the middle of the branch. There is a slightly higher part facing the river. From there, you can throw a leader up to the walls of the area, where you normally can't go.
Formidable Oak
  • Formidable Oak backwards: See here.

Mission Mode[edit]

Thirsty Desert
  • Near the ledge: In the slightly higher area with Red Pikmin that's near the SPERO in the Collect Treasure variant, the player can go out of bounds. To do this, at least two leaders must be thrown to the ledge. By going right at the side of the ledge, a leader can be thrown onto the rim of the stage. Two leaders can even be thrown out of bounds because another can be forced onto the platform by wedging themselves upwards. By throwing leaders past invisible walls, the entire brim of the stage can be explored.[3]
The Rustyard
  • The western part of the river: If the player walks into a small wedge between the side of the river and a rock, then they can eventually move upwards and out of bounds, on the other side of the cinder-block.[3]

Bingo Battle[edit]

Rusted Labyrinth
  • On the tube: A description of the glitch can be found here.

Hey! Pikmin[edit]

Being a sidescroller, Hey! Pikmin has fewer opportunities for going out of bounds, but it can be done in some places.

Brilliant Garden

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