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Lightning Bolt

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Lightning Bolt Treasure Hoard icon.
P2 Lightning Bolt Treasure Hoard.png
Number 73 (Japan only)
Series Modern Amenities Series
Value Poko icon.png × 50
Weight 3
Maximum carriers 5 Pikmin
Location Perplexing Pool
Challenge Mode levels None
This article is about the treasure in the Japanese version of Pikmin 2. For the "lightning" Bingo Battle item, see Bingo Battle#Items. For the lighting pack item in Pikmin 4, see Lightning Shock.

The Lightning Bolt (ライトニング ボルト?) is a treasure exclusive to the Japanese version of Pikmin 2. It is a milk bottle opener, and is found in the Perplexing Pool in the same place that a very similar treasure, the Impediment Scourge, is found in the other versions.

Collecting the treasure[edit]

See: Impediment Scourge#Collecting the treasure


Olimar's journal[edit]

  • Text: 黄ピクミンは木の上や、山の上のような高い所がとても好きなようだ。私は高い所を見つけると、彼らを投げるようにしている。そんな時、彼らがこの物体を拾ってきてくれた。空を高らかに舞い、軽やかに大地に降り立ち、時には電光石火の空中戦をやってのける彼ら。ドルフィン初号機は彼らにちなんだ名前をつけたようだ。
  • Translation: Yellow Pikmin are infatuated with high places, such as the tops of trees and mountains! That's why I try to hurl them up to any high areas I come across. Once, they came back down with this treasure! The ship appears to have named it after what they look like, when they dance gently in the sky, descend lightly to the ground, and fight the occasional lightning-fast aerial battle.

Sales pitch[edit]

  • Text: 製造されて数十年、私はこれほどの貫通武器を見たことはありません! その一撃は雷撃を超える電光石火。その一撃は光を超える高速撃。その一撃は岩をもつらぬく一気貫通。安全装置のリングもついた、いたれりつくせりの伝説級武器です!
  • Translation: In all the decades since I was manufactured, I have never before seen such a strong penetrating weapon! More shocking than a lightning bolt! Faster than a light mote! Able to crush rocks in one bash! The perfect legendary weapon, with a ring-shaped safety guard!


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