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Some parts of Pikmin 2 were only available before the final release, and have been changed or removed for the final version. This information is known from different sources, like gameplay videos or screenshots of earlier versions of the game. Although the exact versions are not known, they are commonly called "beta", "alpha", or "pre-alpha" versions by fans, depending on how complete the game looks to be.

There is also some unused content inside the final copies of Pikmin 2, and some of it helps understand what type of content was meant be available for the full game; for such a list, see the unused content page.

New Play Control! Pikmin 2 official website[edit]

Interestingly, the official website for New Play Control! Pikmin 2 at nintendo.com has some images of the game, but none of them belong to the final release of New Play Control! Pikmin 2. Instead, they show early versions of the GameCube version. From these images, several different features can be noticed, and it can be concluded that they were taken from two different development versions: one that uses graphics and ideas still from the first Pikmin game, and another that is close to the final version of Pikmin 2, but with some differences. This list explains the main differences between the two versions mentioned and the final game:

  • "First" version:
    • The HUD has no icons for Louie.
    • Captain Olimar's icon on the HUD is the same as the icon from Pikmin.
    • The spray counters show the existence of an unknown yellow spray.
    • The day counter is taken from Pikmin, since the "d" in "day" is still lowercase.
    • The Pikmin counter has leading zeros, which, depending on the images, are see-through or fully opaque.
    • The sublevel counter says "floor" instead of "SUBLEVEL".
    • Areas are vastly simpler and less detailed, and have different layouts on certain parts, but most textures have a higher resolution.
    • Purple Pikmin are still purple, but their main color is black, and because their HUD icons have not been made yet, the game uses a Yellow Pikmin's icon colored partially gray as a placeholder.
    • A treasure resembling the Pink Menace can be seen, but it has a blue heart, a different shaped frame for the jewel, and is not found on the Valley of Repose.
    • The Rubber Ugly's texture and model was different.
    • An unknown treasure for a rusty can without a label exists, inside a cave.
    • The carrying numbers use the same color scheme as in Pikmin.
    • Large yellow Bulborbs can be seen on some areas and caves.
  • "Second" version:
    • The leaders' icons are the same as in the final version, except the bottom of their images poke through the bubble they are in.
    • The spray counter has a purple dot for the ultra-bitter spray without the spray having been collected. In the final game, the dot only appears if the spray was unlocked.
    • It is possible to grow more than 20 Red Pikmin (at least 26) on day 1.

Early Bulborbs[edit]

A large yellow Bulborb, on the top-left corner.

Two Bulborb subspecies are known to have been cut from the final versions of Pikmin 2, from analysis of gameplay videos and screenshots. These Bulborbs, along with the Red Bulborb, would have given each basic Pikmin type a Bulborb of the same color, had they not been removed. Naming used in the game's data makes it clear that these enemies eventually became the Dwarf Orange Bulborbs, Orange Bulborbs, Snow Bulborbs and Hairy Bulborbs in the final game.

A blue "dwarf" Bulborb is clearly seen in a gameplay video.[1] It has white spots, and apparently acts like the Dwarf Red Bulborb, with the same health, attacks and weight. Its treasure value, however, appears to be Poko icon.png × 5, whereas Dwarf Bulborbs are worth Poko icon.png × 2 in the game's released version. An adult version was never shown. These blue enemies became the Dwarf Orange Bulborb – whose internal name is bluekochappy – and the Orange Bulborb – with the internal name bluechappy.

Yellow Bulborbs appeared in the same video as the blue one, but in an above-ground area that bears a striking resemblance to The Forest of Hope. A dwarf version was also seen, which seems to walk slower than other Dwarf Bulborbs. In the final game, Snow Bulborbs are internally called yellowkochappy and Hairy Bulborbs are called yellowchappy.


