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Treasure in a Bottle (ビンの中のお宝?) is the second Pikmin Short Movie. The short is 08:00 minutes in length, and has no introduction. In this film, a Red Pikmin finds a Ramune bottle and attempts to retrieve the marble inside. After failing and becoming trapped inside the bottle's bottom, it asks passerby Pikmin for help, which, after other failed ideas, decide to create a chain of Pikmin to pull their trapped comrade outside.

Nintendo website blurb[edit]

A red Pikmin finds an oddly shaped, clear container in the grass. But can he get the treasure inside?


The movie begins with a leaf Red Pikmin chasing a white cabbage butterfly (with extra tufts of white hair on its antennae). The Pikmin tries to jump up to catch it, but fails and flops on the ground. It tries again, this time with a somersault jump akin to the way Pikmin are thrown by leaders. It knocks the butterfly, making it emit some golden sparkles, but the Pikmin ends up falling on its face once more. With its nose-like facial feature seemingly broken, the Pikmin takes a look at it, straightens it, and chases after the butterfly again.

As the Pikmin runs forward, it passes by a tilted Ramune bottle. The Pikmin stops, heads back, and examines its reflection on the glass. It poses two times, until it becomes distracted with the butterfly, which flies up into the sky, bringing the Pikmin's attention to the entire bottle, and eventually the marble within.

The Pikmin's weight makes the grass droop.

Shocked by the marble, the Pikmin looks around for ways to reach it, and begins climbing on the bottles and cans that the main bottle is tipped over. Reaching a dead end, it looks around, and finds that a nearby grass stalk could be used to jump onto the top of the bottle. The blade of grass it chooses to cross proves to be just shy out of reach, resulting in the stretching Pikmin to fall off and land on a bottle below. Angered, the Pikmin tries again, this time choosing a taller blade of grass from the same stem. As it approaches the end, its weight causes it to fall off, although the Pikmin manages to grab on and gently drop on the bottle's top.

Finally ready, the Pikmin dives inside the bottle, sliding off of its surface, and nearly falling on the second chamber of the bottle below. After taking a second to look at the drop and shivering, it turns its attention to the marble, and gleefully cuddles it. The Pikmin begins to push the treasure up the bottle, but gravity proves to be too strong, and the Pikmin and marble fall back down to the starting point. After fixing its broken nose for a second time, the Pikmin takes a running start by circling the inner part of the bottle, quickly pushing the marble all the way to the bottle's entrance. The object becomes stuck, and the Pikmin slides down. After some seconds, the marble detaches from the entrance and slides down as well. While running away from it, the Pikmin plunges into the bottle's large chamber. The camera at this point looks at the Pikmin's fall from below, and when it slams on the bottom, the viewer gets a clear shot of the Pikmin's face slammed against the glass, broken nose included.

After coming to, the Red Pikmin realizes it is stuck inside the bottle. It then tries to climb out twice, and after failing, the realization of it being stuck drives it to sweat profusely. Meanwhile, a Blue and a Yellow Pikmin appear walking and presumably talking nearby. The Red Pikmin alerts its friends of its presence, who, after staring at its distorted face from the other side of the murky glass, begin laughing. Irritated, the Red Pikmin tries to alert another Red that joined the scene just then, only to receive the same treatment.

The Pikmin laughing at their trapped friend.

Some time passes, and the trio of free Pikmin begins thinking of a solution, and the leaf atop the Blue Pikmin's stem sprouts up into a flower as it springs awake, indicating it had an idea. The Pikmin runs away and returns soon after with a bucket of water with an unknown insignia on it – the bucket is sized appropriately for a Pikmin to use. A speech bubble appears next to the Pikmin, indicating that it is sharing its plan with its friends: the Blue Pikmin intends to have a group of Pikmin carry buckets of water and dump them inside the bottle from the top, filling it up, and eventually allowing their stuck comrade to surface and escape. The other two show their approval with a thumbs-up, and the stuck Red Pikmin begins imagining itself swimming – naturally, as it's not a Blue Pikmin, it imagines itself drowning. A drop of sweat falls across its face, followed by the Pikmin nervously shaking its head in disapproval.

Three Pikmin getting an idea on how to rescue their friend.

The three rescuers begin thinking once more, and at this point, the Blue's flower is now a leaf. The Yellow Pikmin eventually comes up with an idea, its leaf also sprouting to a flower in the process. It too moves away and returns later carrying a fizzling bomb rock. The other two Pikmin on the ground run away in terror, and the Red Pikmin in the bottle nervously tries to signal the Yellow Pikmin to forget the idea. The Yellow winks and gives a thumbs up, sure that its idea will work. It runs away, and as the bomb is about the explode, the Red Pikmin cowers in fear.

The Yellow Pikmin putting its plan into action.

A massive explosion takes place, lifting the bottle some feet into the air. The spinning motion of the bottle eventually shoots the Pikmin upwards and out of it, but the bottle's violent landing ends up placing it slightly upright and partially burrowed into the ground; the Pikmin then falls right into the opening and lands inside again. The three helper Pikmin come out of their hiding spots to check on the aftermath of the explosion, with the Yellow's flower now gone, but they only manage to find a dizzy Red Pikmin still inside the bottle.

