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Glitches in Pikmin Bloom

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This is a collection of glitches possible in Pikmin Bloom.

Please read the glitch notes before attempting any of these glitches or before adding your own.


Rich text name[edit]

Reproducibility Consequences Versions
High Depends At least 34.2
  • Effects: Makes a Pikmin's name appear with rich text in some screens, like when the Pikmin is focused on in the garden, or when viewing the Pikmin's details.
  • Prerequisites: Have a Pikmin.
  • How to: Choose a Pikmin and rename it. In the name, write some text inside of Unity rich text tags. The following tags work, with examples included:
    • <b>bold</b>
    • <i>italics</i>
    • <size=123>larger font size</size>
    • <color=#0055AAFF>blue text</color>
  • Notes: The text will appear raw when tapping the Pikmin in the garden, or when renaming it, so it is possible to read the Unity rich text tags then. It is possible to have multiple tags in the same text. Different screens show the name in different font sizes, but the font size tag forces it to stay at a certain size. If the chosen font size is too big, the text won't appear. The alpha component (the last two digits) of the color is optional. Besides HTML hex color codes, it is also possible to write the names of some colors, like "red" or "cyan".
  • Possible explanation: Pikmin names in those screens support Unity's rich text feature. In particular, the Pikmin details screen writes the Pikmin's name in bold and a larger font size. Instead of being limited to whatever rich text tags the developers specify, the game reads the player's text and parses the tags in it, allowing the player to style the text without limit.


Garden limits[edit]

Reproducibility Consequences Versions Demonstration
Medium Harmless At least 34.2 reddit post
  • Effects: Allows the player to bring a Pikmin around the garden, far away from the starting location, until it reaches the point where the garden is no longer rendered. Before getting to that point, the grass textures become simpler, and the small spikes of grass become more and more sparse until they no longer appear.
  • Prerequisites: Have a Pikmin.
  • How to: Double-tap a Pikmin in the garden to focus on it. Then use one of the methods described later to move the Pikmin forward. Keep doing that until you see the limit of the garden. If you throw the Pikmin beyond the walkable limit, or even beyond the rendered limit, it will reappear as close to its landing location as possible but within the walkable limits of the garden.
    • Movement method 1: hold some nectar away from the Pikmin so it runs after it. Never leave your finger stationary, otherwise the game will stop updating the nectar's position, and the Pikmin will catch up with it, and stop running. This is much easier to do at the top of the screen than any other direction.
    • Movement method 2: swipe your finger, starting at the Pikmin, so that the Pikmin is thrown in that direction. Repeat this as needed. Be careful with your swipes, since if you miss the Pikmin, the game will instead move the camera, but since you're not within the usual camera limits of the garden, it will instead return to near the starting area.
  • Notes: Sometimes the Pikmin will want to run towards the starting area. If this happens, it can become very difficult to handle the Pikmin, as it will run faster the farther it is from the starting area. You can choose a different Pikmin in hopes that one won't want to return.
  • Possible explanation: While there is a limit to how far the camera can go during the standard state of the garden, this limit was not implemented when the player is in the Pikmin focus state.

Tiny Pikmin[edit]

Demonstration of the glitch.
Reproducibility Consequences Versions
Medium Harmless Unknown
  • Effects: Shows parts of a Pikmin in the garden, but very tiny. Other random accessories and textures may also appear.
  • Prerequisites: Have friends.
  • How to: Get a friend to send a postcard, or wait until one does. Once that happens, enter the garden, and take note of where the center of the camera and center of the squad is. Then tap on the Pikmin holding the postcard, and tap again to dismiss the postcard. Zoom in to the spot mentioned before by spreading two fingers outward. If the glitch happened, you will see the postcard Pikmin in small size.
  • Notes: None.
  • Possible explanation: Instead of deleting the Pikmin that handed the postcard, the game keeps it around but hides it, possibly due to some technical limitation. Instead of hiding it outside the player's view, they are simply shrunk to a small size and placed at the presumed origin (coordinates 0,0,0) of the garden. However, the size they are shrunk to is not enough to completely hide from the player's view, especially when zoomed in.

Hard to reproduce[edit]

Glitch Versions Demonstration
A Pikmin can enter a gift box and never come back out. Unknown reddit post
A Pikmin may enter a T-pose. Unknown reddit post
A Pikmin may get stuck in the animation that takes place when it's being lifted, in the garden. Unknown reddit post
Player Miis can have their heads just be a large black shape, and only have the facial features visible. Unknown reddit post
In the Pikmin listing, two Pikmin may overlap on the same spot. Unknown reddit post
A Pikmin with 4 hearts of friendship may bring back a gift, but when the player tries to open it, nothing happens. The only thing that can be done is restarting the app, but doing this makes the gift disappear. Unknown reddit post, 2
When opening the Planter Pack, it may appear rotated, showing the garden behind it. Unknown Image
Pikmin may randomly appear and disappear from random spots, very quickly, in the map screen. Unknown reddit post

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