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Bingo Battle

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The two Onions from the Bingo Battle.
Players near their Onions in Twisted Cavern.

Bingo Battle (ビンゴバトル?, lit.: "Bingo Battle") is a 2-player competitive game mode in Pikmin 3. The mode involves each player attempting to fill a bingo card before their opponent by carrying various fruits, enemies, and marbles to the Onion. Player 1 controls a cyan team of Koppaites on the left side of the screen, while player 2 controls a pink team of Hocotatians on the right side. The mode is somewhat similar to the 2-Player Battle mode in Pikmin 2.

Players can take control of Pikmin of any type (up to two types), but only within their team. The only way to distinguish which Pikmin belong to which team is with the top of their stems: their leaf, bud or flower will be cyan when they belong to player 1's team, and pink for player 2's. Players start with a certain type of Pikmin – the same for both teams, but it is possible to find more Pikmin of their team buried in the wild. Plucking them increases the actual Pikmin count for the team, meaning that if the Pikmin are not plucked, they count as not belonging to the player in the first place.

Each player has an Onion, to which Pikmin can carry their spoils. Upon delivery, new Pikmin are created, and the Onion follows the same rules as it would in Story mode, except the maximum on-field limit for each player is 50 Pikmin instead. Seeing as leaders cannot access the Onion menu, the Onion is in charge of automatically spitting out Pikmin seeds whenever there is space for them in the field. Pikmin that die to opposing Pikmin attacks simply respawn at the Onion.

There are some special collectibles scattered around the stage, which have different effects when recovered. Leaders cannot damage each other or opposing Pikmin with punches, not even if enemies are around to enable punching. Enemy Pikmin can however attack opposing leaders and their army. If a leader has Pikmin latched on, the player can shake them off by repeatedly spinning WiiU LStick.png / Nunchuck Annalogstick.png / Icon for the Left Stick on the Nintendo Switch. Edited version of the icon by ARMS Institute user PleasePleasePepper, released under CC-BY-SA 4.0.. Like in Pikmin 2, leaders that are being attacked by Pikmin cannot do anything but move about and shake them off, but unlike in Pikmin 2, leaders can be downed from Pikmin attacks, although it does take a while.

In Pikmin 3, the Wii U GamePad provides a map of the area, and Off-TV Play cannot be enabled. Since there is no GamePad in Pikmin 3 Deluxe, each player can instead open the radar on their own half of the screen. In either game, this map merely shows the area in its entirety and cannot be interacted with. It shows the location of fruits, enemies, Cupid's Grenades, leaders and Pikmin. The color of the Pikmin's dots represent the Pikmin type, not the team. Oddly, in Pikmin 3 Deluxe, it is not possible to move while the radar is up, unless the leader is holding a Pikmin. In Pikmin 3 Deluxe players can also press a button to make the camera face north and, for a few seconds, display a blinking arrow that points to their team's Onion.


There are 12 stages to choose from in Bingo Battle. There are 6 themes (garden, construction site, cavern, sandbox, metal, and toy), and there are two stages for each theme. Three of the themes (cavern, metal, and toy) are similar to cave themes seen in Pikmin 2.

Each stage has three layouts. Each layout has two sides, and each side has positions for its Onion, leaders, Pikmin, etc. At the start of a battle, one of the stage's available layouts is randomly picked, and each player is randomly assigned one of the sides. Player 1 will always appear on the left half of the screen, so the stage will always be rotated such that player 1 is on the western side. In Pikmin 3 Deluxe, players can use the pause menu to restart the battle – this will use the same stage layout, but it will reshuffle the player sides, and will generate new bingo cards.

At the start of the saved game, players only have the first stage available, but each time a battle is finished in the newest available stage, the next one in the list is unlocked. Likewise, each stage only has one layout available when played for the first time, and every time a battle is finished, another layout is unlocked on that stage, up to three layouts total. The order in which layouts are unlocked depends on the stage, and is explained in the "Layouts" section of each stage's article.

