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A render of Dingo taken from a Pikmin Garden coloring page preview.
Name Dingo
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Hair color Red
Home planet Ohri
Known related characters None
Height 2.1 cm (0.83 inches)
First game Pikmin 4
Latest game Pikmin 4

Dingo (ディンゴ?, lit.: "Dingo") is the ranger of the Rescue Corps in Pikmin 4 and from the planet Ohri. He specializes in solo missions and can complete a night expedition, Dandori Challenge, or Dandori Battle (except Leafy Showdown) on the player's behalf if they fail (or exit prematurely from the pause menu), and ask for his help.

Personality and appearance[edit]

Dingo has a triangle-shaped head, light skin, pointy ears, a large pinkish nose, and red hair spiking upwards. His eyes are black with prominent white highlights inside of them and thick, triangular eyebrows set over them. He wears a dark blue headband and a Rescue Corps spacesuit.

Personality-wise, Dingo is direct and unsentimental. He may appear to be uncaring, addressing some of his colleagues by their jobs rather than their names, but his coworkers' perceptions of him do seem to matter to him--for instance, he worries about Bernard being mad at him at multiple points and likes Shepherd enough to become awkward when speaking to her. Dingo is not one to trust people upon meeting them; notable instances of this include his believing that the player is attempting to "pull a fast one on" him when they report that they've fully explored an area and his suspecting Collin to have turned a castaway into a leafling. He isn't a stranger to acknowledging his own mistakes and the efforts of others, however. This is seen when he tries to apologize to Bernard for abandoning him in a cave and when he congratulates the player for rescuing all the castaways, albeit doing the latter under his breath. Shepherd notes that he's quite meticulous and makes sure that even the tiniest scratch on his body is fully healed before heading out.


Pikmin Garden bio[edit]




出身星 オーイ星


関係者 パピヨン(幼なじみ)

趣味 筋トレ

夢 大切な人を護ること


Ranger of the Rescue Corps


Home planet: Ohri

A member who specializes in solo rescue operations. He is patronizing and overbearing, but he also has a pure-hearted and passionate side that makes him dependable in times of need.

Related persons: Yonny (childhood friend)

Hobbies: strength training

Dreams: protecting someone he loves


His name alludes to dingoes. Unlike the rest of the Rescue Corps, Dingo is named after a partly feral breed of dog rather than a fully domesticated one; this may reference the fact that he is a ranger and typically goes on missions by himself instead of associating with the rest of the group.



  • Dingo has a tendency to eat and drink whatever others leave lying around, so much so that Collin has bad dreams about it. This is noted by Yonny after the ranger drinks some glow sap, and it's said that at one point Dingo ate Bernard's pizza as well.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese ディンゴ?
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
Flag of China Chinese
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Dyngo From "dingo"
Flag of France French Wally From "warrigal"
Flag of Germany German Digo From "dingo“
Flag of Italy Italian Dingo -
Flag of South Korea Korean 딩고
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Din From "dingo"
Flag of Spain Spanish Dingo -

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