While disappointedly looking at their Yellow friend, the Pikmin notice the butterfly from the bottle's reflection. They turn around to find a chain of three Blue Pikmin hanging on to the insect's tail, with a Purple Pikmin slowly chasing behind. The Purple eventually jumps and grabs the last Pikmin in the chain, weighing the butterfly enough so that it can barely move. It does manage to escape the Pikmin's grip, however, resulting in the chain to break and the Blue Pikmin to angrily look at the Purple who weighed them down; as they do this, some protrusions come out of their foreheads, slightly resembling angry eyebrows. The scene pans back to the three Pikmin as they look to each other and come up with the same idea all together.

The hands of a group of Pikmin appear carrying a soda can and placing it against the bottle. Meanwhile, a tired Red Pikmin wakes up to find a Blue Pikmin's hand reaching out, inside the bottle. The Red Pikmin excitedly grabs on after noticing this. A tether of several Red, Yellow and Blue Pikmin begins pulling the Red Pikmin up. Atop the bottle, a single Purple Pikmin holds the group from the bottle's entrance, and one by one, it pulls them to the exterior of the bottle, where they jump out from a makeshift can staircase. As the final Pikmin are being brought up, the Red Pikmin sheds a single tear of appreciation. In glee, the Red Pikmin hugs the Blue and the Purple Pikmin, now safely outside the bottle. As it readies to jump out, it hesitates and looks back at the marble, reluctant to let the treasure go. A large group of Pikmin observes the Red and its thoughts.

The final scene shows the Red Pikmin riding atop the bottle, now laid on its side, and being carried by all of the other Pikmin. It is now sunset, and as they are moving the object away, the camera shows the bottle's back, where the text "NINTENDO" "NT 4 6" is visible, as well as a Purple Pikmin struggling to keep up. The white butterfly is also seen flying into the sky as the movie ends.


A cropped shot of a forest appears, with a Blue, a Red and a Yellow bud Pikmin buried underground. Their buds pop into flowers as the letters "Fin" appear.

The credits for the short then begin rolling. Pikmin appear running from one side of the screen to the other, unveiling the credit's text as they pass by it. After the credits, the copyrights messages for Nintendo appear.


Some sound effects and songs from the Pikmin games appear in this short. Simple sound effects and Pikmin noises taken from the games will not be listed here.

  • When the Red Pikmin cuddles the marble, the "task complete" chime plays.
  • When the Pikmin takes a running start to push the marble up, the charging sound effect from Pikmin 3 plays.
  • When the bottle lands after being blown up, and the Red Pikmin is shown to be dizzy, the sound of a rusty crank plays. This is the sound heard when rotating a fruit on the Fruit Analysis screen.
  • When the plan for the rescue chain is set in motion, the Final Analysis song begins playing.
  • When the Red Pikmin grabs the hand of the Blue Pikmin in the chain, the enemy reel's theme plays.
  • On the final scene where the bottle is being carried away, the attraction mode song from Pikmin 2 begins playing.
  • During the credits, the music from the ending cutscene in Pikmin plays.


The following article or section needs help from someone who can translate Japanese text.

Japanese text appears on all the soda cans, although some also have English text.

  • On the green can, a red banner saying "LEMON SODA" can be seen.
  • The bottom of the can has "+10 未満 30ml" ("Less than +10 30ml") on it.
  • Near the top of the green can are the words "ルモソクーグ" ("Rumble Sokogue") and "ダイナ堂" ("Dynado") surrounded by the text "老舗大奈毛比句茶堂の味" ("The taste of the well-established Ona Nyubi Hakuchado"), two times.
  • On the right of the green can are the words "爽快!" ("Exhilarating!"), followed by the words "ンがツユワS!" ("Tsuyuwas!").

Some cans also have some Japanese text on them, but it cannot be understood because of the rust.



  • On the Pikmin 3 boxart, a Red Pikmin is seen inside a bottle, although with an accessible and wide exit. It could possibly be an inspiration to Treasure in a Bottle. In addition, a Ramune bottle also appears in The Forest Navel, on the southern lake, as well as three of them in shapetst.
  • On the scene where the Red Pikmin realizes the glass belongs to a bottle, a tune similar to Also Sprach Zarathustra plays.
  • As the Pikmin are pulling the Red Pikmin, a pair of scissors can be seen to the right.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese ビンの中のお宝?
Bin no naka no otakara
Treasure in a bottle
Flag of France.svg French Trésor en bouteille Treasure in bottle
Flag of Germany.svg German Schatz in der Flasche Treasure in the Bottle
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Tesoro in bottiglia Treasure in bottle
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Tesoro embotellado Bottled treasure
Flag of Portugal.svg Portuguese Tesouro na garrafa Treasure in bottle
Flag of Russia.svg Russian Сокровище в бутылке
Sokrovishche v butylke
Treasure in a bottle

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