Ways to win[edit]

There are four ways to become victorious:

  • Score a bingo: By completing a row, column, or diagonal line of four items on their bingo card, the player immediately wins.
  • Stealing the Victory Macaroon: By enabling the Victory Macaroon mode, players can steal this object from their opponent's base and deliver it to their Onion to win. This is similar to stealing an opponent's marble from 2-Player Battle.
  • Causing a Pikmin extinction: If the player's entire population of Pikmin perishes, the opposing player wins. This cannot happen with an inter-Pikmin battle, since Pikmin that die to opposing Pikmin simply respawn at the Onion.
  • Leader down: If a leader loses all of their health, the other player's team wins, even if there is another living leader on the team.

Even if there are not enough remaining items for one player to score a bingo, the match continues, as powerups could theoretically still allow for them to win.


Before starting, players must choose their control method. Players can choose any of the control schemes they could in Story Mode. It is possible to re-establish the control types for each player by choosing the icon on the lower-right corner of the screen, but it is not possible to change controls mid-battle – the exception to this is toggling Stylus mode on the GamePad via the pause menu.

Before the battle starts, players can also set the following match options:

  • Victory Macaroon: Setting this to on will enable the Victory Macaroons. The default value is off.
  • Battle Type: Allows players to choose the number of starting leaders: one or two. The default value is 1 vs 1. Every other time this option is set to on, the secondary leader on player 1's team toggles between Brittany and Charlie.
  • Number of Pikmin: Allows players to choose the starting number of Pikmin (excluding those buried), for each team individually, in increments of five. If the chosen number of starting Pikmin plus the number of Pikmin buried in the wild exceeds 50, the number of starting Pikmin will be decreased accordingly. The option to start with 1 Pikmin is also available. The maximum amount is 50, and the default value is 5 for each team.

Bingo card[edit]

A bingo card.

Each player starts with a 4 × 4 bingo card, that is randomly generated when the match starts. The card is filled with items that can be recovered in the current stage – fruits, enemies and marbles. Every time an item is recovered, that square becomes highlighted. By highlighting four squares in the same row, column, or diagonal line, the player wins.

Any item that is held inside an enemy appears on the bingo card as a question mark, and is only truly revealed once the unknown enemy that held it is defeated. If an item is no longer available on the stage for a player to take to their Onion, a no symbol appears on top of it.

Oftentimes, multiple instances of the same item will appear on a stage. Generally in this situation, the bingo card will display only one corresponding item square, and count any instance of the item being recovered for the singular square. On other occasions, however, the bingo card will display multiple of the same item; randomly deciding which is selected upon recovery of one of its instances. This is most noticeable in stage layouts containing large amounts of marbles. This results in a situation where a bingo card may display more items available than are actually present on the stage; since both squares are technically still obtainable, as they are chosen at random, but both cannot be obtained at the same time through traditional means.

When a set is one item away from a bingo, a dotted line appears across it on the HUD. This can happen for more than one line at once, and will still happen even if the last square in the set is marked as being no longer present on the stage.


Certain special collectibles appear on the stage.

Victory Macaroon[edit]

The Victory Macaroon is a macaron (a sweet that sometimes goes by the name "macaroon") with a team-colored flag on top. Each one starts near its team's Onion, and is available for capture by the enemy's Pikmin. If the opponent delivers the macaroon to their own Onion, they are declared the victor. A player's Pikmin can carry their own macaroon back to their base, but because it cannot be delivered to the Onion, the Pikmin carrying it behave oddly – they alternate between celebrating a successful delivery and re-grabbing it, until they eventually settle down and leave the macaroon alone. The Victory Macaroons will only appear if the corresponding option is enabled. The weight is 1, and the max carriers are 8.

Cupid's Grenade[edit]

Main article: Cupid's Grenade.

Cupid's Grenades randomly spawn about the stage, and delivering one to an Onion grants the player with an item spin on their roulette wheel. More than one spin can be queued, and the number of spins available is presented on the HUD. Up to five spins may be in queue, and after an item is used, the next spin in the queue instantly takes place. Cupid's Grenades stop spawning after Lucky Marbles begin doing so. The weight is 1, and the max carriers is 2.

Golden Grenade[edit]

Main article: Golden Grenade.

