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Perhaps the guiding principle of all content on Pikipedia is the truth.


It is important that Pikipedia documents the truth at all times. Not lies, not incomplete facts, not misleading information, not guesses, not speculation.

This is a given. But the importance of the truth cannot just be implied, it needs to be said out loud. There are some common scenarios where figuring out the best move is pretty tricky, but using the truth as a beacon, the answer becomes clear.


See more: Pikipedia:Canon policy.

Sometimes, some information from the franchise is dug up from somewhere, and added to the wiki. To one person, the source of the information makes it non-canon. To another, it makes it canon. There's conflict. The wiki's policies on canon also don't help make it clear what to say.

The answer is the truth. You document the truth. You document that this information can be found in this source, and leave it at that. That's the unbiased, objective truth. The reader can then decide for themselves how to make use of that information.


See more: Pikipedia:General content policy#Neutral point of view.

Likewise, if someone edits something in their opinion, or a fan theory, it should be changed to instead document the truth. We can document what opinions or theories do exist, but not tie them to the wiki itself.

An exception would be in guide sections or articles, which are designed in a more subjective way.

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