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Merchandise/Food and drink

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This is a list of official Pikmin-related food and drinks.

Bandai Pikmin Gummy Candies[edit]

Gummies resembling various pikming types released by Bandai's candy division starting in 2021. Initially, the candy included Red Pikmin, Blue Pikmin, and Yellow Pikmin in apple, grape, and orange flavors respectively, all of which have green grape flavored leaves. A rarer White Pikmin candy was also included, which is sour lemon flavored with a strawberry flower. In 2022 the candy was rereleased with new packaging and a new addition: Purple Pikmin, which are Kyoho grape flavored. In 2023 the candy was once again rereleased with new packaging and a new gummy, this time to promote Pikmin 4. The Purple Pikmin is replaced with an Ice Pikmin, with a Japanese pear flavor.

2021 release[edit]

2022 release[edit]

2023 release[edit]

Pikmin Tropical Punch and Slush[edit]

A Pikmin-themed slush made by Kung Fu Tea celebrating the release of Pikmin 4. The mango popping bubbles resemble nectar, and the slush is made out of rosehip, papaya, guava, passion fruit and pineapple. The cups have either a leaf, bud, or flower to seal it.

Pikmin Salty Ramune Flavour Soft Candies[edit]

Pikmin-themed white soft candies featuring a 4-leaf clover design and packages with designs of every Pikmin type plus Oatchi. Ramune is particularly relevant because of its appearances in The Forest Navel and the short film Treasure in a Bottle.