Golden Grenades resemble Cupid's Grenades, but are completely golden. When one is delivered to an Onion, the corresponding player's roulette wheel spin queue is filled. As such, it is more efficient to first use the spins in queue before recovering a Golden Grenade. The weight is 1, and the max carriers are 2, but unlike Cupid's Grenades which are carried very quickly, these are transported at a normal pace. They tend to appear next to the Onion of the player that is behind, when the other player is one-away from victory.

Lucky Marble[edit]

An on-screen prompt to find the lucky marble.
Prompt to find the lucky marble.

A Lucky Marble is a golden marble that resembles the helmet and head of the President of Hocotate Freight. Upon being delivered, it fills up a random unfilled space on the player's bingo card. Undiscovered objects, which are shown by the '?' on the bingo card, will never be filled by a Lucky Marble. If the player is one away before this happens, the screen will spread over to show that player's screen more, since there is a possibility that the Lucky Marble can fill the last slot needed. The marble's weight is 1 and the max carriers is 8.

Lucky Marbles can be found in three ways:

  1. After any match has gone on for eight minutes, the message "Give it a spin!" appears and Lucky Marbles start randomly spawning. At this point, Cupid's Grenades stop spawning, and the music changes to a calmer mood.
An image of the Lucky Marble on the field in Bingo Battle.
A Lucky Marble in the Jigsaw Colosseum.
  1. The Lucky Marble item will give the player the exact same effects as if they had successfully collected a Lucky Marble.
  2. Lucky Marbles are also naturally present in some stages, usually in hard-to-reach places such as behind walls or on a high ledge:
    • Twisted Cavern, layout C: In the room with the Bug-eyed Crawmad, in an alcove guarded by an Orange Bulborb.
    • Rusted Labyrinth, layout C: Center stage, on the side of the brick walls opposite to the iron ball.
    • Jigsaw Fortress, layout A: One can be found very high atop a building made of blocks. This building is at floor level, and is the one closest to the baskets in the background. A second can be found on the bottom level of the fortress, on a room pointing towards the grounded player's Onion, guarded by an Orange Bulborb.
    • Buried Pond, layout A: Under a flukeweed in the central island.
    • Sandbox Kingdom, layout A: Buried at the center of the stage.
    • Corroded Maze, layout C: Two are buried at the center of the stage.
    • Jigsaw Colosseum, layout C: One can be found just south of the player 1's base, beyond an electric gate, and another can be found just north of the player 2's base, also beyond an electric gate.


"Lightning" redirects here. For the item in Pikmin 4, see Lightning Shock.
"Warp" redirects here. For the item in Pikmin 4, see Dandori Battle#Mystery Capsules.
The lightning bolt item being used by player 2.

A player can get items by carrying cherries back to their Onion. If a Golden Grenade is obtained, the player gets five items in storage. To use the items, the player must press WiiU Paddown.png / Wiimote Dpad down.png / WiiU Paddown.png, tap the item icon if on Stylus mode, or hold Icon for the Y Button on the Nintendo Switch. Edited version of the icon by ARMS Institute user PleasePleasePepper, released under CC-BY-SA 4.0. / Icon for the left face button on the Nintendo Switch. Edited version of the icon by ARMS Institute user PleasePleasePepper, and choosing the rightmost option. Before an item becomes available to use, the roulette must first spin, which takes around three seconds. The spinning stops the player from being able to use items one right after the other. These are the possible items:

