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A render of Yonny taken from a Pikmin Garden coloring page preview.
Name Yonny
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Hair color Green
Home planet Ohri
Known related characters None
Height 2.5 cm (0.97 inches)
First game Pikmin 4
Latest game Pikmin 4
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Yonny (パピヨン?, lit.: "Papillon") is the doctor of the Rescue Corps. He is in charge of night expeditions to gather Glow sap in an effort to cure leaflings.

Personality and appearance[edit]

Yonny is relatively tall with an egg-shaped head, dark skin, and pointy ears. His hair is green and cut in a bowl shape, and he has a small, orangeish nose and black, plus-shaped eyes. He wears a black-banded head mirror over his hair and a Rescue Corps spacesuit.

Yonny enjoys making medicines and observing night expeditions, finding them and the leaflings intriguing and often coming up with speculative theories to explain things related to them. As noted by Shepherd, he also really likes to read. While Yonny acts docile for the most part, he seems to have a more sinister side, stating things that most would be sensitive to as if they were lighthearted facts. According to Shepherd, he also laughs maniacally while developing his medicines. It is implied in many pieces of dialogue that he experiments occasionally on his colleagues and frequently on the Glow Pikmin.


Pikmin Garden bio[edit]




出身星 オーイ星


関係者 ディンゴ(幼なじみ)

趣味 読書、人間観察

夢 新薬の研究


Doctor of the Rescue Corps


Home planet: Ohri

A super doctor with expertise in medicine and pharmacology. He observes the daily activities of the other team members and looks for opportunities to try new medicines in order to eliminate all kinds of diseases and sufferings.

Related persons: Dingo (childhood friend)

Hobbies: reading, observing people

Dreams: researching new medicines


His name alludes to Papillons. This is more obvious in other languages.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese パピヨン?
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
Flag of China Chinese
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Flin From "vlinderhondje" (Papillon)
Flag of France French Yonny -
Flag of Germany German Spanel From "Spaniel“
Flag of Italy Italian Yonny -
Flag of South Korea Korean 파피용
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Pion From "Papillon"
Flag of Spain Spanish Jon From "Papillon"



  • Yonny refers to the player as “new blood”, which means a new and energetic member of a task force.

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