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Glow sap

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glow sap as seen in pikmin 4
A glow sap from Pikmin 4.

Glow sap is a nectar-like substance produced by Lumiknolls. A Lumiknoll will produce one glow sap after being active for one night. Yonny can synthesize a glow sap unit into a medicine capable of curing Leaflings by using DNA from a "non-leafified" individual of the same species.

Consuming raw glow sap can lead to negative side effects and isn't capable of curing a Leafling. However, it also acts as a preventative against conversion into one, as shown by Yorke and Nelle, who are deposited into an Onion and remain unchanged; Yonny suggests that as long as glow sap is present within the system, it destroys leaves before they can sprout.

Since Lumiknolls can only produce one portion each, glow sap is a finite resource. There is exactly enough glow sap available to cure every Leafling (excluding the Sage Leaf, who chooses to go uncured anyways).



  • Although Oatchi can be cured using a glow sap mixed with viable cell samples from another, non-leafified space-dog, glow sap has zero effect on Moss. This is likely because she was born as a Leafling and thus technically has nothing to cure.
  • Yonny suggests that the reaction to ingesting glow sap differs from person to person. This is likely why the Koppaites (Yorke, Nelle, Don Bergman) and Louie seem to enjoy it, with Louie describing it as "yummy" and "warm and fuzzy", while Dingo becomes sick with a high temperature after consumption.
  • Consumption of large amounts of glow sap appears to increase one's oxygen tolerance.[1]
  • Olimar's notes on the Smoky Progg suggest that when a Mamuta absorbs glow sap, it dramatically affects their reproduction, causing the egg yolk to mutate into a Smoky Progg.[2]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese ヒカリのミツ?
Hikari no mitsu
Nectar of light
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Gloeinectar Glow nectar
Flag of France French (NoE) Nectar luisant Glowing nectar
Flag of Germany German Leuchtsaft Glow juice
Flag of Italy Italian Nettare iridescente Iridescent nectar
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Seiva pirilâmpica Firefly sap
Flag of Spain Spanish (NoE) Néctar luminoso Glowing nectar

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  1. ^ Do you have time to discuss glow sap? I'm curious how it affects those who drink large quantities of the substance. Even someone who has no tolerance for oxygen, like that Hocotatian, can suddenly tolerate the gas in small amounts. – Yonny in the Rescue Command Post
  2. ^ However, by examining the genes adhered to the Smoky Progg's eggs, it has been confirmed that they are, in fact, Mamuta eggs! This discovery allows for the possibility that Mamuta that do not develop properly and hatch become Smoky Proggs. If, hypothetically, a Mamuta were to remain aboveground at night and absorb glow sap, that might impact the nutrient levels within its egg's yolk. That change could lead to the embryo's inviability or break down its enzymes, then...Olimar in his notes about the Smoky Progg