Icon Name Description
Bingo Battle 10 icon.png +10 Pikmin Makes the user's Onion generate ten of the player's starting Pikmin.
Bingo Battle 5 icon.png +5 Rare Pikmin Makes the user's Onion spawn five of the type of Pikmin the player did not start with. This item is not available on maps that only have one type of Pikmin.
Bingo Battle Lightning icon.png Lightning Strikes opponents and their nearby non-Yellow Pikmin with an immobilizing current of lightning. Like all electric hazards in this game, it simply immobilizes them, and proves no direct harm to the Pikmin.
Lucky Marble icon.png Lucky Marble Acts the same as if collecting a Lucky Marble.
Bingo Battle Rock Storm icon.png Rock Storm Causes five large boulders to fall near where the opponent's leader is standing, killing any non-Rock Pikmin. It's harder to dodge these boulders than their Pikmin 2 counterparts. A leader can escape intact if they are always moving throughout the storm. If the player knows that the strike is incoming, they can dismiss their Pikmin to minimize the death toll. These boulders can also harm leaders and Pikmin from the team that spawned them, as well as Pikmin that are shocked on the floor.
Bingo Battle Ultra-Spicy Spray icon.png Ultra-spicy spray Instantly makes the player's Pikmin gain the effects of an ultra-spicy spray.
Bingo Battle Enemy Annihilator icon.png Enemy Annihilator Kills all on-screen enemies. Mini-boss enemies will not be hurt.
Bingo Battle Bomb icon.png Bomb Causes a bomb rock to spawn in front of the player's leader.
Bingo Battle Shuffle icon.png Shuffle Scrambles the opponent's bingo card. Although rare, it's possible that the items will be shuffled in a way that triggers a victory for the opponent.
Bingo Battle Mine icon.png Mine Spawns a mine in front of the active leader. Pikmin can carry these, just like bomb rocks. When the Pikmin is thrown, the mine sticks to wherever the Pikmin hits, and will only detonate when a leader walks by.
Bingo Battle Warp icon.png Warp Teleports the opponent to a random area on the map, along with any Pikmin under their control. It is possible for Warp to send the opponent to an inaccessible place, such as the high buckets in Shaded Terrace that only Yellow Pikmin can reach.
Bingo Battle Macaroon Recovery icon.png Macaroon Recovery Transports the player's macaroon back to their Onion, even if it is already nearby. This item is only available when playing with the "Victory Macaroon" option on.


The following article or section contains guides.
The strategies shown are just suggestions.

General strategy[edit]

The strategy of Bingo Battle can be quite complex due to the multitude of ways that your board and the opponent's boards can generate, the layout of the stage that will result from this, and the way that these factors are forced to interact. The most important thing is to keep in mind that the game is largely random, and any possible strategy may have to be abandoned or altered in order to succeed.

It is a good idea to start the game off with an assessment of one's bingo card and the way it relates to the items generated nearby. In Pikmin 3, this can be done while gaining Pikmin in the starting area due to the game screen and the gamepad displaying independently. In Pikmin 3 Deluxe, however, the way that the radar covers the screen makes this difficult and, against a clever opponent, actively disadvantageous; letting them see the stage map on your side of the screen, but see their bingo card on their side; all the while letting them actually play while you cannot.

The goal of strategizing before getting to work should be to figure out which items will give you a bingo as quickly as possible; generally avoid items that are hidden inside enemies, items that are behind walls, and items that are too close to your opponent's base, as these will be difficult to obtain and may waste precious time that your opponent could spend winning or otherwise obtaining. Regardless, you still may need to obtain at least one of these difficult items to win the easiest possible bingo set, so your strategizing should include planning how to take that on. Note that defeating an enemy or a mid-boss to get the items inside does not guarantee you those items; lengthy battles almost guarantee that you will not have enough Pikmin left to fight back against a cunning opponent that will show up after the battle is over to take the rewards for themselves.

If you and your opponent have agreed to allow looking at each other's screen, it is also recommended to consider how they may strategize. Consider which items they may go for, which enemies or mid-bosses they may have to fight, and ensure that this such plans are inevitably thwarted; though not so obviously that they could counter-plan or bother wasting time on backup plans. If possible, it is highly advisable to always keep an eye on your opponent's screen; their bingo card and item roulette are vital to your defeat.

Filling out your bingo card in a highly linear and efficient fashion makes it obvious what strategy you are going for, allowing for easy countering from your opponent. Additionally, the game is very loud about players it sees coming close to winning. Many players may find that stockpiling items outside their Onion without actually collecting them allows them to incrementally win without their opponent catching on as quickly. This strategy has the main disadvantage of making winning slightly slower, but comes with such huge advantages regardless that some may consider it unfair or cheating.

Your Pikmin may inevitably end up fighting your opponent's Pikmin. It is advisable to avoid such brawls at all costs unless your army is significantly larger than theirs and/or you have access to ultra-spicy spray. While Pikmin defeated by other Pikmin will simply respawn at base maturity at your onion, recouping after a loss is heavily time-consuming. If your opponent intends to steal an item you need and they heavily outnumber you, consider the battle lost and spend the time better elsewhere. Equally, battling near your opponent's Onion, often regardless of their army size compared to yours, will generally result in a win for them due to their ability to quickly replenish forces. Even for the winning player, you must keep in mind that recovering from a battle is time-consuming.

