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The Forest of Hope

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The Forest of Hope

The landing site of The Forest of Hope.

High definition map of The Forest of Hope. This was made by taking screenshots using Dolphin's free camera mode, stitching them together with Hugin, and readjusting any details with GIMP.

Ship parts 8
Pikmin discovered Yellow Pikmin
Requirements Recover 1 ship part[1]
Music The Forest of Hope

The Forest of Hope (希望の森?, lit.: "Forest of Hope") is the second area in Pikmin. It is set in a temperate forest with a mix of wide-open spaces and narrow corridors. It contains 8 ship parts and is unlocked after collecting the first ship part, the Main Engine, in The Impact Site. Yellow Pikmin are discovered in this area. The enemies in this area are fairly easy compared to the other areas, with several Spotty Bulborbs, Dwarf Bulborbs, and Sheargrubs. This area was reused in Pikmin 2 as the Awakening Wood.

General layout[edit]

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FoH texture.png
S.S. Dolphin icon.png
Eternal Fuel Dynamo icon.png
Whimsical Radar icon.png
Extraordinary Bolt icon.png
Nova Blaster icon.png
Shock Absorber icon.png
Radiation Canopy icon.png
Geiger Counter icon.png
Sagittarius icon.png
Map of all ship parts and the location of the ship in The Forest of Hope.

Most of this area consists of vast plains with some gates and high walls that block the way. There is a small lake near the main plain. The most common enemies here are Spotty Bulborbs and Dwarf Bulborbs. This area contains an assortment of red and yellow pellets, as well as two bridges that can be built to gain access to a small piece of land containing the Sagittarius. Behind the stone wall at the landing area is a yellow 20 pellet on a high tree stump that requires Yellow Pikmin to reach. To the north is the arena where the Armored Cannon Beetle is fought and to the southwest is the ledge where the Burrowing Snagrets are.

The bomb-rocks in this area are located inside tin cans. The first one is near the great plain with Spotty Bulborbs, another one is near the place where the Yellow Onion is originally found. The last can is in the place where the Nova Blaster is found. On the first day the area is visited, some are found out of the cans, three resting in front of one of the stone walls that can be destroyed after obtaining Yellow Pikmin.

Although water defends access to the Geiger Counter, the Radiation Canopy, and the Sagittarius, it is possible to collect these parts with Yellow Pikmin; thus, the area can be completed uniquely with them.

In Challenge Mode, there are a lot more Bulborbs, and Spotty Bulbears can also be found where the Armored Cannon Beetle and Burrowing Snagrets are found in story mode (the former location also has a Pearly Clamclamp).


Ship parts[edit]

  • Eternal Fuel Dynamo icon.png Eternal Fuel Dynamo: After destroying the gate near the landing site, the part is in plain sight.
  • Whimsical Radar icon.png Whimsical Radar: This part is beyond the reinforced gate beside the place where the Yellow Onion is first discovered, atop a ledge. (Yellow Pikmin required for wall)
  • Extraordinary Bolt icon.png Extraordinary Bolt: Slightly past the Whimsical Radar is a reinforced gate that guards this part. (Yellow Pikmin required for wall)
  • Nova Blaster icon.png Nova Blaster: Going past the reinforced gate near the landing site, or past the resting spot of the Extraordinary Bolt, is a gate. Beyond this gate is the part, past a few Bulborbs.
  • Shock Absorber icon.png Shock Absorber: Going past the regular gate of the landing site is a small ledge containing a five pellet on day 2. This part is on the ledge, which Olimar can reach by going through a small body of water. (Blue Pikmin required)
  • Radiation Canopy icon.png Radiation Canopy: Beside the Nova Blaster are two gates, the first of which is submerged. This part is beyond both, guarded by an Armored Cannon Beetle (though not ingested by said enemy). (Blue Pikmin required)
  • Geiger Counter icon.png Geiger Counter: By going to the place where the Yellow Pikmin were discovered and turning left, it is possible to reach a reinforced wall. Going past this, a group of Bulborbs and a cardboard box leads to a ledge with three Burrowing Snagrets. The one closest to the far ledge has the part. (Yellow Pikmin required for wall)
  • Sagittarius icon.png Sagittarius: Directly beyond the landing site, through the regular gate exit, is a large pool of water. This part is on an island at the far end that can be accessed by building two bridges.







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There are ways to complete this area without the use of Blue Pikmin. This guide will explain how to get the parts the way they were intended.

