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Pikmin Treasure Hunt is a lost Pikmin browser advergame created to promote Pikmin 2. It was released on October 13th, 2004 and seemingly run by Nintendo of America employee "NOA_MATT" from the official NSider forums. Gameplay primarily consisted of recovering treasures by visiting various websites. Players would receive hints from their own ship's computer, and even one hint from the president of Hocotate Freight himself. These clues and hints would let the player learn which treasures were on which website.

When the game released there was a competition exclusive to American and Canadian players. The first 100 players who completed the game would get free Pikmin plushies, but the rest would receive a free wallpaper. The sprites used for Pikmin Treasure Hunt are the same as the ones used on the European Pikmin 2 website, which hosted Pikmin 2 Virtual World, another lost Pikmin game. Treasure Hunt was accessed from www.pikmin.com.


Pikmin Treasure Hunt was never archived and so its gameplay is unknown. However it can be assumed that it played much like Pikmin.com SpaceForce, given it similar premise. According to players at the time, players would be able to control a squad of Pikmin as well as the Onion itself. Currently, it is unknown how exactly Pikmin would be controlled. However, forum posts would speak about how they would use Pikmin to snatch up treasures. More Pikmin could be made using the Onion. The Pikmin seemed to be buggy, as people on the NSider forums discussed how their Pikmin would be "stuck".





Gyroid Bust[edit]

"Captain, my data has discovered ancient text, a joke, that I shall read: "Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side." My CPU does not get it. Where would this chicken cross the road? The BEAST-TRAIL?"

"The chicken joke still bothers my circuits. What purpose would a chicken have to use the CREATURE-PATH when it could use wings and flap over the road?"

"So many clues and you still can't get the Gyroid Bust? Very well, if my scans read correctly, I believe you'll find the treasure at an ANIMAL CROSSING."

Stone of Glory[edit]


"In some civilizations, my research shows, bravery is rewarded with a ROCK OF HONOR. Sometimes it's mounted to a ribbon and placed around the brave one's neck."

"In other civilizations, greatness is rewarded with a GEM OF GLORY. But instead of giving it to the person, the person just gets to look at until someone else does something great. Then they get to look at the stone."

"Captain, my sensors are recording... music. How odd. And yet...satisfying. Hmmm... the name of their next album is STONE OF GLORY. Ah! The treasure!"


"So the Hunt Begins

Work! Work! Work!

Some have you have completed the hunt, others not.

Hmmmmmm.... those blasted ship computers are a bit twitchy with their big words and their silly riddles. Pooha!

Stuck? Here's a hint.

A Stone of Glory is neither stone nor is it glorious. It just is. What would happen if you compressed the stone? Hmmm... made it more form fitting? Squished the words together?"


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