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Stage Debut is a cancelled GameCube game that featured characters from the Pikmin, Mario and Animal Crossing series. The game was conceived as a spiritual successor to Mario Artist: Talent Studio, which allowed players to record footage through the Nintendo 64 Capture Cartridge, and import faces from the Game Boy Camera.

In Stage Debut, players could use the e-Reader and a camera to import pictures of their faces onto characters and have them all dance or interact in environments such as a playground or classroom. Captain Olimar was seen dancing in one video with a Red Pikmin and other characters at a game developer's conference. Shigeru Miyamoto has said, as of 2008, that the game is still in development in one form or another. According to Shigeru Miyamoto, a portion of the Stage Debut game "eventually became the Miis and the Mii Channel".[1] It is possible that this game influenced Nintendo Land and/or Tomodachi Life.

The Nintendo 3DS’s AR Cards feature provides capabilities similar to those described above; perhaps that is what Stage Debut turned into. AR Cards allows a player with a 3DS and Pikmin card to pose scenes with Pikmin and Miis.



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