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Fuel Reservoir

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Fuel Reservoir Treasure Hoard icon.
Artwork of the Fuel Reservoir.
Number 160 (US)

158 (Europe)

Series Mystical Energy Series
Value Poko icon.png × 120
Weight 8
Maximum carriers 15 Pikmin
Location Cavern of Chaos
Challenge Mode levels None

The Fuel Reservoir (きあいバッテリー?, lit.: "Yell Battery") is a treasure found in Pikmin 2. It is located in the seventh sublevel of the Cavern of Chaos. The Fuel Reservoir may be near some airborne Blowhogs and some Cloaking Burrow-nits. Take them out along with the gas pipes so they won't harm the Pikmin as they carry it back to the ship's pod. It is actually a 9-volt Duracell battery. The text on the side reads as follows:

Inserire correttamente. Non ricaricare.
Respecter les polarités + et -. Ne pas
recharger. Auf richtige Polarität achten.
Nicht wiederaufladbar. Connect correctly.
Do not recharge. MADE IN EC
MN1604 6LR61
MAR 2010

The first paragraph details warnings about how the polarity should be respected, and that the battery is not rechargeable. These warnings are written in Italian, French, German and English, in that order.

In the Japanese version, the Omegatron, a National NEO Hi-Top AA battery is found in its place.

In the Switch port, the treasure is an unbranded 9-volt battery.


Olimar's journal

The ship has a lot of self-importance for a machine. Apparently, machines can exhibit human characteristics after all. Perhaps they even have a soul? If this is true, then maybe you can work them into the ground until their spirit is broken and they stop giving you lip... Oh no... I'm turning into the president!

Sales pitch

According to my measurements, almost no energy should remain within... yet some does. The energy one can draw from matter has a limit, but the energy of the heart is endless. Perhaps that is the case here. This proves that machines have will and determination!


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning Notes
Flag of Japan Japanese きあいバッテリー?
Kiai Batterī
Yell Battery
Flag of France French Réservoir d'Energie Energy Reservoir
Flag of Germany German Treibstoffbehälter Fuel Container Written "Treibstoff-behälter" in-game.
Flag of Italy Italian Scorta combustibile Combustible Stockpile
Flag of Spain Spanish Depósito de combustible Fuel deposit