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Gift of Friendship

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Gift of Friendship
Pikmin 4 treasure
Treasure Catalog icon.
Icon for the Gift of Friendship, from Pikmin 4's Treasure Catalog.
Series Modern Amenities Series
Value Icon that represents Sparklium on the wiki, based on the icon found in Pikmin 4. × 80
Weight 12[note 1]
Maximum carriers
Locations Cavern for a King
Dandori Challenge stages None
Dandori Battle stages None
Total amount 1

The Gift of Friendship is a treasure in Pikmin 4. It is a slightly worn-out dog collar with metal spikes surrounding it. There are dog cells on this treasure from its owner, the Ancient Sirehound. These cells are needed to make a cure for Oatchi's leaf tail so that he can leave PNF-404 safely.

Collecting the treasure[edit]

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See also: Ancient Sirehound#Strategy.

The Gift of Friendship is around the neck of the Ancient Sirehound in the center of sublevel 20 of the Cavern for a King. This treasure will be collected automatically in the following cutscene after the battle, so the only thing you must do to collect this treasure is defeat the Ancient Sirehound.


Schnauz's notes[edit]

Dogs have been our dear and most faithful companions since the dawn of civilization. This necklace represents that ancient and honorable bond, both physically and spiritually. A well-worn necklace such as this is the mark of a friendship like no other.

Olimar's notes[edit]

The lovely patina on this piece is evidence of a deep bond between this dog and its companion. A dog never truly forgets their owner, and an owner will remember their dog for life. Eternal truths such as this transcend all times and galaxies.

Louie's notes[edit]

The spikes give it that extra little something. I bet this dog was a comfy form of transport.


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  • When viewed in the Piklopedia, the Ancient Sirehound will always be wearing the Gift of Friendship, meaning it cannot be fought without wearing it.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese キズナの首飾り?
Kizuna no Kubikazari
Collar of Relationship
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
Qiānbàn Xiàngliàn
Binding Necklace
Flag of China Chinese
Qiānbàn Xiàngliàn
Binding Necklace
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Vriendschapscadeau Friendship gift
Flag of France French Collier de l'amitié Collar of friendship
Flag of Germany German Geschenk der Freundschaft Gift of Friendship
Flag of Italy Italian Collana dell'amicizia Necklace of friendship
Flag of South Korea Korean 인연의 목걸이
Inyeon-ui Moggeori
Relationship Necklace
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Consolidador de amor incondicional Consolidator of unconditional love
Flag of Spain Spanish Ornamento de compromiso Ornament of commitment

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  1. ^ This treasure cannot be carried in-game. The weight value is from the Treasure Catalog.