If you are caught in a battle over an item, it is important to keep in mind the fact that Pikmin will prioritize fighting enemy Pikmin over picking up items. This means that throwing your Pikmin onto an item caught in the middle of a battle will not have those Pikmin carry the item. To circumvent this, it is best to charge your Pikmin instead. If the target item is being held by too many enemy Pikmin for your own forces to take it back, it then becomes useful to throw your Pikmin directly at the carrying enemy Pikmin; distracting both with a battle and opening up room for your other Pikmin on the item.

In rare situations, the lack of direct access to an Onion interface can make it advantageous to intentionally kill off your own Pikmin to make room for a more desirable type. This strategy is incredibly risky and largely inadvisable, but still has its place, particularly in Buried Pond, where Red Pikmin can often end up being an active hindrance. The quickest way to do this is by drowning them, but be careful of Pikmin extinctions, as well as an opportunistic opponent taking advantage of your temporary weakness.

The stages[edit]

Another highly important key to success is simply to be experienced with the stages, their possible layouts, the Pikmin and enemies within, and the way that your bingo card may generate for each. General tips for each stage are as follows:

  • Shaded Terrace: As the smallest stage, matches will end quickest. It is not advisable to bother with backup plans, and instead to simply focus on one, simple, easy plan. Some items will generate high-up on even territory between players, and even if you do not need such items to succeed, it is still advisable to move them closer to your Onion to make it harder for your opponent to get them.
  • Stagnant Sea: This stage can often promote direct conflict with tougher enemies like the Medusal Slurker, Whiptongue Bulborbs, and Orange Bulborbs. Naturally, it is best to avoid battles where possible, so when strategizing, consider how long it may take to defeat such enemies, and how many losses you may accrue in the process. Note that the stage also contains easy to defeat and plentiful enemies like Wogpoles and Skeeterskates, which can be left til last for a near-guaranteed win.
  • Twisted Cavern: The Calcified Crushblat and Bug-Eyed Crawmad in layouts A and C respectively can make getting items in the central opening difficult, costly, and sometimes downright impossible without spending the time to defeat them. In all layouts, it is recommended that you do not ignore the smaller winding passages behind the Onions.
  • Arid Metropolis: The enemy layouts in this stage can be punishing for inexperienced players. In general, the Armored Cannon Larvae in layout C should be taken down with bomb rocks to avoid heavy Pikmin losses in the tight corridors. For the Spotty Bulbears in layout A, it is important to keep in mind that the enemies will generally only move while observed; keeping them out of view of the camera can be a good way to prevent them from reaching you while they are nearby. Note that layout B presents some unexpected asymmetry with wild Pikmin.
  • Rusted Labyrinth: This stage is highly complicated, and absolutely necessitates good planning ahead. Combat with enemies and opponent Pikmin of some description is nearly guaranteed due to the linear mazelike layout of the stage. Be wary of items that may necessitate going into the opponent's base to retrieve, particularly if the "staircase" between the two bases is blocked.
  • Jigsaw Fortress: This stage is the most asymmetrical of all, so learning it well may take considerable time, though neither player, with good strategy, will ever have too huge an advantage over their opponent. The Baldy Long Legs in layout C is helpful in its ability to crush enemies, but is largely inadvisable to fight, especially considering its movement inevitably brings it close to the enemy base. If it must be fought, you have a distinct advantage if your Onion spawns in the lower area, where it spends a significant amount of time. Players spawning in the higher area should stay acutely aware of the cache of important items behind the castle, which their opponent will almost always need to access at one point or another.
  • Blooming Terrace: This stage, like Stagnant Sea, will nearly always guarantee some form of conflict with enemies. Knowing how to take down Bulborbs, Bearded Amprats, and Whiptongue Bulborbs quickly is a necessity, especially since the latter two can be easily accessed by your opponent and typically hoard very valuable items. It is recommended that you keep an eye on which items your opponent may want to obtain so you can get to them first. Despite its size, this stage can hold lengthy battles.
  • Parched Brook: It is exceedingly easy to miss the treasure on the raised ledge of your opponent's side of the stage, which is often easier accessed for you than it is for them. Otherwise, make clever use of bomb rocks to take out the clusters of enemies that may generate.
  • Buried Pond: The unusual shape of this stage can make it difficult to navigate. When possible, always try and make good use of Blue Pikmin and Winged Pikmin. The lily pads that often encircle the pond at the center are slow and entirely useless for item transport. Otherwise, the Enemy Annihilator item can be cleverly used to clear the linear corridors of enemy hoardes.
  • Sandbox Kingdom: This stage is quite large and open, and it may be tempting to go for the items at the center of the stage. For a variety of reasons, this is generally time-consuming and difficult. Effort is better spent trying to get items from around the edges of the stage. The open nature of the stage can make it very easy to take items from your opponent's side of the stage unnoticed, which you should take advantage of when necessary.
  • Corroded Maze: This stage can be tricky to plan around due to the unusual placement of enemies and walls. In general, keep in mind that the area to the right of your Onion is the easiest to access and take items from without interruption from your opponent, but clever use of bomb rocks and Enemy Annihilator items can change this fact completely. Battles with Bulborbs, Orange Bulborbs, and especially Fiery Blowhogs can be tricky due to the way that they can throw Pikmin off themselves in self-defense, nearly guaranteeing Pikmin falling into the void below. While usually inadvisable, note that White Pikmin deal damage to enemies when eaten.
  • Jigsaw Colosseum: This stage is an enormous maze, and more than any other stage will necessitate first-hand experience in order to get a grip on how to strategize properly. Due to its design, players will often not encounter each other for the duration of the game, and in addition to the sometimes symmetrical item layout, it is advised to avoid worrying too much about the actions of the other player and simply focus on getting a bingo as efficiently as possible on your side of the board. This stage contains all kinds of Bulborb in the game across its many layouts, so players that struggle to battle Bulborbs may find this stage difficult. As usual, clever usage of bomb rocks and Enemy Annihilator items can circumvent this.