After landing, use some Pikmin to break down the white bramble gate. On the other side, and to the right, is the Eternal Fuel Dynamo which needed at least 40 Pikmin to carry. Use the Dwarf Bulborbs and pellet posies to grow your count to this and collect the part. Continuing to the right, there is another white bramble gate which needs to be destroyed. On the other side, there is a handful of Dwarf Bulborbs and a single Bulborb, defeat these. Move further into the area and discover the Yellow Onion, and using the pellets and corpses, grow your Yellow Pikmin count to 20-25. Pick up all the bomb rocks, near the wall and in the can, and use them to blow up the white reinforced wall. In this next area, there are some male and female Sheargrubs along with the Whimsical Radar. Collect the radar and continue through the area. Using 9 bomb rocks, blow up the black reinforced wall and collect the Extraordinary Bolt behind it. Continuing down the path, you'll reach an open area with a black bramble gate, white reinforced wall, and some bulborbs. Kill the bulborbs and use the remaining bombs to blow up the wall. If you do not have enough bombs, that is okay. Break the black gate, head through and kill the bulborbs in your way. At the end of this area you'll find the Nova Blaster, the only non-mandatory part in this area, along with more bomb rocks. Collect the part and more bombs, if needed, to blow up the wall from before. Head back to the landing site, and go back through the first gate you broke. This time we'll be heading left. Throw a minimum of 30 Pikmin onto the ledge and climb up the root to the left of said ledge to join your Pikmin. On this raised platform, There is the Shock Absorber and a bulborb. Kill the bulborb and collect the part. For the remaining 3 parts, Blue Pikmin are required.

After discovering Blue Pikmin, take a handful and head through the wall to the north of the landing site. Head through the black gate and to the left you'll see a gate in some water. Use your Blue Pikmin to destroy this gate and then the other gate up the slope behind it. The Radiation Canopy is found in this area protected by an Armored Cannon Beetle. Defeat said beetle and collect the part. From the landing site, head through the southern exit towards the water. There are 2 bridges that need to be built in order to collect the Sagittarius, one of which require Blue Pikmin. Build both bridges and collect the part. The final part is located in an area that can be accessed from where the Yellow Onion was found, so head there. Once you are there, you should notice another reinforced wall near the tin can, blow this up with bombs. Through the wall is a couple of bulborbs, whom you should dispose off, and a cardboard box. Head into the water with Blue Pikmin, and use them to push the box out the way. Head across the newly opened bridge, where you'll be attack by up to 3 Burrowing Snagrets. One of these snagrets holds the final part, the Geiger Counter. Dispose of them and collect the final part.

In Challenge Mode[edit]

Fighting some Dwarf Bulbears in The Forest of Hope in Challenge Mode.
Fighting some Dwarf Bulbears in Challenge Mode.

The Forest of Hope in Challenge Mode is a diverse stage, featuring some peaceful sections and some sections with enemies. There are a lot of things to collect and a lot of time to collect them, with the maximum score being 569 and the time limit being 18 minutes and 54 seconds.

Object breakdown[edit]

Pikmin source Seeds Amount Total
Starting Reds 3 3
Starting Yellows 3 3
Starting Blues 3 3
Red 1 pellets 2 6 12
Red 5 pellets 5 2 10
Red 10 pellets 10 1 10
Red 20 pellets 20 1 20
Yellow 1 pellets 2 6 12
Yellow 5 pellets 5 2 10
Yellow 10 pellets 10 1 10
Yellow 20 pellets 20 1 20
Blue 1 pellets 2 5 10
Blue 5 pellets 5 2 10
Blue 10 pellets 10 2 20
Blue 20 pellets 20 1 20
Pellet Posy 2 7 14
Dwarf Bulbear 5 10 50
Dwarf Bulborb 4 19 76
Pearly Clamclamp 50 2 100
Spotty Bulborb 12 8 96
Spotty Bulbear 15 4 60
Total 569




Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese 希望の森?
Kibō no mori
Forest of Hope
Flag of Québec French (NoA) La Forêt de l'espoir
La Forêt de l'Espoir (loading screen)
The Forest of hope
The Forest of Hope
Flag of France French (NoE) La Forêt de l'Espoir The Forest of Hope
Flag of Germany German Wald der Hoffnung Forest of Hope
Flag of Italy Italian Foresta Speranza Hope Forest
Flag of South Korea Korean 희망의 숲
huimang-ui sup
Forest of Hope
Flag of Spain Spanish El Bosque de la Esperanza The Forest of Hope

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  1. ^ YouTube video showing that The Forest of Hope will only unlock when the player has at least one ship part (at 04:42)
  2. ^ YouTube video Jhawk4's Pikmin world record speedrun, published on June 15th, 2020

Icon of a white flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents a course that is beaten, but with Pikmin who were lost.

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Icon of a white flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents a course that is beaten, but with Pikmin who were lost.