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The first crystal found in Pikmin 3, in the Distant Tundra.

Crystals are obstacles that appear in Pikmin 3 and Hey! Pikmin. Although there are several objects made of crystal-like materials in the game, the standard crystal obstacle is a see-through rock. Crystals can contain objects inside, like fragments, pellets, and also fruits, but their main purpose is to serve as blockades. Despite there being different types of crystal-related objects, all of them need Rock Pikmin or bomb-rocks to be broken – other Pikmin types will just tap away, only to give up after a bit.

Large crystal[edit]

Three gray pellets inside a large crystal.

In Pikmin 3, large crystals are relatively big crystals. This the most common type of crystal; it appears in every area, except the Tropical Wilds. By throwing 10 Rock Pikmin at them, they will break. They can contain fruit, fragments, data files, and even blobs of ultra-spicy spray in Mission Mode. In addition, the Rock Onion is found in a large crystal.


In Pikmin 3[edit]

  • Garden of Hope
    • There are 3 large crystals in the cave with the Rock Pikmin. One holds a data file, another holds some pellets, and the final holds the Rock Pikmin's Onion.
    • One large crystal is near the red bridge and holds the remaining 20 fragments to the bridge.
    • There are two crystals before both the Armored Mawdad and Quaggled Mireclops, each containing 20 fragments for their respective blue bridges.
    • A large crystal can be found near the Burgeoning Spiderwort in the second half of the area, and it holds a Searing Acidshock.
  • Distant Tundra
    • A large crystal is present in the room where the Yellow Onion is discovered and contains a Disguised Delicacy.
    • Two large crystals are found in the area with the 2 Joustmites and the flower pot. Both are used to create paths to and from the fragments to avoid the Joustmites.
    • The Zest Bomb is encased in a large crystal, and is guarded by an Arctic Cannon Larva on a high ledge.
    • A large crystal is located near the Fiery Blowhog, and holds a data file.
    • There is a large crystal in the area where Charlie crashed. It simply acts as a roadblock so Charlie cannot escape that area, and must be broken if the player wants to take anything in that area back to the Drake.
  • Twilight River
  • Formidable Oak
    • A large crystal blocks off a small area with a pile of 30 red fragments, causing the Pikmin to go around.
    • Another large crystal blocks off the path to the area with the reinforced wall.

In Hey! Pikmin[edit]

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In Hey! Pikmin, large crystals are the most common type of crystals, and can block paths, fall on the player or serve as a slide for Olimar and his Pikmin.

Small crystal[edit]

Two Pikmin in front of a small crystal, which blocks a geyser.

Small crystals are crystals that only need 3 hits from a Rock Pikmin to break. These crystals don't contain major objects, usually just pellets, but they can block geysers.


The following article or section is in need of assistance from someone who plays Pikmin 3.
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Garden of Hope

  • There is a small crystal in the cave where the Rock Pikmin are found, and it contains a gray pellet.

Distant Tundra

Crystal nodule[edit]

Three Red Pikmin trying to break a crystal nodule in Pikmin 3.

Crystal nodules aren't like other crystals: they don't block paths, contains objects or block geysers, but are the main weapon of Skutterchucks. Crystal nodules are very small, white crystals, and only need one single hit from a Rock Pikmin to break. In Pikmin 3, these objects are thrown by Skutterchucks, while in Hey! Pikmin, they are dropped. In Hey! Pikmin, they also aren't found lying around, and are rather obtained when Skutterchucks walk through certain crystals.


Pikmin 3[edit]

  • Garden of Hope: There are 5 crystal nodules near the two Skutterchucks in front of the red bridge that connects the S.S. Drake and the area where Brittany is found.

Hey! Pikmin[edit]

  • Sparkling Labyrinth
    • Springpetal Cave: This is the only area that they are found in in Hey! Pikmin. They are obtained and dropped by several pairs of Skutterchucks that walk around platforms.

Icicle crystal[edit]

In Hey! Pikmin, icicle crystals are crystals that look like icicles. When Olimar and/or his Pikmin approach one of these, the crystals will fall on them, killing or harming the crew. In order to avoid this, the player must trick the crystal into falling and then getting out of its way. This obstacle isn't mentioned by the characters in any way, so its name is conjectural.


Crystal nest[edit]

In Hey! Pikmin, Skutterchucks can take crystal nodules in certain crystals. Those crystals are united together, making some kind of crystal nests. Like all other crystals, they can be destroyed by Rock Pikmin. They're one and a half times taller than Olimar, and he can walk on them, but not through them. Unlike any other crystals in the series, the nest actually displays a health bar when attacked, similar to enemies.


  • Sparkling Labyrinth:
    • Springpetal Cave: This is the only location in the game where Skutterchucks are found, and thus, crystal nests. They are often found on platforms where the Skutterchucks takes a crystal, drops it on the player, and repeats. They do this until the crystal is destroyed.

Other types[edit]

The crystal on the Quaggled Mireclops is referred to as a "Mireclops Crystal" specifically and needs 40 hits from thrown Rock Pikmin to take down. Crystal walls block the way with a crystalline wall. While not given any specific names, the Peckish Aristocrab's claw as well as the shells covering the bodies of the Calcified Crushblat, the Armored Mawdad and the Crystalline Crushblat are all made of a crystal-like material. Finally, the Plasm Wraith can spit out an Elemental Plasm that transforms into a huge crystal cube, which must be broken down bit by bit until it collapses into a pool of plasm.



  • In the E3 2012 demo of Pikmin 3, all crystals were referred to as crystal nodules. In addition, large crystals back then were translucent, while the ones in the final version are roughly opaque.
  • In the Silver Lake Remix, there are two abnormally big large crystals – their size is due to them storing 50 nuggets, which would be too much for a "normal" large crystal. However, it still takes 10 hits from a Rock Pikmin to break, regardless of size.
  • In the Battle enemies! version of Twilight Hollow, a large crystal blocks a geyser; this is the only large crystal in the game to do this, which normally, only small crystals do.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Dutch Kristal Crystal
Flag of France.svg French Cristal Crystal
Flag of Germany.svg German Kristall Crystal
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Cristallo Crystal
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Cristal Crystal

Crystal nodule

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Germany.svg German Kristallbrocken Crystal Chunk
Flag of Mexico.svg Spanish (NoA) Noducristal Portmanteau of "nodulo" (nodule) and "cristal" (crystal)
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish (NoE) Noducristal Portmanteau of "nodulo" (nodule) and "cristal" (crystal)

Large crystal

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Germany.svg German Großer Kristall Large Crystal

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