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Hey! Pikmin planet

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The planet in Hey! Pikmin is where nearly all of Hey! Pikmin takes place in, and is where Captain Olimar crash-lands in that game. The planet is rich in Sparklium, which helps repair his ship. A full view of the planet can be seen when selecting a sector, where the player can rotate it around like a globe. From here, it can be seen that it strangely has no sun to orbit around, nor any moons, although this is likely an artistic decision to simplify the area select menu. Because such little information is given about the planet, even its official name is unknown.


Just like PNF-404, many remnants of human civilization can be found throughout Olimar's journey on the planet. This may imply that in the Pikmin universe humans figured out a way to travel to and colonize this planet, and died out, again similar to PNF-404. If not, at least some kind of intelligent life must have developed here at some point, especially because of the reoccurrence of treasures. Strangely, some enemies native here are part of a family from PNF-404, and even whole species can be found on both planets. This implies that the two planets have a very strong connection. This planet also has life-forms unknown to PNF-404, as well as larger, stronger and more fearsome versions of PNF-404's wildlife.


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The Hey Pikmin planet consists of relatively similar terrain of PNF-404, and thus Earth. However, its landmasses are completely different, spread into many continents that each have one or two sectors.


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