Using items[edit]

Just as always, there is a proper time and way to use each item. Due to the random nature of Cupid's Grenades, as well as the sequential order in which items are revealed, it can sometimes be prudent to stockpile items for use in more critical situations.

  • Lightning: Use the lightning when the opponent's leader has a large group of Pikmin with them. It is best used when the leader is busy fighting an enemy, or holding an explosive. Note that due to an odd feature of Pikmin 3's programming, Pikmin that are under the effects of electrocution will not be affected by explosives, and any opponent that knows this will have very little to fear against this tactic. This attack will only impact Pikmin visible on your opponent's screen, meaning that it is also best used while your opponent is occupied or locked-on to something and cannot easily change the camera (In the Wii U version only).
  • Rock Storm: This is also best used when the leader is with a large group of Pikmin; particularly if that group has many slow Pikmin. Try not to use it if your opponent is near an enemy, as the rocks will destroy the enemy. This is also largely ineffective against Rock and Winged Pikmin.
  • Ultra-spicy spray: Best used before fighting a mini-boss. It is also good to use it before fighting your opponent's Pikmin (note that maturity does not have an effect on the result of a battle between Pikmin). Finally, it is also good to use if any Pikmin are not flowered yet; obviously most advantageous with larger parties. This tool can be vital in stealing items from opponents as it increases the chances of winning battles as well as the speed with which your Pikmin can transport spoils.
  • Enemy Annihilator: Use this with as many enemies on screen as possible. If there is just one enemy left to win, find it and then use the powerup.
  • Warp: Use it when your opponent is near an item or enemy that they need to win. Also good to use when they are trying to steal your Victory Macaroon, or while an opponent is busy fighting; usually guaranteeing a few lost opponent Pikmin. The opponent will generally only be teleported to areas near where they have already been before, meaning that the item has limited use early-on in a battle. Note that it can also teleport the opponent to an advantageous location.
  • Bomb: Best to use whenever necessary. As always, use it to destroy enemies. Alternatively, try using it on any of your opponent's Pikmin trying to carry back an object. Avoid carrying around bomb rocks for long periods of time when possible, since an opponent with Rock Storm or Lightning can turn their power against you.
  • Shuffle: The Shuffle should be used when your opponent is close to a victory. There is a catch to this, however. Since the opponent's board is shuffled, there is always a chance that it will shuffle into an advantageous layout or possibly even a win for them. The chances of both happening only increase as the opponent gains more items, and using the item while the opponent has five or more near-complete sets will typically guarantee them a win, making the item one which it may be advisable to use as early as possible so as to avoid clogging up the item roulette.
  • Mine: This is essentially just another bomb rock. You can use it on enemies and obstacles, but it should be put onto an object that your opponent needs to win. Therefore, when they try to get it, they will lose Pikmin. Placing it near their Onion is also good. Try to keep it out of view as well, so the opponent won't notice it at first. Like bomb rocks, they can also be used to defeat enemies quickly, though can be finicky in this way, and may endanger one's own Pikmin.
  • Macaroon Recovery: Use it if your Macaroon is being taken. It won't have any effect otherwise, but can be battle-critical, so may be worth saving for as long as possible.

