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Olimar leading an army of rebel Puffmin.

Well, I am really happy to be here. I am hoping to be able to contribute to the expansion of Pikipedia, and help with Pikmin 3. But for now it appears that everything is under control when it comes to info about the other two games. But when Pikmin 3 comes, I will be there to help :D! But until then, I will try to countinue to try to find secrets of the other games, just like the other users.

Oddly political speech behind us, time for the profile.


The Profile

I am ~~Zeck Blade21~~ and this is my profile.

Favorite Pikmin: Red. Really easy to grow, strong, and look cool.

Favorite enemy in Pikmin: Puffmin, as I have learned is what people call them :_

Favorite enemy in Pikmin 2: Beady Long Legs

Favorite place in Pikmin: Forest of Hope

Favorite place in Pikmin 2: Awakening Wood

Least liked Pikmin: Yellow. Flies WAY too high to be effective on bulborbs, the most common of all enemies.

Least liked enemy in Pikmin: Wollywog. I mean come on! They can kill your whole army in a few seconds?

Least liked enemy in Pikmin 2: Decorated Cannon Beetle Larva. Homing rocks? Really? They are the wollywog of the second game!

Least liked place in Pikmin: The Forest Navel

Least liked place in Pikmin 2: Wistful Wild