Crystal Tunnels

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Crystal Tunnels
Sector 3 – Area A
Crystal Tunnels 8.jpg
Treasures 3 (list)
Pikmin available Red Pikmin, Rock Pikmin
Pikmin discovered Rock Pikmin
Requirements Complete The Keeper of the Lake
Next area Echo Cavern (normal exit)
The Hollow Sky (secret exit)

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Crystal Tunnels (すいしょうの どうくつ?) is the first area in the Sparkling Labyrinth sector of Hey! Pikmin. It takes place mostly inside a cave filled with crystals. This is where Rock Pikmin are first found in the game, where they play an important role in destroying crystals in the way. After one of the final drops in the area, the player can break a crystal to the left to access the secret exit, and go to The Hollow Sky, or take the right path to the normal exit, which leads to the Echo Cavern. Crystal Tunnels is the second of the two areas available in the eShop demo.

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Right at the start, there are some dirt blocks that need to be destroyed using the Pikmin hiding in a nearby bush. After digging down, a very light puzzle element is shown, in the form of a pathway that can no longer be accessed if the player destroys too many of the sand blocks. After descending some more, the path splits into two ways. To the left is a small drop, with walls lined with crystals that can be slid off of. At the bottom is a room, with the only exit blocked off by a crystal. Then, in a cutscene, Rock Pikmin on the other side notice the trapped captain, and rush to take out the crystal in the way.

A Bouncy Mushroom is then used to go back up, even though the path is blocked by crystals that get destroyed as the Rock Pikmin bounce on the mushroom. Moving ahead, a Crystalline Crushblat is encountered. The road after that goes forward, but by destroying a crystal that serves as a ramp to get here, a different path can be taken into a hole.

On the other side of this hole is a room with Speargrubs and Bouncy Mushrooms. Rock Pikmin must be thrown at the mushrooms to break a crystal at the top, which allows some more Rock Pikmin to join the crew. Hitting the enemies that walk back and forth will make them stand in place.

Back in the main path, there are more crystals and dirt blocks, and after that, there is a treasure that can only be accessed if the ramp crystal is not destroyed, the Grown-Up Dynamo. Further ahead, there are more block puzzles and enemies, until the second treasure is found, the Attention-Getting Logo.

Further ahead, there are some more Speargrubs that stand between a ledge where Olimar and the Pikmin end up at, and a ledge with the final treasure, the Snack Vault. After some more crystals and enemies, the player comes across a split in the path. If they take the left, there's the pod waiting for Olimar, but if the player takes the right, they can go through a path with more Sparklium, until they reach the pod in a different location. If the player takes the left exit, they will be brought to The Hollow Sky.

For some reason, Rock Pikmin are likely to trip if the player walks back and forth on the section where the crystal headbutt cutscene takes place.


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Cutscene Screenshot Trigger Description
Rock Pikmin introduction Crystal Tunnels Rock Pikmin cutscene.jpg The player falls down the shaft with crystals and approaches the crystal separating the shaft with the room to the right. Four Rock Pikmin are idling inside the room. One of them turns around and notices Olimar on the other side of the crystal. They all turn to Olimar, and rush in his direction. One by one, they all jump into the crystal, until the last one breaks it.
Crystal headbutt Crystal Tunnels headbutt cutscene.jpg The player goes out in the open and whistles the nearby stone. Four Rock Pikmin jump out from behind the stone. One of them smacks its head against a crystal directly on top of it. It falls to the floor lying down, but quickly gets back up, unharmed.
Doorway obstacle Crystal Tunnels doorway cutscene.jpg The player heads right after the room with several Spearglubs, and enters the doorway with at least two Rock Pikmin. There is a crystal in front of the doorway exit. Two Rock Pikmin poke out from either side, step back into the doorway, and start jumping into the crystal. Eventually, it shatters. The Pikmin step out and move aside, and then Olimar and the rest of the crew exit the doorway together.

Pikmin locations[edit]

Spot Location Pikmin Requirements Notes
In a bush At the start of the area. 4 Red Pikmin First time only Mandatory to break the dirt blocks.
In a bush After breaking the dirt blocks, and falling in the hole. 4 Red Pikmin If the player has less than 4 Red Pikmin
In a small place blocked by crystals In the bottom of a pit, accessible by a small hole on the left, next to the previous bush. 4 Rock Pikmin First time only Mandatory to break the crystals.
In a rock Right next to the small room with the first 4 Rock Pikmin 4 Rock Pikmin If the player has less than 4 Rock Pikmin
In a rock In the room on the other side of a doorway. Can be reached by breaking a crystal after a Crystalline Crushblat 4 Rock Pikmin Break the crystal.
In a room full of dirt blocks Just after the doorway, when heading to the right. 2 Rock Pikmin First time only
In a bush After the room full of dirt blocks 4 Rock Pikmin First time only
In a rock At the bottom of the last pit 4 Rock Pikmin If the player has less than 4 Rock Pikmin
In a room full of dirt blocks After sliding on the crystals in the last pit, in the normal path. 2 Rock Pikmin First time only
In a rock Next to a mushroom, after the room full of dirt blocks 4 Rock Pikmin If the player has less than 4 Rock Pikmin







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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese すいしょうの どうくつ?
Suishou no dō kutsu
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Dutch Glinstergangen Spark Path
Flag of France.svg French Mine cristalline Crystalline mine
Flag of Germany.svg German Die Kristallhöhle The Crystal Cave
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Miniera di cristalli Crystal mine
Flag of Mexico.svg Spanish (NoA) Mina cristalina Crystalline mine
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish (NoE) Mina Cristalina Crystalline Mine