Emergence Cave

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Emergence Cave
Emergence Cave sublevel 2.jpg
Location Valley of Repose
Sublevels 2
Treasures 3
Hazards None
Obstacles Purple Pikmin required

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Emergence Cave (始まりの洞窟?, lit.: "Cave of Beginning") is the first cave the player comes upon in Pikmin 2, and is by far the easiest. It acts as the game's tutorial for caves, featuring a simple layout in each sublevel and no particularly harmful enemies or bosses. Purple Pikmin are first encountered here, which are needed to collect a certain treasure to progress to the next area. In this cave, there are 480 Pokos worth of treasures.

How to reach[edit]

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The location of the Emergence Cave.

The Emergence Cave can be reached by progressing past both paper bags and the white bramble gate nearby base. It is hard to miss once the white gate is destroyed, and it is impossible to go beyond the cave without discovering Blue Pikmin first. You should bring all the Pikmin you have at this point (which should be around 70 Red Pikmin).


Ship's dialogs

Interesting... Warm air is welling up from the hole in the ground before you.

What could lie underground? ...What is wrong? You both show expressions of unease.

Do not fear! The leader's group of Pikmin will join you. I shall dispatch my research pod, too.

Approach the hole and press A to jump in!

Sublevel 1[edit]

Sublevel 1. The layout never changes.
Note: The previous object numbers were gathered from a very basic reading of the game's files. Research is currently underway to get more accurate numbers.

The first sublevel of this cave has two treasures, which are guarded by four Snow Bulborbs; these are easily killed by swarming or throwing Pikmin on their behinds. Once defeated, the Citrus Lump and Quenching Emblem can be brought to the Research Pod. Bringing defeated beasts back will trigger a cutscene the first time a corpse is picked up by the Pod.

Sublevel 2[edit]

Sublevel 2. Again, the layout is always the same.
Note: The previous object numbers were gathered from a very basic reading of the game's files. Research is currently underway to get more accurate numbers.

The globe half should be ignored, and the Snow Bulborbs along the way should be defeated instead. At the end, in a spherical room, there are two Violet Candypop Buds. Throwing five Red Pikmin into each flower will produce 10 Pikmin seeds; when plucked, these will be the very first Purple Pikmin in the game. The Spherical Atlas at the start of the sublevel can now be brought back to the Ship's Pod, which will unlock the Sphere Chart, an item allowing the player to travel to the Awakening Wood.

It is possible to obtain more Purple Pikmin on this day by leaving the cave without collecting the treasure, and then returning to it. Because the Candypop Buds disappear only after the player has obtained 20 Purples, three trips of 10, 9 and 10 make the maximum 29 from this cave. This allows the player to get White Pikmin earlier on in the Awakening Wood, without having to obtain the Purple Pikmin from Hole of Beasts; as a total Pikmin weight of 200 to squash the paper bag.

Emergence Cave challenge[edit]

Given that enemies respawn every time a cave is entered, and that enemies are worth a few Pokos, a player can finish the debt using nothing but the Emergence Cave. This challenge usually requires that the player gets no money from sources outside of the Emergence Cave, except for the mandatory Courage Reactor.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning Notes
Japanese 始まりの洞窟?
Hajimari no Dōkutsu
Cave of Beginning
Spanish Cueva de Emergencia Emergence Cave
French Grotte Emergente Emerging Cave "Emergente" should be "Émergente".
German Höhle des Ursprungs
Italian Grotta Rivelazione Revelation Cave

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