Avoiding items[edit]

These are defensive strategies if any items are used against you.

  • Lightning: This affects only the Pikmin directly visible on your side of the screen. If your opponent is about to use this, changing the camera angle or switching to a different leader can reduce the damage of the attack. If you have a Pikmin holding an explosive, avoid whistling them after they are shocked. The shock will cause the explosive to be dropped and start detonating. However, shocked Pikmin are unharmed by explosions, granting them immunity until whistled.
  • Rock Storm: If you see that your opponent is readying the use of this item, it is advised to keep your party small, divided, speedy, and if possible carry only Rock or Winged Pikmin. If they're already coming, just keep moving forward, and if possible, go near some enemies, as the rocks can potentially kill them. Dismissing your party might seem like a good idea, and it sometimes is, but it also increases the chances of huge amounts of your Pikmin being hit by a single rock. Note that high walls and tall objects can sometimes block the impact, as the rocks move at a slight angle while falling.
  • Enemy Annihilator: Keep note of which hordes of enemies your opponent kills, and if any of them are important for you or too important for your enemy to have and mobilize immediately. Also keep note of which passages may be safe to travel through now that they have been cleared of enemies.
  • Bomb: If you see the opponent rushing in for you, keep in mind that they could have bomb rocks, so try to avoid them or bait them into using the bomb in a way where you can escape.
  • Shuffle: There is no real way to avoid this. However, this item can be turned against the opponent by simply collecting as many items at random as possible, increasing the chances of an advantageous shuffle to the point that your opponent may hesitate or entirely resist using the item; preventing them from accessing others.
  • Mine: If you can notice that your opponent has one, keep a look out to see where they put it. Otherwise, if you think a mine is set somewhere, disband your squad and check for mines, so that if there's a detonation, no Pikmin will perish. Remember to also rotate the camera around before recovering important objects, as a mine might reveal itself from a different angle.

Victory Macaroons[edit]

If you have Victory Macaroons activated, defending and retrieving your macaroon – as well as stealing your opponent's macaroon – can be a problem. The following are some helpful tips:


  • Leave a leader with some Pikmin near the Macaroon.
  • Watch over your enemy at all times.
  • Use mines and other items when necessary.


  • Bring most of your army and swarm the Macaroon.
  • Attack the opponent's leaders so they can't react.
  • Use items at the right time to further distract leaders.
  • Do not charge at the Macaroon from behind. The Pikmin will not reach it fast enough, and will give up chasing it. Instead try throwing from behind.
  • Use White and Winged Pikmin to get the Macaroon.
  • While your Pikmin are busy grabbing it, distract the enemy Pikmin with a single Pikmin.
  • Use items when your opponent's leaders show up.


Battles can be quite lengthy, and it is unlikely that either player will have a secure victory over long periods of time due to the random nature of the game. It should be noted that there are certain things that are affected by the factors contributing to lengthy battles.

