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Patrollers are the lowest level of staff on Pikipedia. They have no authority over other users, but are trusted to use the patroller tools to protect the wiki from vandalism. Compared to autoconfirmed users, patrollers have the ability to:

  • Use the patrolling interface: By default, new edits have a red exclamation mark that indicates that they have not been checked by anyone, and patrollers (and higher ranks) can remove the mark after checking that the edit is OK.
  • Use the rollback tool: The rollback tool is an advanced version of the Undo feature, and allows multiple edits to be reverted quickly.
  • Block users: Patrollers can temporarily block accounts and IP addresses that vandalize the wiki from editing.
  • Delete pages: Patrollers can delete pages with 5 or fewer edits.

For a listing of patrollers, see Special:ListUsers/patroller.

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