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This is a guide of Pikmin 2, completed in 11 in-game days. Challenge runs associated with this guide are no Pikmin deaths, no usage of Purple Pikmin (other than necessary times), and no sprays.

Note: I won't be writing guides for caves, as cave pages have guides of their own; however, I will point out important things. If you'd like to see a list of all caves, see here.

Another note: I'll only be listing the treasure total, as enemy totals vary, and therefore unreliable. It will be the bare minimum of Pokos collected, so I'll use a greater-than sign (>) to indicate that the actual total is higher than what is listed.

Day 1 - Valley of Repose

As this day is the first day, and subsequently the tutorial day, there is no time limit. The Ship will speak to Captain Olimar, whom sees five Red Pikmin battling a Dwarf Red Bulborb. (On the GameCube, if you want to skip cutscenes, press GCN Start.png.) Call the Pikmin and the Ship will remind Olimar about controls of the whistle. After it's done speaking, toss a Red Pikmin onto the Bulborb's back; this is an easy way to kill Dwarf Bulborbs, as well as other small creatures. A moment later, the Ship will announce it has found the other captain, Louie; switch over to Louie using GCN X.png / Wiimote Minus.png.

After switching to Louie, walk upwards and over to a large, round object called the Onion. Unlike in the first Pikmin game, the Onion already up, and it expels a single Pikmin seed. Allow the seed to flower, then pluck it. Have the Red Pikmin gather all the pellets from the nearby Pellet Posies, and bring them close to the Onion's light. That way, the Onion will be able to absorb all the pellets at once, and it will produce 10 Pikmin seeds simultaneously. Let these flower as well.

Once they have been plucked, walk a bit away from the Onion and you will find a battery. The Ship identifies it as a treasure; however, 20 Pikmin are required to lift it. Walk a little bit more and you'll find a paper bag separating Louie from Olimar. Throw both of your squads' Pikmin onto the bag and it'll flatten. Reunited, have flower Red Pikmin carry the corpse of the Dwarf Red Bulborb from earlier to the Onion to make 6 more Pikmin seeds; let those flower too. Once you've plucked them, have all your Pikmin carry the battery to the Ship, which'll appraise it and name it the Courage Reactor, worth 280 Pokos. It will then speak about naming treasures; after that, the first day ends.


Treasures collected:

Today's Pokos: 280 Pokos

Total Pokos: 280 Pokos

Debt Recovered: 2.8%

Day 2 - Valley of Repose

The Ship begins the day speaking to Olimar about the Pikmin. When you have control, he is automatically standing in the Onion's light; call all the Pikmin out. Walk back to where the Onion was yesterday; along the way, you'll find several Pellet Posies. Knock the ones furthest away from the landing site, progressing closer and closer. Get all the pellets and bring them back to the Onion, but again, not so close that the Onion absorbs them. Once all pellets are collected, have the Onion absorb them and let the seeds mature. Pluck them and walk over to the paper bag.

Another paper bag impedes the group's progress; crush it with 35 Pikmin. Beyond it is a Dwarf Red Bulborb and a Red Bulborb. Sneak behind its back and throw Pikmin like mad. When it's about to shake, call Pikmin off. Throw Pikmin again and at this point, it should be defeated; it will drop a 5-pellet. Have minimal Pikmin carry the Bulborbs and their pellets back to the Onion, using the collecting strategy above. There is also another 5-pellet growing on the ledge to the left of the Onion. Have the Onion absorb all the pellets/corpses at once. Then, using your Pikmin, go back to where the Red Bulborb was and find another treasure, the Utter Scrap. It takes 35 Pikmin to carry. Use the rest of your Pikmin to tear down a nearby gate. Once the Utter Scrap is collected, wait for the buried Pikmin to flower, then pluck them. Go back to the gate and have your Pikmin help them. Once it's down, go a little ways and you'll find a cave, the Emergence Cave. Go down into it.

Throughout the cave, defeat most, or all enemies you come across, and collect the treasures. The first floor has 2 treasures, and the second has 1. On the second floor, find the Violet Candypop Buds and toss your all leaf Red Pikmin into them. Let the buried Pikmin mature to flowers, like above. Pluck them and you meet the Purple Pikmin, which won't be used that much in this game. Collect the corpses of the Snow Bulborbs and leave. Come back to the Emergence Cave again and make only nine Purples, and come back once more to make an additional 10. Once you've plucked them, collect the globe half, which turns out to the the Spherical Atlas, and is entered in the Exploration Kit as the Sphere Chart; it unlocks the next area... Leave the Emergence Cave for good and the day will automatically end after that.


Treasures collected:

Today's Pokos: >650 Pokos

Total Pokos: >930 Pokos

Debt Recovered: >9.3%