  • Whether due to an unclear amount of chance manipulation by the game, or due to the nature of randomness over long periods of time, the chances of getting the more obscure item rolls like Shuffle and Enemy Annihilator increase as the battle goes on. Players who feel secure about a win should stay aware of this fact and consider alternative ways of winning if their current plan gets squandered last second.
  • Similarly to the above point, as the game goes on, Cupid's Grenades spawn more often and in larger clusters, Golden Grenades begin spawning (typically nearer the base of the player with the fewest squares on their bingo board), and Lucky Marbles become easier to encounter as an item in the roulette. They will also spawn during an event that begins once the clock hits 8 minutes. A desperate losing player can use this to their advantage if their chances aren't looking good, especially due to the overall lack of defensive items in the item roulette for the winning player to use to their advantage in this situation. Note that trying to actively search out these items can be lengthy, and is itself a gamble for time.
  • Keep in mind that, particularly for players hoarding items near their Onion to avoid suspicion, the game has no absolute way of measuring proximity to winning. While this means that a player that feels like they are losing can keep fighting until the very end, it also means that it's even more important not to get too relaxed if it seems like your opponent is losing. It is always important to keep an eye on the activities of your opponent.


In Pikmin 3 Deluxe, there are six badges the player can gain from playing Bingo Battle:

  • Gadget Master: Using ten different types of items in Bingo Battle.
  • Game Changer: Playing a round of Bingo Battle with the Victory Macaroon rule.
  • Line 'Em Up: Playing a round of Bingo Battle.
  • Bingo Buff: Playing 10 rounds of Bingo Battle.
  • Bingo Fiend: Playing a round on all 12 Bingo Battle maps.
  • Pincer Attack: Being one space away from winning a round in Bingo Battle on two separate rows and/or columns.



  • Bingo Battle and Mission Mode are the only modes in which the player can find White and Purple Pikmin in Pikmin 3.
  • Prior to Pikmin 4, Bingo Battle was the only instance in the series where White Pikmin and Purple Pikmin could be produced by an Onion.
  • When the Koppaite team carries its last item back to the Onion, the Pikmin appear to chant "Kop-pai, Kop-pai". When the Hocotatian team does this, the Pikmin chant "Hocotate", or "Ho-cotate, Ho-cotate."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning Notes
Flag of Japan Japanese ビンゴバトル?
Bingo Battle
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
賓果對決 Bingo Showdown
Flag of China Chinese
宾果战斗 Bingo Showdown
Flag of France French Duel bingo Bingo duel
Flag of Germany German Bingoduell Bingo duel
Flag of Italy Italian Bingo -
Flag of South Korea Korean 빙고 배틀
Binggo Baeteul
Bingo Battle
Flag of Spain Spanish Batalla de bingo Bingo Battle
Flag of Russia Russian Лото / Состязание
Loto / Sostyazaniye
Lotto / Competition Names taken from Nintendo's official website

Bingo card

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Mexico Spanish (NoA) Cartón de bingo Bingo cardboard

Victory Macaroon

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese 勝利のマカロン?
Shōri no makaron
Victory Macaroon
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
勝利馬卡龍 Victory Macaroon
Flag of China Chinese
胜利马卡龙 Victory Macaroon
Flag of France French Macaron victorieux Victory Macaroon
Flag of Germany German Siegerdrops Victory drops
Flag of Italy Italian Macaron della vittoria Victory Macaroon
Flag of South Korea Korean 승리의 마카롱
seungliui makalong
Victory Macaroon
Flag of Spain Spanish Pastelito de la victoria Victory Macaroon


Flag of Japan Japanese English Flag of China Chinese
Flag of China Chinese
Flag of France French Flag of Germany German Flag of Italy Italian Flag of South Korea Korean Flag of Spain Spanish
Item Objeto
ピクミン+10 +10 Pikmin
レアピクミン+5 +5 Rare Pikmin
サンダー Lightning
チャンスだま Lucky Marble
ラクセキ Rock Storm
ゲキカラスプレー Ultra-spicy spray
テキゼンメツ Enemy Annihilator
バクダン Bomb
シャッフル Shuffle
センサーバクダン Mine
ワープ Warp
勝利のマカロンリターン Macaroon Recovery

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Icon of a white flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents a course that is beaten, but with Pikmin who were lost.

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Icon of a white flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents a course that is beaten, but with Pikmin who were lost.