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While anyone can edit Pikipedia, certain editing features are restricted to accounts in certain groups. This page provides an overview of the different user groups and the rights they give. A more comprehensive list can be found at Special:UserGroupRights.


IP addresses

Editors who are not logged in are typically attributed by an IP address whenever they save an edit. These editors can only edit pages and cannot create pages or upload files. It is recommended to create an account so your edits can be attributed to a username.


For a list of all users, see Special:ListUsers.

Users are editors that have an account. Creating an account allows editors to upload files, mark edits as minor edits, and bypass the CAPTCHA.

Autoconfirmed users

Autoconfirmed users are users that are automatically confirmed to be actual contributors to Pikipedia. This system is in place in order to prevent giving too many privileges to newly-created accounts, in fear that they may be used to cause harm. An account is autoconfirmed when it has existed for 24 hours and has made at least 1 edit. Compared to newly-registered users, autoconfirmed users can create articles, move (rename) pages, edit semi-protected pages, upload files from a URL, and upload new versions of existing files.

Autopatrolled users

Autopatrolled users are users that are trusted to make good edits. Most edits are marked as unpatrolled by default, meaning a staff member needs to check them and mark them as patrolled, but edits from autopatrolled users (and staff) are automatically marked as patrolled. This right is given by staff to users who consistently make good edits.


Pikipedia has a few users with staff rights. These users are experienced editors who are trusted with additional abilities to protect the wiki from vandalism. This does not mean they have power over other editors, or have more editorial responsibility, because decision-making on wikis is done by consensus. Certain tasks can only be done by staff members because allowing any editor to do them would be risky, but for regular editing, there's nothing a staff member can do that other editors can't.

For more information, see Pikipedia:Staff.


Patrollers are the first level of staff on Pikipedia. They have access to the patrolling tool that all staff have access too; this tool marks all non-staff edits on the recent changes with a red exclamation mark, and a staff member can mark that edit as patrolled from the edit's diff page, which removes the red exclamation mark. In addition to having access to the patrolling tool, patrollers can use the rollback tool (a version of the undo tool that automatically undoes all back-to-back edits done to the same page by the same person), delete pages with 100 or fewer revisions, and block accounts and IP addresses from editing.

List of patrollers
Username Talk page Contributions
Midnight blue Talk Contributions
Bossclips Talk Contributions
Gulliblepikmin Talk Contributions
SupremeKirb Talk Contributions
PopitTart Talk Contributions


Administrators are the second level of staff on Pikipedia. In addition to the rights of patrollers, administrators can protect pages (preventing them from being edited by users who are not autoconfirmed, or in rare cases by non-administrators), edit the interface (changing the look of the wiki by editing pages in the MediaWiki namespace), and delete and undelete all pages.

List of administrators
Username Talk page Contributions
Soprano Talk Contributions

Former administrators include Jpmrocks, ShadowRaptor101, Skitt, Jimbo Jambo, and TheSneakySpy.


Bureaucrats are the top level of staff on Pikipedia. In addition to the rights of patrollers and administrators, bureaucrats can grant (and revoke) patroller, administrator, and bureaucrat status to other users, as well as rename users, merge accounts, and edit interwiki data.

List of bureaucrats
Username Talk page Contributions
Espyo Talk Contributions

Former bureaucrats include Greenpickle, Prezintenden, and Dark Lord Revan.


Developers are users that have access to the wiki's database. Porplemontage, as the webmaster of Pikipedia, is the sole developer, and the rights of this role allow him to make changes to the wiki's backend functionality.

List of developers
Username Talk page Contributions
Porplemontage Talk Contributions



Bots are accounts set up for automated editing. They do not appear in the recent changes by default because they often make large numbers of edits in a short time period. The most common reason bots are created is for performing tasks that are too tedious for humans to do.

List of bots
Username Purpose Operator Other rights
PorpleBot Text replacement Porplemontage (talk) Developer
Pikipedia Bot Fixing double redirects Porplemontage (talk)
GPBot Currently unused; was used to import content from Wikia Greenpickle (talk)
EspyoBot Currently unused Espyo (talk) Administrator