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Wistful Wild

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Treasures 5 (list)
Caves 3 (list)
Hazards Fire icon.png Water icon.png Poison icon.png Electricity icon.png
Obstacles White bramble gate icon.png Poison black bramble gate icon.png Electric gate P2 icon.png Bodies of water Clog icon.png Bridge P1 icon.png Purple Pikmin required
Requirements Repay the debt
Music Wistful Wild

The Wistful Wild (のぞみの大地?, lit.: "Land of Wishes") is an area that can be accessed in Pikmin 2; it is made available once the Hocotate Freight company's debt has been fully repaid. The design of this area appears to be a combination of The Impact Site and The Final Trial from Pikmin. It contains three caves and five treasures above the surface which total a value of Poko icon.png × 3175 in treasure, or Poko icon.png × 13285 including treasures found in caverns (Poko icon.png × 13275 in the European version of the game). It is also a representation of Autumn. Contents of the region include two large lakes, one of which can be drained and the other a bridge built over; a clearing with three random-typed Burgeoning Spiderworts; and decorating it are rusted metal structures, tree stumps and Foxtails, and a half-visible yield sign where the Onions land.

Every 30 days from day 1, one can see some weird insects in this location, appearing as swarms of very small orange bugs. They release poison occasionally if attacked, and have an extremely small amount of health; each one drops a blob of nectar or spray when killed. They are found in two locations: outside Dream Den, and by Hole of Heroes.

When the Hocotate ship's icon is placed on top of the Wistful Wild and the Piklopedia or the Treasure Hoard are entered, the archives will be seen on the same area as the in-game one, in contrast to what happens with the other areas, which have some notable differences. The only noteworthy difference between the in-game Wistful Wild and the Piklopedia version is that the pathway separating the section with the Anti-hiccup Fungus and the section with the Creeping Chrysanthemums is a bit tighter in the Piklopedia.





A Gatling Groink in the Wistful Wild.


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  • It is possible for a leader to get up onto the wall borders of the map via several enemies, including the Decorated Cannon Beetle and Watery Blowhog. This video shows how much of the area can be explored there.
  • The YIELD sign that makes up the starting arena is actually a Stop sign in the Japanese version.[1]
  • Every 30 days, starting on day 1, some mysterious bugs known as ujadani appear here.
  • The "start" and "end" of the area are the same as the locations of the final and first ship parts in Pikmin, respectively.
  • The Wistful Wild is the only area in Pikmin 2 to not have an above-ground boss fight of any kind.
  • The Wistful Wild was originally going to be called the "Land of Promise", as seen in the early English script left inside the game.[2] This name is retained in other language versions (see below).
  • If the player somehow enters the Wistful Wild before they repay the debt, the enemies, gates, bridges, treasures, clogs, etc. won't be there but the Burgeoning Spiderworts, caves, and piles of rubble will. The Burgeoning Spiderworts won't have any mold nor Ravenous Whiskerpillars.[source needed]
  • In the New Play Control! remake, it is possible to destroy the water clog before taking down the bramble gate. This can be achieved by throwing Pikmin to the edge north of the clog, then using the group move function to guide them to the lake. Then, they can be guided to the northwest of the clog using some more group moving commands, and finally, they can be dismissed, remotely whistled, and guided east by a leader standing near the gate looking at the gate. They can then be dismissed on the clog.[3]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Quebec.svg French (NoA) Terre des promesses Land of promises
Flag of France.svg French (NoE) Terre des Promesses Land of Promises
Flag of Germany.svg German Land der Verheißung Land of Promise
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Terra di Promesse Land of Promise
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Tierra de Promisión Land of Promise
Flag of Mexico.svg Spanish (NoA) Tierra de Promisión Land of Promise

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