E3 2003 gameplay[edit]

There's an E3 2003 prototype gameplay video that shows yellow Bulborbs and different cave aspects. It also contains some debugging elements:

YouTube link; alternative footage

The noted differences from the final game are:

  • Olimar appears to be in a unknown area that resembles the Awakening Wood. A bridge can be seen leading up to the small cliff in the background, which happens to have Burgeoning Spiderwort mold on top of it.
  • A debugging error handler is running, and in the footage, has captured a problem: WARNING [system.cpp:593] DVD LOADING. MAIN THREAD!!. This problem disappears once the player starts moving inside a cave.
  • The player is seen moving near a mature Yellow Bulborb and some yellow dwarves.
  • Two sprays exist, one red for GCN Dpadup.png, likely the ultra-spicy spray, and an unknown yellow one for GCN Dpaddown.png.
  • The camera can zoom in much closer.
  • Leading zeros appear on the HUD's numbers, but are almost invisible.
  • Louie's icon and health indicator do not appear on the HUD.
  • Olimar's icon on the HUD is the same one as the icon in Pikmin, as opposed to a brand new one.
  • The standby Pikmin icon for the Yellow Pikmin is much paler than in the final game.
  • While entering a cave in an unknown area (presumbly the Awakening Wood), a large, solid red box appears in the background, with the text "956*90" appearing on its side. A large sleeping Red Bulborb can be seen behind it in the distance. This box appears to be a very early version of the paper bag.
  • The cave entrance cutscene starts to slow down with time, and eventually ends before all Pikmin enter. There is also no saving afterwards.
  • When landing in a sublevel, the text "floor 1" appears on-screen, in a much different fashion from the final game (which would show the cave's name in one line, and "Sublevel 1" in the next). This text stays on-screen even during gameplay. There is no HUD besides this text.
  • The sublevel landing cutscene is a bit different, and only contains the part where the camera is already at ground-level. The squad starts a little into the cave, not under the Research Pod.
  • The landing spot below the Research Pod is a green circle, and the Research Pod itself is a very simple plain dark red. These could be lighting problems, however.
  • Purple Pikmin stems glow green when idle.
  • The cave presented in the video uses a soil theme, with black walls, but a cavern skybox, which looks very jarring.
  • Boulders fall without warning, and look unfinished, as they do not rotate as they hit the ground, and lack particle effects.
  • Pikmin seem to be unable to carry, since some are thrown at an early Rubber Ugly, but then do nothing.
  • A Lapis Lazuli Candypop Bud instantly changes to a Golden Candypop Bud and back again. This is probably an early Queen Candypop Bud.

E3 2003 Challenge Mode gameplay[edit]

This video shows an early version of the Challenge Mode. In this one, the mode develops in the Awakening Wood (called "Challenge Level" here), making it very like the Challenge Mode from Pikmin, with the exception that the player is able to use sprays. This version of the game only has three menu options: "Main Game", "2-Player", and "Challenge".

YouTube link

The following differences from the final game can be spotted:

  • The jingle played by the ship's dialogs is more monotone and bland.
  • The ship gives a plain overlook of the game's plot.
  • The Awakening Wood is vastly different from the final game, likely made that way for demonstration purposes.
  • Like in the previous video, the HUD's numbers have leading zeros, although sharper, and Louie's icon and health are not visible.
  • There is a section in the area's theme where the oboe's notes are quarter notes, whereas they are eighth-notes in the final game.
  • Gates have a health wheel.
  • When Pikmin attack something, the spark particles they create are larger and more opaque than in the final game.

Interestingly, the presenter erroneously calls Olimar "Omar" and believes Louie is his wife.


A trailer showed at E3 2004 shows little noteworthy information, except for the fact that Blue Pikmin were able to enter the Lost Toy Box.

YouTube link (the Pikmin appear 50 seconds into the video)

The first Japanese trailer shows an Emperor Bulblax eating Pikmin with a swipe of its tongue. Only eight Pikmin get caught, even though the cap is nine Pikmin in the final game. It is not clear if the attack in the clip simply failed to gather the maximum number of Pikmin possible, or if the maximum used to be eight, but was changed to nine.

YouTube link (the Emperor Bulblax appears 52 seconds into the video)

Other images[edit]

Other content[edit]

The wireframe texture used in-game.

In the background of the Piklopedia and Treasure Hoard menus, there is a wireframe texture that depicts the Perplexing Pool seen from above. This wireframe does not match the final Perplexing Pool, but is fairly close to the Piklopedia/Treasure Hoard version of the area. Notably, the landing site is a large circle instead of a box.

That said, there are still differences between the texture and the Perplexing Pool model used in the final game's Piklopedia. For one thing, the entire shower floor section where the Shower Room is is missing in the texture. The texture also shows an island to the southeast of the landing site where no such island exists, and has a big open space at the south; these are like remnants from The Distant Spring. The Yellow Pikmin site seems to have walls, but this is unclear. The out of bounds areas seem to be rather unfinished.

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  1. YouTube video showing the blue dwarf Bulborb.