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The following is a list of official merchandise in the form of magazines.

Nintendo Power[edit]

  • Region: North America
  • Language: English

Nintendo Power was a monthly magazine that was released officially by Nintendo from the years 1988 to 2012. Among the 285 issues released, a couple of issues were focused primarily on the Pikmin series.

Nintendo Power V151[edit]

This issue contains information about the first Pikmin game on pages 40-44, and an ad for the game on page 178. The game itself is also reviewed, with all five reviewers giving it a perfect score.

Nintendo Power V152[edit]

This issue features Pikmin on the front cover, and contained information about the first Pikmin game, along with a sticker sheet. The issue's monthly sweepstakes were also Pikmin-themed. The grand prize was a Nintendo GameCube, a copy of Pikmin, and a trip to the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. The second prize was a copy of Pikmin by itself, and the third prize was a Nintendo Power t-shirt.

Nintendo Power V183[edit]

This issue features Pikmin 2 on the front cover, and contained information about Pikmin 2, as well as a Pikmin 2 temporary tattoo sheet.

Nintendo Power V184[edit]

This issue features a section on Pikmin 2 which contained brief walkthroughs in the same style as the official strategy guide. The game itself was also reviewed. Four out of five reviewers gave it a perfect score, and one reviewer gave it a score of 4.5/5.

Nintendo Power V231[edit]

To celebrate the magazine's 20th anniversary, this issue features a section detailing the 20 best games on each Nintendo console. Pikmin was rated the 7th best Nintendo GameCube game.

Nintendo Power V239[edit]

The monthly Nintendo Power Sweepstakes in this issue is themed around the recently-released New Play Control! series. The grand prize was a Wii with copies of New Play Control! Pikmin and New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis. The second prize was the same, but without the Wii included. New Play Control! Pikmin did not get a review, but is featured in the "Also This Month" section of the reviews.

Nintendo Power V250[edit]

Pikmin is featured on the list of "250 Reasons to Love Nintendo", listed alongside other Nintendo strategy game series Advance Wars and Fire Emblem.

Nintendo Power V280[edit]

This issue was released in July 2012, and contained information about the Wii U and various Wii U games including Pikmin 3. Subscribers of the magazine received a special cover featuring Pikmin 3 art.

Game Informer[edit]

  • Region: North America
  • Language: English


  • Region: North America
  • Language: English

Issue 5 Vol. 2[edit]

The cover of this issue has a bar at the top that reads "PIKMIN SOLVED INSIDE" and a picture of Olimar and Red Pikmin in the corner. Inside is a Pikmin themed tear-away poster detailing tips for navigating many of the areas in the game.


  • Region: North America


  • Region: Japan
  • Language: Japanese

Japan's most popular weekly gaming article.

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June 1 2017[edit]

This issue features information regarding the yet to release Hey! Pikmin on pages 8-11.

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June 4th 2004[edit]

This issue features information on playing Pikmin 2 on pages 132-135, and a brief advertisement of the e+ cards on page 93.

May 28th 2004[edit]

This issue features information on playing Pikmin 2 on pages 126-129.

May 14th 2004[edit]

This issue features information on playing Pikmin 2 on pages 128-135, and a brief advertisement of the game on page 56. Page 206 features information on the e+ card games that players can play with Pikmin 2, and included the Ivory Candypop promo card in a tear-away insert.

September 19th 2003[edit]

This issue features a first look at Pikmin 2 on pages 36-39.

November 16th 2001[edit]

This issue features a full-page ad for Pikmin on page 45. It also features a walkthrough of the The Impact Site, The Forest of Hope, and The Forest Navel on pages 100-105. Lastly it features an advertisement for a Pikmin art book on page 126.

July 27th 2001[edit]

This issue features a brief advertisement for Pikmin on page 202.

Famistu Cube + Advance[edit]

  • Region: Japan
  • Language: Japanese

A monthly spin-off magazine of Famistu that focuses on the GameCube and Game Boy Advance.

July 2004[edit]

Page 27 advertises the new Strawberry Flower album Tane no uta, as well as the Sanei plushies. Page 31 includes Pikmin 2 is rated 9/10 on "Monthly Picks." Pages 34-44 feature loads of information about Pikmin 2. There is a tear-away between pages 34 and 35 that includes the Ivory Candypop bud e+ card promo. Page 45 is a full-page ad for the new Tane no Uta album. Page 103 features and ad telling customers how they can obtain the other E+ promo cards.

May 2004[edit]

Pages 22 to 29 of this issue includes information on various enemies found in Pikmin 2.

Nintendo the Official Magazine[edit]

  • Region: UK
  • Language: English

Issue 39 February 2009[edit]

This issue headlines New Play Control! Pikmin With new art that was made specifically for this issue.


  • Region: UK
  • Language: English

Issue 61: December 2001[edit]

Page 12 of this issue has a small blurb which mentions Pikmin had been delayed to December 3rd in the US, likely due to localization issues. Page 23 is dedicated to Pikmin, showcasing some prerelease screenshots and various details about the game.

Issue 62: Christmas 2001[edit]

While NGC usually ran monthly, they had a second bonus issue in December that briefly mentions that Pikmin had been reviewed by the writing team and would appear as the main headline of the next issue.

Issue 63: January 2002[edit]

This issue primarily features Pikmin on the cover and includes an in-depth review of the game. This was a first-look at many features the game had to offer for European region players, as the game had been released elsewhere but was not set to release in their region until June 14th, 2002.

Gameplay 128[edit]

  • Region: France
  • Language: French

Gameplay 128 August 2002 issue[edit]

This issue strangely has little to say about Pikmin, but does include a Pikmin poster in the center of the issue (page 50-51). A couple of the authors also include Pikmin in a list of their favorite GameCube games on page 92.

Actu & Soluces 64[edit]

  • Region: France
  • Language: French

Numero Special E3[edit]

This issue of Actu & Soluces 64 goes through the GameCube games revealed at E3 2001, including prerelease screenshots of Pikmin before release. It also features Pikmin on the magazine cover.

Consoles Max[edit]

  • Region: France
  • Language: French

Consoles Max June 2002 Issue[edit]

This issue features a great deal of Pikmin content and makes it the primary focus on the front cover. It dedicates 8 pages (page 70-77) to showing off Pikmin screenshots, and details various enemies the player will find as well as descriptions of all the areas in the game.

Tips & Tricks[edit]

  • Region: North America
  • Language: English

Tips & Tricks issue 85[edit]

This issue features a section on Pikmin. It included general tips and information, as well as a walkthrough to beat the game in the 30-day time limit. It also featured strategies for fighting the Goolix, Mamuta, and Smoky Progg, and talked about the chaenostoma cordatum flower, among other things.

Tips & Tricks issue 117[edit]

This issue contains a section on Pikmin 2. Like before, it contains general tips and info about the game. It also had the locations of all above-ground treasure and strategies for each sublevel of each cave.

Scout Life[edit]

  • Region: North America
  • Language: English

Scout Life (fomerly Boys' Life) is a monthly magazine published by the Boy Scouts of America. It occasionally features a brief section on video games.

Boys' Life September 2002[edit]

This issue featured a brief review of Pikmin, where they rated it as "Buy It" on a scale of "Buy It", "Borrow It", and "Bag It".

Boys' Life March 2005[edit]

This issue had Pikmin 2 as the main highlighted game of the issue. Interestingly, a beta screenshot of the game is used.

Boys' Life June 2009[edit]

New Play Control! Pikmin (erroneously referred to as "Play Control! Pikmin") is included in a section of recently-released space-themed video games. Like in their coverage of Pikmin 2, a beta screenshot of the original game is used in the article.